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  1. When we first moved to Ajijic 11 years ago we had excellent drapes made by Antonio Sanchez. He owned a store call Tapicolor. Does anyone have contact information for him? We need new drapes and I was very pleased with his work.
  2. I will be taking a flight from Guadalajara to Tijuana and crossing the border to the USA on the foot bridge at the airport. Has anyone done this before? Where and when do I complete my immigration form before entering the USA and again when returning to Mexico to catch my flight home? I would like to have this information before I go, rather than having to try find out when I get there.
  3. I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions. We have tried the thunder shirt and it doesn't work. We have also tried loud music to drown out the noise but that is not a solution in the early morning or late at night. We have obtained medication from the vet to calm the most disturbed dog and will look into noise training. We love living in Mexico and know that we have to accept the Mexican way of life which, unfortunately, includes cohetes.
  4. Can anyone tell me when the loud cohetes will stop? We can put up with them but our dogs are terrified. We have had to get medication to calm them down! I know there is some kind of festival in San Antonio Tlayacapan but was wondering when we could expect a good nights sleep.
  5. Thank you but she needs them as soon as possible. Hopefully someone will be returning sooner.
  6. My friend was visiting us in Ajijic and lost her prescription glasses. She has since returned to Canada. I just found them and was wondering if anyone was returning to the Ottawa area in the near future and if they would take the glasses up? Please let me know if you are someone you know may do this favour.
  7. mcintlm

    New restaurant

    Ate there yesterday with some friends and found the service to be very poor. The wait staff seemed to be more interested in talking on their cell phones to attend to customers. The food was good but a bit on the pricey side.
  8. We are planning to have an event in our community and I am wondering if there is any place we can rent a couple of Porta Potties? We are also looking to rent tables and chairs probably for 30 to 40 people. Please let me know if you have suggestions on where to obtain either or both.
  9. Has anyone tried this near Walmart in Ajijic? I have Telcel but would have no problem switching to AT&T.
  10. Many thanks for your help. It worked!
  11. I have cellular service from Telcel and recently have been inundated with text messages from UNOTV. I have tried responding but these fail. Does anyone know how I can stop this invasion of my privacy?
  12. Thanks for the info. I will try Carniceria La Popular.
  13. Does anyone know where I can buy Veal in Ajijic or Chapala?
  14. Not even close! I get 5 mbps on a good day.
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