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  1. Mercado Libre is great for a lot of things but for vehicles, it's tricky to filter Jalisco locations. You are right .... the other car site is one of the two you mention
  2. www.soloautos.com (maybe need to add .mx ?) you will need Spanish but can cruise around for all years, makes, models, etc. there's another site that more Mexicans use, but forget the name maybe someone knows? have sold and bought on both of these sites
  3. Why do you need just the tank? Asking because IF the problem is a cracked tank I know where you can get it repaired (fibreglas lined) --- but it's in Guad. Also they make lids to fit your old lid in case that one breaks --- can duplicate all kinds of colors including blue, green, wine, etc. --- from the "old" days. We have had two lids and one tank done by these people with excellent results. Call me for more info 766-3580
  4. Why don't you go in and ask them face to face? That way you'll get "the goods" instead of a lot of well-intentioned but nonetheless "opinions"!
  5. OK all. Just read terms and conditions on the website, and then called Telmex to confirm. 100 local calls no charge. 200 minutes calls to 044 and 045 cell phones no charge. Minutos Ilimitados --- that's "capital I" as ilimitados --- so still unlimited long distance calls to Canada and US. (Limited minutes / prices to many named other countries.)
  6. Peter, your answer left me a little confused, so maybe OP also? Using Telmex LAND line you can call any land line OR cell phone in US or Canada at no charge to either party. As you said, exception is 800 numbers, and for that we use Skype.
  7. Computer Guy knows full well I am hardly a tech-savvy person. But we are getting along reasonably well with an android box that has countless channels including all you mention Poe Bango. Purchase of box (Mercado Libre) was about $1,089 pesos. Person to program and then set up in our house $300 pesos. After that it's totally free. Yes, some times of day does not work really well --- others is perfect. But If I can learn the basics (don't use it for MANY things it would do) then anyone can. 😀 NOTE: is dependent on WiFi being available and "on". By the way, because I want to see Guad news on Mexican channels, I maintain the most basic (52 channels) Telecable service ($200 per month) so do have to go back and forth between "regular" tv and android box setting. Easy once you get the drift!
  8. You might also note the huge number of people there..... must indicate a lot of people trust what they do, even if the cost is higher. When I was there yesterday the waiting room was jammed and many were faces I've seen there over many years.
  9. also check with Lucky Dog as they always have lots of smaller dogs
  10. That's why we now use an android box to get all the tv channels we could ever want (and more) Still maintain Telecable "most basic" 52 channel service ($200 pesos per month) ONLY so I can watch Guad Channel 4 news in a.m. in upstairs bedroom but there is absolutely no English with this option
  11. At your budget, suggest you start looking in San Antonio and/or Chapala. Go up and down the streets looking for "se renta" signs. You will in all likelihood get a Mexican landlord (our preference) but will reduce the rental cost you would pay in commission added if a rental agent were involved as property manager.
  12. Xena, Telmex is NOT necessarily due on 3rd of month -- depends where you are in the system. For example we are due on 20th. And to all, when our CFE bill did not come in April and I was unsuccessful in getting balance on line, I called 071 and the nice lady emailed me a copy!! (Yes, you need Spanish to accomplish this) Of course, after using that printout to pay, the "real" bill showed up the next day --- 0NE day before our due date (which might not be yours)🙂
  13. Sorry guys, but docs and other professionals can be called on the carpet for "maligning" others of the same profession even if they "know things" about said person . So unless they know you really, really well, they are not going to put themselves in tricky position regarding another. Doubt any of you would do it either in their shoes. Eric, so happy you got where you did, surgery seems to have been successful, and your little girl is recovering. But as you said earlier.....Still, when any doctor makes an error, they should, IMO, be called on it. Yes, they should -- by the CLIENT or PATIENT, not another doctor, once a better opinion / resolution has been achieved
  14. She has moved back to the U.S. If you call me I can give you another person to try, but give me a bit as I'm at the computer and my phone book is not, and takes me a while with walker to get from A to B Presently 12:35 pm Wed
  15. Sorry Zeb. Chemo does NOT harm dogs and in fact I know of MANY who have come thru' with flying colors and lived long after, totally healthy. Don't know or understand the differences between animal and human chemo, but only know it's huge. And to Eric: You did the right thing in the end. Best wishes for full recovery this time. And really, you can not have expected Hector to say anything regarding Berenice, could you? No Doctor, human or otherwise, wants to get into that can of worms and rightly so.
  16. Update. Used surgeon recommended by Hector and Antonio Ladron de Guevara (2 or more complicated surgeries on Antonio) and VERY pleased with outcome. Posterolateral approach which means the least amount of "meat" to cut into and was up within a day in hospital. Now at home and doing very well. Anyone interested Dr. Jose Miguel Huerta. Office in Del Carmen but asked for and he agreed to use Hospital Santisima Trinidad (MUCH cheaper but excellent place) which helped offset cost of ceramic-titanium prosthesis needed instead of standard one, due to metal sensitivities. Only drawback this hospital is 99% Spanish but this is not problem for me. Anyone interested will provide more info, and thanks to all for your comments.
  17. DO NOT do this yourself! A friend bought out-of-state car at car tianguis in Guad -- taking along a trusted and supposedly knowledgeable friend. Turned out it had MAJOR mechanical problems as result of an accident. Cost her BIG bucks to repair (and then she got rid of it). If it had been a Jalisco car, recaudadora could have told her about the accident, but they have no access to other states. On the other hand, you can totally trust Rafa in Riberas as long as he has what you want. Otherwise, stick with Jalisco-plated cars AND check out their "past" before purchase.
  18. Any ideas where I can get the very best exchange rate to change some USD into pesos? I know my bank is NOT the place!! Thankyou
  19. I does not matter in the least who "we" are. Same story every year around here regardless of which shelter. People leave and either dump the pet they "adopted" in the fall, or simply think they can turn it in like "rent-a-pet". Believe me I know this from many years of direct experience with these ignorant and heartless slobs.
  20. Agree. Hector has helped more of our animals to cross over the Rainbow Bridge than I care to count, and has been gentle and amazing every time.
  21. Tree is right outside our garage door. If you are not able to cut a piece, I can certainly do it for you!
  22. BIG thanks to all for input. Have had one appt., another coming up, and a third waiting to be booked. Then I will decide based on a variety of factors. Fortunately not limited to English (doctor or hospital) so allows for a little broader scope.
  23. If you have access to precous paid bills, take them along. The Inbursa will be reversed --- has happened to me and it's an "almost" scam.... Can't speak to 2 and 3, but Telmex will know. Just go to the people at the desk BEFORE you pay -- they can change charges, but not if you pay first. And dealing with getting credit for these payments can be a nightmare (also been there, done THAT)!
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