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  1. Do donations through the Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities count for matching? I prefer to make donations there.
  2. Here is the response I got in reply to my What's App with Chapala Med: We are going to get the quadrivalent flu vaccine. It costs $1800.00 pesos and it will take about ten days for the vaccine to arrive after the order has been placed. There is a $1000.00 peso deposit to order the vaccine. You can come to the office to make the deposit
  3. I assume yo I assume you were asking how much the tourist tax to be refunded is. My last two refunds were $21.13 from American and $21.73 from United. The difference has to do with the exchange rate when you paid it.
  4. Here is a list of restaurants where I have used an American credit card without additional fees along with the last date I used a card there. Some may have discontinued accepting cards since my last visit.
  5. I have a Fidelity cash management account and have used their VISA debit card to withdraw pesos from ATMs here for years. They also refund all local ATM bank's fees. There is a 1% foreign transaction fee when using the Fidelity VISA debit card.
  6. I don't use Schwab, but I use Fidelity with the results you are seeking. I have a cash management account with Fidelity. When I use my debit card in an ATM here, I get the Mexican bank's fees returned two or three days after my withdrawal. Fidelity does not charge a fee, but I guess some foreign currency charge is figured into the exchange rate. My last withdrawal was on 4/17, and I got just over 18.68 to the dollar.
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