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  1. CCC

    Gluten free baking

    I am Celiac and am totally grain free Paleo. I would love some products or recipes. Much of what is sold here as gluten free is not. Otro Pan has great products but as you said they sell out in minutes when they make it. And yes RV there are many Lakeside who are Celiac, Gluten Intolerant and or Paleo. Not a fad.
  2. I have been calling for at least two weeks, always get a recording telling me to enter an extension. I am giving up on Laredo. How is the San Antonio Consulate? Need appointment? Do they answer the phone? Thanks Sonia, your info is always so helpful.
  3. Has anyone applied for Residente Temporale through the Las Vegas Consulate recently? If so did you need an appointment, and approx. how long did it take for approval. What documents did you need and how many copies? Thanks
  4. Sonia or Spencer, is this the form that would be used when applying for Residente Temporale? If not is there a link for the form? Thanks
  5. It is possible that the developers want a smaller scale project, and deliberately used what they admit is not the real model for the initial presentation so that a smaller less dense development might seem like a compromise. The entire thing has appeared to be a scam to most clear minded people. I seriously doubt it will ever go ahead and hope it won't, as I fear another half built pit eyesore like the ugly hole on the Liebramiento next to the condo eyesore we already have. Notice I did not name a name.
  6. The easiest way to find Salvadore's in Joco is to take the new by-pass, then take the exit to Joco (south). Slow down, keep right and you will see the huge gate on the right. He is vy far the best mexhanic I jave used here. Alan Ribas in Riberas is alao very good and reliable.
  7. I second using Tim and Jaime. They are reliable, honest and tell it like it is. They both live locally.
  8. Refrigerated probiotics are easy to obtain and very affordable here. See my post above. No shipping, no melted refrig. pack, no exploded bottles.
  9. Ken at the Monday and Tuesday markets makes his own probiotics. He has a ginger fizz drink, sauerkraut, kefir as well as other healthy probiotic foods. He is set up in the corner to the right as tou enter through the lobby part at the monday market. He charges a small deposit for the bottles which he refunds when you return him. He has a cooler set up on the table. His products need to be refrigerated and are very good quality.
  10. Beautiful words for a beautiful soul. So sad for you loss.
  11. Many of my contemporaries (mid 50's) are retiring early with adequate means. I know several couples who were very interested in retiring in Mx until the immigration changes and income requirement boost. You can argue all the reasons why Mx did it and it is their prerogative. End result is friends are looking at Panama, snowbirding in southern US states where living is cheap, or moving to milder climates in Canada. Yes there are areas of Canada with mild winters. I am seriously looking at other countries as well solely due to a month of banging my head against a wall with the Mx consulate in YVR. Hard to tell friends how great it is to retire here when you jump through more hoops every day.
  12. I have been seeing Jim and Chrissy since shortly after they opened. I am very pleased with both of their skills at cut, color, highlights and the chocolate smoothing system they have. Both always do a very thorough consult with me about what I want in the way of cut and colour prior to taking up shears or products. The price range I pay for a cut and colour and styling is in the $700 peso range. I know there are cheaper places locally. When I started going to Gloriosa my hair was in terrible shape from salon hopping looking for a "fit" and for a bit of DIY coloring. I am pleased with the results long term and will continue to use them. Everyone has different expectations and likes. If you call them and book a consultation you will get a feel for their style. Their talent is, in my opinion, unsurpassed locally.
  13. I have been to the US twice with expired Canadian plates, no questions no issues. I did have insurance. What happens when you get to the Canadian border is, I suspect, up to the province involved. I would check with the motor vehicle office of the province your plates are from. I think you could arrange insurance in advance and get a temporary permit until you can update the registration.
  14. I will pay to have it done to save my arms, my hair, buying a 450 degree flat iron, the electricity and for the same reason I don't redo my own transmission LOL. I want a professional job.
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