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  1. I would like to find a really skilled leather worker to custom make a high-quality multi-compartment leather wallet for me in the Lakeside area. Any recommendations?
  2. Salazar's on the frontage road below the carretera in Riberas, just east of Mirasol. They custom-built a whole pile of iron fencing from a drawing, on time & on budget, very pleased with the quality and finishing, even delivered it all to site. Very nice guys, honest, too. Have since had them do other custom work, always happy with results.
  3. Mirna sounds like a gem! Does anyone have her email? I am in Canada so phoning not a great option. Thanks!
  4. Needing to find a GOOD property manager to handle an occupied home. Need someone who is bilingual and able to handle payments to household staff, repairs & maintenance, and effectively (diplomatically) communicate with home owner and tenants. Any recommendations much appreciated. Gracias!
  5. Buyer is not Canadian but Mexican. They do not want to make offer in Mexican pesos or US, only Canadian, because it is sinking and they come out like bandits.
  6. The funny thing is, this agent criticized the previous agent of 3 yrs ago for doing exactly the same thing- over valuing a property to get the listing, then dropping the price. Only difference is, this one is telling me that only Mexicans would be interested in my property (really? I bought here & I'm Canadian, and half my neighbors are also!) and trying to convince me that the drop in the peso means my property has therefore also dropped by nearly $100,000 US since early December on an original $325k price. Currently, I am being urged to counter but was told that even a $390 Cndn ($275k U
  7. I am an absentee owner not returning and the agent knows this so I think I have been 'marked' as desperate. It is listed just below $300,000 US well down from last list at $380,000 US a couple of years ago and well below all current market evaluations as well. The offer came in at $345k Canadian -- that is $237k US which I replied is an insult and countered at full list. Not sure if my agent is double-ending the deal but I don't doubt it. At 7% commission, that is a huge chunk of change in their pocket (incidentally, about 3X what commission would be on same sale in Canada where many agencies
  8. I have an offer on my property there but it is in Canadian, despite the listing in US funds. Has anyone ever dealt with an offer like this before? I have concerns that by the time of closing, the amount will be worth considerably less than today due to the unstable nature of the loonie lately. The agent insists the buyer will not pay in US funds and that they are doing me a 'favor' making it in Canadian. I should mention, it is also considerably below the list price and my agent is pushing me to accept saying 'this is all my property is worth' despite him stating it has a market value of $80,0
  9. Possibly, but not for several months, just for a couple of weeks now, likely November. I am staying on in Canada a few months longer so they will stay here with me til I move down. All leads appreciated.
  10. Moving back to mi casa Lakeside, now Permanente so can't drive my pets down. Will have to fly cats down in cabin (too hot for cargo now & horrible experience last time- no thanks!). My house will be vacant August 1st so I will be looking for a RELIABLE and RESPONSIBLE house & pet sitter to live in and look after them until my return appr. December. Absolutely non-smoking!!! Will also have to deal with housekeeper & gardener, pay bills, and liase with property manager & myself on any issues regarding the property. Manager lives next door and will be checking in routinely so anyo
  11. According to the entry in Wikipedia, under 'Controversy': "Animal welfare groups claim that animal husbandry and urine collection methods used in Premarin's production cause undue stress and suffering to the mares involved. Allegations of abuse range from concern over stall size, access to water, exercise, cruel treatment, collection system, continuous breeding cycles, and premature death." They failed to mention the 'byproduct' of the Premarin industry: the untold thousands of foals born to the mares which had to be kept in a constant state of pregnancy to produce the hormones in their urine.
  12. I'd like to install a system of good quality night vision cameras connected to my computer, ideally with some motion-activated cameras that fire with flash to scare off would-be intruders trying to get over my wall (it hasn't happened yet, but, hey, better safe than sorry, eh?). I live in a rural area and my properties perimeter wall backs onto vacant lots one side and an arroyo the other, which is a weak spot in my defenses. Being a single woman out here takes chutzpa some days. Has anyone successfully had such a system installed, and could therefore recommend same to me? I spoke to my neighb
  13. I have used Miguel on several occasions and he did fabulous work. He took on a pair of antique wing chairs that needed not just new covering but new stuffing and he even touched up the wood arms and legs. They came out better than expected and his prices were very good, plus he is a sweetie, very accommodating (and not hard to look at either, girls!). However, this time I need the same guy who custom-made my sectional sofa as he has access to the specific material that was put on and a tenant ruined by moving my new furniture into the patio sun to become bleached. He had the little shop next
  14. Want to get some highlighting done by someone who does an excellent job and doesn't charge NOB prices. Any recommendations Lakeside?
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