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  1. I believe they do microchipping at The Pet Place. (On the libriemento behind pemex and Oxxo.
  2. In search of long term rental in Chapala. Small house with fenced yard or terrace. I have 2 well behaved small-med sized dogs. Does not need to be in great cosmetic shape. I will make cosmetic repairs in exchange for reasonable rent. Please PM if you have a place or know of one.
  3. There is a young'er' crowd here. I'm kind of in the middle at 55 and what the pevious poster said about no seperation between the generations is true. I've met some of the youngest 'older' people I've ever known! If you get a chance to go and see the Tall Boys when they play at local resturaunts you will find a good mix of younger and older 'youngters'!
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