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  1. This is the information I got from friends in Brisas de Chapala Ping Download Upload 48 1.44 0.30 at 1.50 pm today 94 1.36 0.24 at 11am today They have the $389.00pesos package
  2. The FBI offered a US$20,000.00 reward for information identifying the attacker. ( El Informador)
  3. If Superlake does not have it, try the pool supply shop at Handy Mail. It is close to Superlake.
  4. Hi Phil. Try the furniture store opposite Lower Chula Vista. ,the small strip mall.
  5. Stantheman, did you check the license plate numbers on the tickets? They make mistakes at the Hacienda office. Joyfull, as long the old license plate stays with the stolen car, the owner will be responsible for any infractions.
  6. Benno is the place to go to. Phone # 766 5933. I had to wait 5 weeks before I got back my laptop from Ruben.
  7. Thank you for your concern. Yes, Computer Guy. This is a "real friend" who emailed me with the details. He lost his credit cards and Nexus card. Actually he and his wife wanted to know how to contact the Canadian Embassy via phone using a Magic Jack. Do you know how to dial a phone # via Magic Jack?
  8. A friend of my lost his wallet in San Miguel de Allende. How can I send him money? What kind of identification would he need? Thank you for your help in advance.
  9. You can buy "prescription" eye glasses at Soriana, maybe even Walmart. It may not be perfect, but it may help a little. Good luck.
  10. Adolf 97 Fahrenheit is 36.1 Celsius .
  11. Avoid Terranova. Recent very bad experience. I still suffer the consequences of poor hygiene at this hospital. I know 2 other people who had the same experience. I would choose Mexico Americano or Santa Maria Chapalita, depending on treatment/equipment needed.
  12. You may also call for information Unidad de Patología Clinica Av.Mexico #2341, Guadalajara Imegenologia phone # 33 3669 0336
  13. Opposite Superlake there is a homeopathic pharmacy. They have a large selection of homeopathic ítems.
  14. I bought some capsules that are a combination of valerian, melatonin and vitamin B1. They are sold next to Superlake. The name of the capsules is TENSIONFIN.I did help me to sleep better.
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