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  1. Remember...... Mexicans traditionally have their homes all decorated and their nacimientos in place by end of November at latest. So giving time for shopping etc. I guess we need to respect that traditional time, even if early in foreigner's minds.
  2. Can't tell you HOW I did it but I check my mail daily and today when the new one showed for first time up I did manage to switch back to Classisc I hovered on various places and THANKFULLY the option showed up. Why do these and others think they have to constantly "improve" stuff? If it ain't broke don't fix it!!!!!
  3. Kids went to school this a.m. so guessing tianguis will be in full swing too.
  4. Apparently Dr. Hugo did not arrive yesterday (Sunday) for reasons unknown. But if you are referring to the pink-haired gal, Dra. Nayibi, who was there for another reason and stayed when she realized Hugo was not coming--- she is not a "nurse" -- she's a fully qualified veterinarian. But really --- do you think Sunday "emergency" hours are intended for something like that? Best get back there today and have the tumor evaluated for likely surgical intervention.
  5. IF they are open (due to it being holiday weekend) I believe usual Sunday hours are 10 - 2
  6. Probably can't any more, but ask Dr. Pepe (vet) In Riberas near Telecable. He does some horse work plus his wife has horses, so they might know.
  7. My understanding of Seguro Popular is that you cannot have ANY other Mexican medical insurance(IMSS, ISSTE, or private) if you are with them. So suggest you either look at travel insurance for your time here, Mexican agents that can issue short term policy, or get SP and rely on that if you need it.
  8. Yes, there are several. But for a first time license I believe you have to go to the main location in Guad as indicated by Brian. And you will have to do a test and a driver's test. Don't know about Ocotlan for first-timers.
  9. For the last 4 weeks our internet service in San Antonio has been spotty --- mostly causing problems with the android TV box (uses WiFi) but also in some cases on my desktop (direct connection). Called the 1-800 number and got Spanish speaker. Asked him to speak slowly as I speak Spanish but have problems hearing it well on the phone. His reply was "we can speak English if you like!" and so we did. Explained what had been happening, how often I was resetting modem, etc. He did some diagnostics over the phone, said the problem was not the modem, and when could they come out? We discussed available times over the next three days, he gave me a report number, and later I got a confirmation folio number via cell phone. One day later he was here! Explained the problem. First he went on the roof to check connections there. Then connection on main floor outside. Then came inside and checked phone outlet (1) and modem outlet (one). Applied diagnostic equipment at all locations. Told me he he had already checked the underground cables serving our street on his way over. We found no problems. But when he learned we have had this modem for over 7 years (surprised look on his face) he immediately went out and brought in a new one. And made sure to tell me that if things don't resolve, to call back and they would look further into the problem "closer to the source". And THEN..... he proceeded to help me change the WPA number on my new cell phone (NOT a techie!!) and on the TV as well. Now THAT'S service!!
  10. I also used to have a pesticide applicator's license, so know that Cynoff contains cypermethrin, a pyrethroid compound. All pyrethroid chemicals are highly toxic to CATS so (1) cats should be removed from the area and (2) should not come back until TOTALLY dry. Otherwise, they could get on their paws, clean their paws, and....... In nearly 20 years here, we have NEVER sprayed anything in the house. Don't understand people who think they have to damage the environment and themselves with all sorts of chemical interference. Burt if you DO have bug problems, at least carefully research the ingredients BEFORE you or any fumigator applies anything.
  11. If you go to Ixtlahuacan (I know someone who could help you there) or east of Chapala, you will be close to both Lucky Dog and The Ranch --- the two major dog shelters in the area -- so that would be a bonus for you.
  12. You are out of luck. The rules clearly state that your annual payment must be made in the month prior to your annual coverage date. For example, we pay in August for annual coverage starting Sept 1. And yes, if you miss that date, you are considered a totally new applicant and have to qualify under existing new terms and conditions, plus some service limitations for the first two years. As it happens, altho' I have had a LOT of satisfactory service with several different specialists (and 2 hospital stays) with them, we have opted not to renew this year since my other half never has used it, and at our ages the fees are pretty high. So we will get Seguro Popular for the major event, and self-insure the rest of the time.
  13. Geoffrey Kaye USED to have/breed English budgies but he's returned to Arizona. However he often dealt with the following people for exotic birds -- they are conscientious and reliable, licensed, and not "under the table" -- but you may have to go Guad to find them. Info I have is somewhat old but hopefully still useful. If he doesn't have them, he may have contacts that do. Aves Exoticos de Orozco, Jaime Orozco and Sra. Vicki Local # 1546 Mercado Libertad (San Juan de Dios) --- this would be the inner main floor courtyard Cel: 333 722 8890 333 181 7536
  14. Great! Will go on Wednesday in Ajijic. Did not want to walk all the way up if not available. Gracias
  15. In what part of the store?? Thankyou
  16. Depends on where you want to be, and how well-behaved your dogs are, and in some cases the size of the dogs. Better luck renting from a Mexican landlord, and not right in the middle of established areas (noise and nuisance factor for neighbors who could get you in hot water). Ixtlauhuacán, San Nicolas, and Santa Cruz are all good options.
  17. Good question, but you would be amazed at the number of people who rant and rail at people who want a purebred of a specific breed. So yes, in most cases adoption (yes there is a fee, but how else do you think these places cover their costs OP?) from a shelter is the way to go. But if you want a specific breed, that too is your right and should not be criticized as long as you do not patronize unethical breeders.
  18. Not sewing like I used to so out of touch. Is Velcro available here (by the yard or meter)? I only need 4 small bits (dark color) but would buy some to keep on hand. Otherwise will have to call a friend who is coming back from Canada soon, but prefer not to bother her. Gracias
  19. On the little bottle of McCormick Brand I bought years ago at the Surtidor de la Ribera (branches in Chapala and Ajijic -- each on main drags) it says Cremo Tártaro. The bottle is less than half the size of normal spice jars (holds 40 grams) so you might miss it. It's VERY fine --- I suspect making your own with baking soda etc. will yield a coarser product but no comment on how it might affect results. You could also try SuperLaura in SAT
  20. Totally agree! The work she does as housekeeper, on day(s) she comes, in totally separate from being housesitter and pet caregiver, plus she is taking time away from her own home where in all likelihood she would do necessary household chores for her family that she cannot do if she's at your house. Pay her $200 to $250 a night like any other housesit person. And be grateful you have someone who (1)knows your pets and (2) is proven to be trustworthy!
  21. Termite shell casings. If little guy is still in there, while thing moves and looks like tiny dark brown "worm" when comes out. If he's already moved on, will be "empty". These are not the huge winged type. They are nasty little buggers that tunnel into wood or cement with ease! Had a lot of them in house we cared for in Chula Vista. Takes VERY nasty stuff to exterminate them. When guy came to treat he removed wooden door framing ( which was ruined) and they had "eaten" huge amount of cement walls!!
  22. Well, we went on the Bucerias trip many years ago and liked it just fine. I have heard that maybe some of the food/ facilities are not quite as good any more (via friends who were the 5 years ago). Then I went with friends to Friendly in PV at Valentine's this year (6 nights, 7 days). I LOVED it! No need to wonder "where will we eat today / tonight", lots of variety in food (not necessary to make a pig of yourself), water activities (little kayaks, paddle boards, etc., ), plenty of programs each day (jazzercise, aquarobics, etc. Rooms are fine and service was friendly and accommodating to the nth degree. So it's all in the eye of the beholder.......... but I would have to vote for Friendly as I think they have a few more things on offer than Decameron.
  23. pappysmarket said "...When we lived in San Antonio, many years ago....." Apart from the fact that living in a carport is a pretty sad existence for a horse, you are not qualified to use San Antonio and "...very inexpensive place to live..." (as requested by OP) in the same sentence. Yes it is cheaper than Ajijic, but certainly would not qualify any more for OP's requirements!
  24. She'd best be checking out the towns east of Chapala on the way to Mezcala
  25. There is no such thing as a "current" exchange rate. It varies up and down during each day. For approx. values, look at sites like www.xe.com (which only gives "spot" rate), or www. oanda.com which can be altered to give spot, or 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 % differences to indicate credit card, ATM, etc. variances. Also, various banks and other ATM's will not necessarily be using the same rate at any given time.
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