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  1. I would like to find a really skilled leather worker to custom make a high-quality multi-compartment leather wallet for me in the Lakeside area. Any recommendations?
  2. Salazar's on the frontage road below the carretera in Riberas, just east of Mirasol. They custom-built a whole pile of iron fencing from a drawing, on time & on budget, very pleased with the quality and finishing, even delivered it all to site. Very nice guys, honest, too. Have since had them do other custom work, always happy with results.
  3. Mirna sounds like a gem! Does anyone have her email? I am in Canada so phoning not a great option. Thanks!
  4. Needing to find a GOOD property manager to handle an occupied home. Need someone who is bilingual and able to handle payments to household staff, repairs & maintenance, and effectively (diplomatically) communicate with home owner and tenants. Any recommendations much appreciated. Gracias!
  5. According to the entry in Wikipedia, under 'Controversy': "Animal welfare groups claim that animal husbandry and urine collection methods used in Premarin's production cause undue stress and suffering to the mares involved. Allegations of abuse range from concern over stall size, access to water, exercise, cruel treatment, collection system, continuous breeding cycles, and premature death." They failed to mention the 'byproduct' of the Premarin industry: the untold thousands of foals born to the mares which had to be kept in a constant state of pregnancy to produce the hormones in their urine. There was no market for the never-ending stream of foals of mixed breeding, and they were shipped to slaughter by the truckload, swept under the rug by the corporation making enormous multi-million dollar profits, and conveniently ignored by the product users. Thankfully, fears of cancer put an end to the worst of the PMU farms that had sprung up all over North America. Profits before ethics.
  6. I have used Miguel on several occasions and he did fabulous work. He took on a pair of antique wing chairs that needed not just new covering but new stuffing and he even touched up the wood arms and legs. They came out better than expected and his prices were very good, plus he is a sweetie, very accommodating (and not hard to look at either, girls!). However, this time I need the same guy who custom-made my sectional sofa as he has access to the specific material that was put on and a tenant ruined by moving my new furniture into the patio sun to become bleached. He had the little shop next to Gloriosa on the Libramiento. I can't even remember his name. Does anyone know him or how to find him? Thanks.
  7. Want to get some highlighting done by someone who does an excellent job and doesn't charge NOB prices. Any recommendations Lakeside?
  8. Can anyone tell me what will happen to either Canadians or American vehicles crossing over the border into the US if the license tags has expired? My Canadian plates expired within a year of arrival and is now nearly two years out of date. I have been told I can not cross the US border- true? What about trying to get back into Canada? Is there a way to comply without sending for new tags? Don't have time before leaving for that.
  9. Actually, there is lots to do, and many other active, fun-loving, young and 'young at heart' types around to do things with, but it does take some work to search them out. There isn't much organized for this certain age group, most is geared to the older crowd. Hey, not all of us 'youngsters' are working, and many older folks aren't yet retired, so hard to pigeon-hole everyone. I am 48, and no longer working. You can call it retired, or just permanently unemployed, whatever! There is rarely a day with nothing to do, you just have to decide what things you like to do, then go find it and others to join you. I printed up non-business cards with my contact info (no address, just general locale) &on the reverse it says, 'Activity partner available for: Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Riding, Dog walking (can lend you one!) and volunteering at a local orphanage. Let people know what you want to do, and they will find you. There is a group that hikes in the hills weekly, there is a group that meets socially every week, some that do trips into Guad for shopping. There is a new kayaking club meeting weekly at La Tasca, and those without gear can borrow. There are people who bike, jog, horseback ride in groups, too. Plus several gyms and exercise classes. Oh, and golf if you do that. We could use a dog walkers group, I would join. I can introduce you to some 30's & 40's females here who keep really busy. PM me if you want info.
  10. Hola- would like to see table and chairs for sale, please call Sherry at 387 761 0177. Gracias.

  11. Hola, Jaime; I am interested in the core training sessions. How long is each? What days and times do you have in mind? Muchas gracias,

    Sherry aka Sarita

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