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  1. According to more than one report on Guad news (tv) they are in process of changing the whole system .....again. So hang in there and wait for new rules etc. IF stopped by transito, tell them you know system is being changed and you are eager to comply ASAP. 😀
  2. Have to make a quick run -- only away 2 1/2 days. Thinking of taking my car and using one of those places along the side of the highway to NORTH of airport that say on their signs they have instant delivery to/pickup from airport as "should" be cheaper than cab to and from lakeside. Anyone have experience with one or more? If yes, did they actually take you there right away? How did you arrange pickup? Would you do it again? WHY?? IF negative, want to know that too! Gracias
  3. Well said Mudgirl. And Jonny..... you are a disrespectful little smart a** who, if you don't shape up your mouthy act, could find yourself invited to take your marbles and go play on ANOTHER web board!
  4. According to my Mexican landlord, who is also a lawyer, yes it DOES need to be in Spanish..... and why not use the same 2 witnesses you use for the English version if you want/need one? Also, the Spanish version should be certified by an official translator if either party is not a Spanish speaker. Why? Because the day there is a dispute over any part of the contract, ONLY the Spanish version is acceptable in a Mexican court. AND if the landlord is Mexican, he can tell the courts he did not realize what the English version says even if he speaks perfectly fluent English and he can get away with it! (I know of a contract drawn up by an English-speaking Mexican landlord in English only that, when it went to court, was tossed out because the landlord stood up and told the judge he did not understand what the document really said!) And there is little point waiting until you HAVE an issue to get a translated version, because you always run the risk of the other party saying "that's not what I meant it to say" when we originally did it.
  5. For MEXICAN plated cars, that's why you pay the Gastos Legales (extra) fee on your insurance. That provides the services of a lawyer to keep you out of jail among other things. Have never had a foreign-plated car here so no idea. But yes, there are still variables, so drive carefully and safely and hope you never have to find out!
  6. Veracruz is a state on the east side of Mexico, fronting on the Gulf of Mexico. The city of Veracruz is an important shipping port. Learn where you live, my friend!
  7. And if you've never been poor enough and uneducated enough to truly comprehend the risks, then I guess you should be thanking your lucky stars instead of coming down on those who are. Well said Rick S
  8. Agree Mercadolibre is great source. But you want the word "espejo".... not espego. Be very clear which side mirror you want (site is all Spanish) and only choose vendors with excellent ratings for supply/delivery.
  9. IF you use a clothesline for drying (as I have done here for 20 years) be sure to NOT hang 100% cotton sheets out in strong sun. This altitude/latitude combo eats them to shreds in less than 2 years! One clothesline option is dry them at night.....
  10. Jeweller Daniel Jackson Garcia buys gold 10K. and up, and sterling silver, at market price. The day you take it to him he calculates the amount of actual gold or silver your items contain (he knows how to do that), then calls the place he uses in Guad for market price, and tells you price for that day. If you agree, he takes the items, melts them down same day and gets them to Guad (price will change "tomorrow"), and receives the funds. You then make appt. with him to be paid. I have sold many gold items this way, plus 147 pces. of sterling silver (was better deal than trying to see as flatware!) thru' him and always found him to be honest and fair. For jewellery, if he feels he can sell it "as is" he will quote a price and a commission for same. Still in Ajijic above Papeleria Hidalgo. Call for appt. 766-2223
  11. The A.C. "Niños de Chapala y Ajijic" has a sponsoring program for students from Grade one thru' 12, and in some cases their students are lucky enough to have sponsors that will follow them thru' university. Not sure how you connected to "your" student, but I'm guessing they would be willing to share info and guidance on this matter. website: http://NCA.org.mx email: info@NCA.org.mx phone: 765-3032 (2 - 6 pm weekdays)
  12. Agree with Mtn Mama. Two of my aunts (sisters) were affected---- one after TWO ruptured cerebral aneurysms which caused major stroke / coma for 9 days when only 59, and the other who gently descended into dementia in her 70's. Stroke patient was pretty badly handicapped for the 10 years she lived, but regardless of speech and personality change problems that were part of the after-effects she never forgot persons, events etc. nor did she ever get confused. The other was pretty good for a while, then started to lose words, faces, events, names etc and often hallucinated about what was going on around her. In the last year she could not recognize herself in family pix let alone anyone else, altho' she always knew me and my cousin "in the flesh". So I strongly suspect your friend has developed some form of dementia and would suggest he gets evaluated if possible. Good luck!
  13. Agree with Xena. Fleas (and ticks) are NOT fun... especially here. Do you take "real" meds for your own health conditions or do you rely on home-made alternatives? Same goes for our pets.......
  14. CG said "... Okay, wait. So you're saying that now we have to vet the people who want to get a cat or save a kitten, in case they turn out to be "not liked by the cat"?..... And then he said "... Now I have been "gifted" this female calico, and she is a friendly, happy girl, ..." Dear CG -- you have a cat door. She could have left if she wanted to. But she did not, and she has immediately adjusted into your home. And you STILL don't believe that the cat has to like YOU??? Sure you do.... you have the evidence at hand! But believe me, especially with hormones surging in anticipation of her current heat situation, she would NOT have stayed with you if she didn't like you.... she'd have been off being the slutty little girl that all cats become when nature prevails! Thank you SO much for taking this girl into your home and your life. Your kitten and Callie thank you...ENJOY!!
  15. Well, I for one care a lot if in fact your kittens end up back on the streets or worse because they did not like the people you gave them to! And that's got nothing whatsoever to do with your so-called "cultural holding bin".
  16. So what's worse..... those pesky chemicals, or the (possible) flea allergy dermatitis many animals suffer from as little as ONE flea bite, the flea bites YOU will get, and the unavoidable tapeworms your dog will get from flea eggs deposited on its coat and ingested?
  17. Agree CG . Johnny, unlike dogs who love anyone anywhere anytime, a cat has to like the person or the adoption is a total failure. How many cats you have shoved in someone's face have actually lasted with them? Appreciate you trying to do good, and no doubt to a point you are, but don't trash the efforts of shelters and spay/neuter groups unless you've walked the walk.... for several years.
  18. Oh come on CG...... Is it black and dark orange and white; greyish and paler orange and white; gray and peach and white (recessive gene coloring); long haired; short haired; distinguishing marks (eg blaze right down middle of the nose on face)? Or is it what some British people call a calico that we Canadians and Americans usually call a tortoiseshell (black/ orange but NO white; grey/peach -- no white)? Kitty needs all the help SHE can get so go ahead, be a devil, and post a pic! 👿
  19. Thanks to all. Will look tomorrow. Actually need for unconventional use and for sure is ties, and not hose clamp in this situation. (No, it's nothing weird.....😮)
  20. Need to buy the strongest, hardest, or heaviest (not sure how they are defined) zip ties available. Any ideas why to find Lakeside? Thanks in advance.
  21. The machine is happy to take CASH
  22. On news a few days ago they said only "closed" days for recaudadora offices were Dec 25, Dec 31 and Jan 1. This was from Guad. Does it apply all over? Probably.......🤔 but it IS Mexico.....
  23. Would it not be a better idea to go right to the source (Hector Ladron) and learn from him, rather than mess around with self-tutorials that might put the cat in greater danger? Also he could evaluate whether your particular cat would benefit from same treatment that works for ladner's cat.
  24. Refer to the notes at top of this page re: Finding lost pets. Get those posters up NOW and be sure the biggest word in Spanish is RECOMPENSA (Reward). On your front door/gate, both ends of your street, and maybe even at the Plaza. A dog like that might tempt someone to keep him, but the $$$ usually win out in the end. And if kids see the posters, they will hunt high and low if there's a chance to get some pesos! Good luck!!
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