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  1. CCC

    Gluten free baking

    I am Celiac and am totally grain free Paleo. I would love some products or recipes. Much of what is sold here as gluten free is not. Otro Pan has great products but as you said they sell out in minutes when they make it. And yes RV there are many Lakeside who are Celiac, Gluten Intolerant and or Paleo. Not a fad.
  2. I have been calling for at least two weeks, always get a recording telling me to enter an extension. I am giving up on Laredo. How is the San Antonio Consulate? Need appointment? Do they answer the phone? Thanks Sonia, your info is always so helpful.
  3. Has anyone applied for Residente Temporale through the Las Vegas Consulate recently? If so did you need an appointment, and approx. how long did it take for approval. What documents did you need and how many copies? Thanks
  4. Sonia or Spencer, is this the form that would be used when applying for Residente Temporale? If not is there a link for the form? Thanks
  5. Hopefully repairing the leaking pipes after four years of rivers flowing in the area.
  6. I live in Riberas, am on the old well and have crappy water from the street. I have to change my water filters for the house every 3-4 weeks, the water is that bad. My pool water is fine. I have a salt water system. When I had my hamdyman doing pool maintenance the pool often was green and he blamed the water in the aljibe. I use Carlos Taylor for my pool maintenance now and in over two years the water has never been anything but clear sparkling blue. He will do a free consultation, maybe they can call and have him take a look?
  7. I heard from friends in San Antonio and Chapala that their phone lines were out for 24 hours also. And the Ajijic Clinic was without a land line overnight. Guess it wasn't just Riberas.
  8. Both garden centres in Riberas carry garden grade. The garden grade is what is used in food such as grains so most people already ingest it without realizing it is a common preservative. The pool formula is quite different and very toxic.
  9. I spoke to Pancho at Superlake and to the owner of the water store/Handymail. Both Just shrugged. In fairness, the majority of the car washers around Superlake are great amd honest. This one guyis the problem.
  10. If Antonio is the guy with the thick longish dark hair who peddles car waxes, then I avoid him. He once washed my car after I had told him no. I refused to pay him, explaining that when I say "NO" it means he doesn't touch my car. After a lot of arguing a friend who was with me convinced me to pay him. I did so reluctantly and told him to stay away from me. The next time I was near Superlake I parked next door. I came out to find scratches on my rear panel. He was sitting on his bucket grinning at me watching. I now tell him to stay away from me if I see him. I have no dount he scratched my vehicle. I never go to the Ajijic Farmacia Guadalajara anymore because of the windshield guys. I go to the one in Chapala.
  11. Both my Telmex phone and my neighbor's have been out for at least 12 hours, probably longer. I am wondering if anyone else in Riberas has the same problem? Hers has been going out for a few minutes at a time for a week or so. I know complaining to Telmex or asking for a credit for down time is futile, just curious if our street is the only one affected or if it is widespread?
  12. That sucks! Try going back to Salvadores, talking to the owner and wait staff, and make up a reward poster. Offer cash for the return of the bag with ID, papers and meds. Any money in it will e gone but it might help to ensure the return of the other important stuff. Yes, it is paying for crime but if you want to salvage as much as you can it might work.
  13. Garmin. Get one with lifetime North American updates.
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