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  1. I went to him for an eye check up . He prescribed a slightly different prescription from the one I had. I wear descending lens so it was quite expensive.

    I could not see out of them at all.  Went back and told him. He said he had to bring his special machine. So again I went back and he insisted it was the right prescription. So I lost over $3,500p.   I have a friend who had surgery and she lost vision in one eye.   In the future I am going to optometrist for glasses and Dr. Clauda an ophthalmologist for any surgery.  Lately lots of complaints about Dr. Rios. It is really hard to get a 100% positive on any recommendation.  But Dra. Claudia so far is running 5 stars

  2. Go see Dr. Comacho in Chapala.  She is the only person that I have never seen or heard a bad thing about


  3. Keep looking. I went to him for an exam. I wear descending lenses. He made new ones ( not cheap) I could not see out of them.  I went back and he was adamant it was the right prescription. I simple could not see no matter which was I moved them, So out over 3,000p. Someone else I know lost vision in one eye from an operative procedure by him.

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