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    Restaurant # 4

    Starting a new thread to narrow the focus. I wondered in the other thread "how has it managed to stay open" if so many dislike the prices? Is it the great food? Or are there enough folks here with extra cash who don't care about the prices.
  2. How can you say that? That's such a typical, blanket, unfounded, ultra-conservative piece of malarkey. (No disrespect intended.) Give us one iota of proof that the collective 'National Media' here or in any North American country is that way.
  3. Wait: I love my dog, does that mean I can't eat chicken balls?
  4. Kim and partners seem to think that Canadian/U.S. prices will fly here. That's why I'll never go back. But I have to ask: they've survived this long; there must a reason, unless they just keep pouring money into the place. I have a small circle of acquaintances with lots of money living here, and they seem to love it, but to them price is no object.
  5. Have to agree strongly with you on this one. Well said.
  6. I sent a PM to Duran to ask why my posts are being moderated. He has not replied. Can you answer this for me, please? Thank you.

  7. A lot of sit-down restaurants charge 20 or 25 for a beer, but 70 for a glass of wine is outrageous, unless it's something very special, agreed. On the subject of salads: most places here serve them right out of the fridge, which is ridiculous. Lettuce loses all its flavor when its cold. The salad is to be prepared right away with fresh ingredients, which preferably have been taken out of the fridge in small amounts suitable for the next 30 minutes or so of guests, thereby allowing it to be cool, not cold or warm.
  8. Cheapo

    Hole in One

    According to Pancho, it is now closed.
  9. Very good comments. Just so you know, Daniel doesn't read the board, but customers have told him about it. The talk here does spur interest in restaurants, new and old, if only for a week or so.
  10. I'm curious about the part where he says the American media is "embellishing the drug war" to keep the BabyBoomers' money at home. There are so many things wrong with this statement, I can't even answer it.
  11. I'm in total agreement with you on this. Pretty much everything he deep-fries is overdone and/or has too much batter on it. I recall trying the fried green tomatos: wow, a grease-lover's dream. And I thought I was one, but I couldn't eat those things.
  12. Yeah, that's why I included "Whether this was an excuse or not, I don't know." Too bad.
  13. I read the New York Times every day. Look past the front page: there are dozens of stories reporting good stuff, benign stuff, friendly stuff, and intriguing stuff. And that's before you get to arts, entertainment, and sports. Headlines cannot be the only focus for thinking people. And "yellow journalism": used to mean mostly made-up stories and sensationalism. Today, you can safely ascribe that kind of journalism to most of the cable news networks. So it's important to look past the gloss and think for ourselves. Most of us are too busy and/or lazy to do this; if we weren't, we wouldn't have this kind of "journalism" to begin with.
  14. Sadly, no. As mentioned, it's two for one.
  15. Excellent recipe, although I would skip the chiles. The nifty thing about doing this is, once you've tried it and discovered how simple it is, you wonder why you ever threw out your old chicken bones. Personally, I use the bones and skin of a roasted chicken, not a whole chicken, unless I need the boiled meat for something else (such as the chicken soup itself). I skim off the fat later. This leaves me with a broth or caldo that is suitable for any kind of soup, or really good gravy.
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