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  1. No lluvia on the southside ,just mucho viento
  2. Fuego is pretty much gone now ,but the smoke cloud now goes to Joco to the west and probabally all the way to La Barca now to the east
  3. We live in Tuxcueca on the southside of the lake right across from Scorpion Island.From here we can see a pretty big fire and very large smoke plume.Anybody have any info about it yet?
  4. Anybody have contact info for him?
  5. I have the same ones that More Liana posted
  6. Excuse the ignorance,but what is Stevia good for?Know all about Moringa.Is this a sugar substitute?
  7. We use the sticky roll out strips for flies.Maybe they would work for hormigas also.A couple strips wraped around the base os the tree
  8. To geeser.It is already set for natural gas.I need it changed to propane.The natural gas orifice has too big of a hole,so no drilling larger would not help I will call the number you provided and Thank You for the reply
  9. Bought a gas fireplace log set and it is set up for natural gas I need it converted to propane.Anybody know of someone that can do this
  10. Bought a gas fireplace log set but is made for natural gas.I need to convert it to propane.Anybody know someone that can do this
  11. I'm sure there is more than 200 in Joco,anyway Westside story,never heard of the dolphin and parrot show around there?
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