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  1. On the Ajijic square there is a vitamin store on the same block as the bank and the dollar store. Also, there is another vitamin store on the big church street (Ajijic) next door to Carlos Bazaar. And as mentioned above, there is the vitamin store on the carratera same side as Telmex.
  2. Ed at Bubba's restaurant may be able to help you. His cell phone number is 331-287-6642

  3. Do you still have the rickety card table free to a good home? I am interested. Thanks!

  4. Cynthia said that Marylin said it was in the second block in the new section of Roca Azul. The house next to where the black couple lives. Must be that BIG complex. Very scarey. Glad I don't live there any more!

  5. Where in Roca Azul was the house? Inside the gates area or outside in the new section? We used to live out there on Charales and there was one house raided while we lived there--meth lab storage.

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