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  1. Thank you for your help. I will contact him.
  2. Looking for a bilingual bookeeper for my company. Must be able to do payroll, facturas, IMSS registration, SAT filings, ect..
  3. Hi Sue, I sent you an email with my phone numbers so we talk. I hope you received them. Greg
  4. I am looking for a good bookeeper for my business. Must speak English. Thank you, Greg
  5. If someone could tell me what street to turn on to locate the sunday market for some produce. Thank you for your help.
  6. I am looking for a good IP service with DNS/VNP to stream Pandora to my iphone. I have tried many of them and yet to find one that works well. I would appreciate hearing from anyone that has been successful with this set up. Thank you
  7. I am looking for someone that makes drapes and also handles the installation of them or has someone that does it for them. Thanks.
  8. I am looking for someone that is coming down in the next week or two that could bring me a tv remote control. I would have it sent to you from Amazon. I would really appreciate anyone that could help me. Thank you
  9. If you are still looking I have 2 Motorola DSR319RTC Receivers. I would sell one for 500 pesos or both for 850.
  10. If you are still looking I have 2 Motorola Star Choice DSR319RTC receivers. I would sell one for 500 pesos. or 2 for 850 pesos.
  11. I have two Shaw Boxes that I would sell. They are not HD
  12. Portimom I sent you a private message regarding refridgerated probiotics
  13. Can you be more specific about where you bought it near the Ajijic plaza Thank you
  14. Is there any place in Lakeside to buy a lettuce spinner ? Thank you
  15. I do not care about the meat, as I only want the marrow bones and knuckle bones for making broth
  16. Where are they located ? Thanks
  17. Do any of the local butchers shops sell grass fed beef ? Thank you.
  18. Does anyone have the telephone number of the guy at the tues. market that sells sauerkraut and juice. Thank you.
  19. Great, I will check with the grain store, and if not available I will contact you Solfeggio. Thanks for your offer.
  20. Are Kefir grains available anywhere down here, or is someone willing to sell or share with me some of there own Thank you
  21. I would appreciate any recommendations for a Nephrologist (Kidney specialist) Thank you for your help
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