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  1. I'm sure there is more than 200 in Joco,anyway Westside story,never heard of the dolphin and parrot show around there?
  2. I think what vetteforron is talking about is that Joco replaced all the cobble stone streets with pavers,real improvement.I lived in Roca Azul for a year when first moving to Mexico in 2008.Growing up in the boonies of Washington State wanted to get back to the rural life to an area of south Lake Chapala.Moved to Puragua for a little over 5years,decided to move to the coast to be living close to the beach in Bucerias,Nayarit.Made it 3 years and decided we couldn't handle the heat and humidity anymore,so have moved back to southside of the lake again a little east of Tuxcueca.We have a 5bedroom 3and a half bath house on the lake with 3 hectacres.Now have 4 dogs 4 cats 11 hens and 2 ducks.My wife will go to the northside once a month to get a few things we can't get around here.Living the good life now.New hiway also helps.When they get the new bypass around San Luis finished this side will take off,not really looking forward to that actually,unless we owned where we live
  3. I don't remember doctors name.It was at central de salud in Bucerias.Never have needed a prescption since then ,jusst bring an emty box,no problem
  4. My question is.Why didn't they just send in the military and federals to block access to the pipeline instead of just closing it down.We got word of a tanker of gas coming to Tuxcueca this morning an my wife waited over 2 hours to get some when delivered.When I went back to town an hour later the line was still over a km long
  5. I have high blood pressure and take 50 mg of Captoprill a day.It costs me 30pesos for months worth at the local pharmacia
  6. We have 5 or 6 hens we would like to sell.Just started laying about a month ago.Nice brown eggs.We would sell them for 100 pesos apeice.We also have a white male duck and browm multi color female we would like to give away.The problem might be that are we located just 2 km east of Tuxcueca on the southside of the lake
  7. We just bought one also.Since ventless,we had a metal plate made to block heat from going up the chimeny.Kind of did it a bit early though,logs still producing smoke
  8. I have eaten some,but after some posts of studies about the high mercury and heavy metals in them,a little leary about doing it anymore..We have now turned our big alberca into just a pisia and are raising our own Tilapia and carpa.We have a deal with a local vendor that sells tortillas and will trade for his tortillas he can't sell for the day for a few large carpa we raise.I like the bater sysrem.Now I have to talk to the local dairy farmer about getting milk and parajuetas,spelling? in exchange for some of our huevos.We have 11 big hens and have more brown eggs than we can eat or sell to our workers for 1 peso a peice
  9. I know it would probably be impossible.I would like to see the water coming into the lake from the Lerma watershed cleaned up some how,so you could eat the fish without destroying your kidneys
  10. The ones we have bought have dual automatic shutdown if oxygen gets to low or CO2 is too high.We have had no problem with ours and we put clear plastic over all our windows to keep drafts out
  11. Would anyone know if Jose Teleservcios Calverio can repair smart tvs?
  12. Hey,we are from Washington and love the smell and snap crackle and pop of fir and pine.It also produces more instant heat.We also have mesguite to put on once it is going good to give us hot coals for the morning to restart.Wish they had more cedar here to make kindling
  13. It is invading our lower field now,just going under the rock wall.Have a lot of big Carpa now to fish for right in our back yard
  14. Hola.Just want to say that we moved to Lake Chapala in 2008.Spent the first year in Joctepec then found a rental in Puragua on the southside,lived there for about 6 years then moved to Bucerias north of Puerto Vallarta.When the heat and umidity would not end till December we decided to move back to the southside of lake Chapala.We are both originally from the west side of Washington state and I also had 20 acres up in the hills of Okanagan so know the columbia gorge well.I think you might be like us and not want the crowded and lousy traffic of the northside of the lake.We like our wide open space.My wife will go once a month over to the northside to shop on early Sunday morning to get a few things we cant get over here.There is a great bus service via SUR if we need to get to Guadalajara,which is only if we have to.If you are in the bigger towns over her you can get Infintium internet from Telmex and phone.My wife has Telcel for her phone and also gets internet with no problem.We find it cost prohibitive.We have WIfi antenae on the roof and pick up one place to get free internet,but is kind of ify.My wife has DISH TV and found out they offer satelite internet so she will check out the price Monday as to cost for unlimited.Being from the gorge area sure you can handle cold winters.We have a firplace and 2 propane heaters.We go up to Mazamitla to buy our pine firewood.Mazamitla will remind you of Leavenworth.Only about half an hour from us.All kinds of places to go fishing for us also.PMme and will you give you contact info for us.Viva Mexico plus a lot of dairy farms locally here to get fresh milk.We have are own hens ,so plenty of eggs
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