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  1. I would like to find a really skilled leather worker to custom make a high-quality multi-compartment leather wallet for me in the Lakeside area. Any recommendations?
  2. Salazar's on the frontage road below the carretera in Riberas, just east of Mirasol. They custom-built a whole pile of iron fencing from a drawing, on time & on budget, very pleased with the quality and finishing, even delivered it all to site. Very nice guys, honest, too. Have since had them do other custom work, always happy with results.
  3. Mirna sounds like a gem! Does anyone have her email? I am in Canada so phoning not a great option. Thanks!
  4. Needing to find a GOOD property manager to handle an occupied home. Need someone who is bilingual and able to handle payments to household staff, repairs & maintenance, and effectively (diplomatically) communicate with home owner and tenants. Any recommendations much appreciated. Gracias!
  5. Buyer is not Canadian but Mexican. They do not want to make offer in Mexican pesos or US, only Canadian, because it is sinking and they come out like bandits.
  6. The funny thing is, this agent criticized the previous agent of 3 yrs ago for doing exactly the same thing- over valuing a property to get the listing, then dropping the price. Only difference is, this one is telling me that only Mexicans would be interested in my property (really? I bought here & I'm Canadian, and half my neighbors are also!) and trying to convince me that the drop in the peso means my property has therefore also dropped by nearly $100,000 US since early December on an original $325k price. Currently, I am being urged to counter but was told that even a $390 Cndn ($275k US) is too much and the buyer will walk. Sounds like he is getting the steal of a lifetime to me. I know the smart thing to do is to let them go and hope for a better offer but that is the real scary part- who knows when or how much. I so wish For Sale By Owner had been a more realistic option. I sold my last 4 properties myself, saved over $100,000 commission and the buyers got a better deal. So not enjoying dealing with the real estate mafia here!
  7. I am an absentee owner not returning and the agent knows this so I think I have been 'marked' as desperate. It is listed just below $300,000 US well down from last list at $380,000 US a couple of years ago and well below all current market evaluations as well. The offer came in at $345k Canadian -- that is $237k US which I replied is an insult and countered at full list. Not sure if my agent is double-ending the deal but I don't doubt it. At 7% commission, that is a huge chunk of change in their pocket (incidentally, about 3X what commission would be on same sale in Canada where many agencies are now at a flat 2%). This property is not a dud, rather it is one of the nicer ones Lakeside, with a recent $100k total renovation and second to none lakeviews. Agent says the Mex. buyer will not care what I paid for renos as they would not have invested so much in it themselves so that is irrelevant. Uh huh. The agent has told me I should not be concerned that the offer is in Canadian funds since I should be looking at it from his point of view, that it is still more than I would have gotten a couple of years ago when the loonie was closer to par with USD. In other words, I should not be so greedy as to hope to break even, I should be grateful to only be losing a little.... My big concern is that closings in Mexico are notorious for dragging on, with a mid-March close, the loonie may have plummeted further, costing me tens of 1000's more in loss. Oh, it has slipped that the buyer is planning to have a pool built with all the money he saves. Seriously?
  8. I have an offer on my property there but it is in Canadian, despite the listing in US funds. Has anyone ever dealt with an offer like this before? I have concerns that by the time of closing, the amount will be worth considerably less than today due to the unstable nature of the loonie lately. The agent insists the buyer will not pay in US funds and that they are doing me a 'favor' making it in Canadian. I should mention, it is also considerably below the list price and my agent is pushing me to accept saying 'this is all my property is worth' despite him stating it has a market value of $80,000 US more just one month ago...
  9. Question: are the little propane tanks available locally? The ones about a foot high, usually come in a 2-pack for tabletop grills?
  10. Does anyone have a current email address for Tony Espiritu, who does custom windows? He did my whole house years ago, some enormous units, all built & hung to perfection (yes I am talking about the windows!). I'm in Canada so phoning not an option. If not Tony, then his brother Jose would work fine too. Thanks.
  11. Question: If one drives their foreign-plated vehicle down into Mexico, applies for residency (currently called Temporary?) then needs to leave for a few weeks to return home for an urgent situation, ie, family business, can they do so by flying or would they have to drive their car back out? Can they get a letter to leave temporarily by plane and not get big crap for it when they return or have it affect their future status? Just trying to forsee any possible future issues for someone with elderly parent that he is still responsible for back NOB. Thanks.
  12. Wanting to ride share with someone coming down in either later October or early November. Have a smallish dog (spayed female poodle x) who is exceptionally well-behaved as is her human (SWF, non-smoker). Ideally would like room for a few boxes but not crucial, most important to get down with my dog as I will never again put a pet in cargo hold of a plane. Willing to pay toward gas & tolls as well as own expenses for hotel, etc, and can share in driving (except in big cities- that freaks me out). Great option for single woman travelling alone. I speak some Spanish and know the way (sort of).
  13. Myron just recently installed a complete video surveillance system at my property and was wonderful to deal with, did a great job and came back to check that all was working well and we were happy with it. A really nice guy.... so sorry to hear.
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