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  1. Not getting into this discussion except to note that the Dr. Hector in this post is in NO WAY connected to, nor is he, Dr. Hector Ladron of the Ladron Clinic.
  2. Visiting is one thing..... daily life there is quite another, according to two friends with actual experience. Maybe you could induce Alpha 1 to send you a PM? We lived in Chula Vista (not upper) for 3 years and it was excellent. Sun Fan is correct on all assessments..... except there are lots of cobbled roads FAR worse than CV!
  3. Probably depends a lot on the individual dog, and the causes of the condition. As I said, our aged Shepherd could only do about 40% of her normal routine and now she's rarin' to go. And I believe Just FX is only around $200 pesos at Costco (a member needs to confirm this) for 120 caps. Good luck Minnie, which ever way your parents decide to go!
  4. Soloajijic....... I SO understand your frustration with feral cats (especially non-castrated males). It's only one of many reasons my six cats live 24/7 indoors. Since you are relocating the one to a place where it is "expected" (and presumably provided with access to food, but more importantly water) then I applaud you. YOU are doing the responsible thing. But the telling point in your reply is ".......This is the 3rd set of two feral cats in 2 years......" . I have known of far too many cases where feral cats were relocated to "the hills" (certain death for them) or to another neighborhood....which no doubt already had its own feral population. The cats you mention came to your area because they got too old to stay in the primary social group where they were born, and they moved into that area because in one way or another "your" territory had become "available" to newcomers. In general, one solution to this problem is trap, spay/neuter, and release into same place. That way, they prevent newcomers from coming into "their" territory. And no reproduction means less ferals. So for all who are thinking of getting rid of ferals, please consider this viable option. It works on a HUGE scale in places like Portland, Oregon, and in many others as well.
  5. It also helps to put a blanket or something over the upper body and sides of the trap.... so the cat will enter and feel "safe" as opposed to seeing bars all around and wondering "what the heck is this anyway?" And PLEASE be sure to release the cat in the same neighborhood it was trapped. Cats are highly territorial, and know where the dangerous dogs, kids, etc. are plus the local food and water sources. Put them somewhere new, and they (1) have to fight off the cats who already LIVE in the "new" territory and will not want them there, and (2) have to sort out food, water, and dangers..... if they manage to live that long. Thank you for caring and trying to help this pair!
  6. If you had been here 20 plus years like I have, you would know that we have come a LONG way towards spay/neuter and education among Mexicans as to the "whys" and "hows". Years ago, you could not go a couple of blocks without seeing starving, mange-ridden dogs everywhere.... and even usually nocturnal (for safety) feral cats could be spotted scavenging food from time to time. So yes, those of us involved in animal activism have come a long way here... with further to go. We left Victoria (Canada) in the late 1990's. At that time, the local SPCA had been importing dogs from other parts of Canada for about 5 or 6 years because the local S/N programs were so successful there were LINEUPS for dogs. One Canadian airline even flew them at no cost from overpopulated parts of the country! So.... unless you've walked the walk, keep your criticism to yourself please.
  7. Yes, a LARGE deposit..... which in our experience you will almost be sure to never get back if it gets changed again. I suggest you leave well enough alone and use TelMex bill if you need proof of residence. We have done this with last 2 (rented) houses and since we keep the bills current, no problem for anyone. But take SAME DAY meter reading if you go this route.
  8. As usual JIT you jump in with NO knowledge of this lady's situation. "Balls" are usually OFF by the time the cat is 9 months old, for many reasons including the "one bad habit" you refer to. (If the cat were going to wander because he is not neutered, he would have done it long before now). And your cat dietary recommendations leave MUCH to be desired and are endangering your cats....you are obviously not capable of "cat counseling" so stay out of it. Yes, Adriana, follow all the things in the Finding Cats section. Also, go out at night after dark and quiet with a few kibble pellets in a metal dish. Shake the dish. Call the cat. Stand quietly and listen. Repeat several times. Take a flashlight and search every tiny crevice you can find, look behind every shrub, garbage can, etc. where a frightened cat could hide. Repeat every night. I have used these techniques, plus the signage, on several cats belonging to friends and in the end we were successful every time. Longest was one MONTH! Take heart! Good luck!
  9. Really... you actually ingest something from a hardware store? Braver than I, my friend! That said, your comment led me to to MercadoLibre, where one can get very good prices for "for sure" human grade consumption at better prices than Ladron's offers. So in a sideways way, I thank you. 🤔
  10. Yes.... OXXO. I never give my Canadian Credit card info to any site in Mexico (nor do I use in stores)..... very selective to those in U.S. as well. Have made lots of purchases on MercadoLibre, and every time I opt to pay at Oxxo. They will send you an email with a form to print and take with you to any Oxxo and as soon as your payment is processed (need to pay within 24 hours) your stuff will be on its way. (Yes, am Mexican citizen, but would never send IFE (INE) card info on internet to anyone. Nor would I get a Mexican bank's credit card.)
  11. Can't take glucosamine or chondroitin. So asking you again... if you found Ladron's price for pure MSM outrageous, where did you find a cheaper source? Gracias
  12. One cap per day for you and also for your dog. But I THINK the price for 120 caps is a lot less at CostCo than 600 pesos. Maybe someone you know could check it out?
  13. Out 13 1/2 yr old German Shepherd was getting really gimpy and "Just FX" (from CostCo) has given her a whole new life. 120 caps per bottle. (one per day) Don't know price as someone gets it for us.... but might be worth comparing.
  14. So where do YOU get it? Because I take it myself 2 x daily(and it works!) and have always gotten it at Ladron's.
  15. Can't answer Tonala.... but how large? The guys that set up most days on the carretera (rugs hanging from the tree branches etc. at top end of tianguis) will make any size rug you want, and can copy pretty much any design if they don't have what suits you. Rugs are made in Oaxaca but delivery time is really pretty good. I had one made about 4 years ago because needed very specific size/design and it came back exactly as ordered.
  16. Greenbury, it's apparent you have lost your precious pet. It's also apparent from your list of offerings you did everything you could and more to help. Condolences...... from one who is on the verge of losing 1 (with renal and other issues) of my 6 in the foreseeable future. Know your baby will be waiting for you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.🐱
  17. Cost last April: Surgeon, cardiologist, anesthetist with all related services: $40,000 pesos. Hospital with all related services, meds, use of OR etc (Tues nite to Sat noon) $41,000 pesos. Prosthesis (had to have ceramic/titanium due to metal allergies so MUCH more expensive than "normal") $90,000 pesos NOTE: These were prices for CASH and no factura required. No idea if/ how would affect other forms of payment /factura required Just had appt. with Dr. Huerta again (Feb 2019) ago because thought I needed other hip done. NOT! Diagnosed trochanteric bursitis (after tests) and am now on physio regimen with Dra. Justina (near Dental Express) and should solve with small effort. 😀 (He could easily have said "sure you need a hip" so pleased with his honesty in this situation)
  18. Go up to corner where the American flag is showing and change to Mexican flag. Do you have a Telmex landline here, or only a cell phone. Because you can call anywhere in Mexico for nothing with your landline.
  19. Right on Mtn Mama! Since you and I both have MANY years' experience in this area re: rescue etc. we DO know of which we speak.
  20. Don't have a pacemaker, and prosthetic hip is ceramic/titanium so no problem there. FYI Salud Digna has best price by far, but no appts. for a few days and minimum 4 hour wait for results. Two places over by the Basilica in Zapopan had great prices and better pick-up time but NOT willing to drive all that way! TOLSA has their MRI/CAT scan area being remodeled so cannot do these days. Chopo / CARE on Justo Sierra has better price than many others IF you have INAPAM card.
  21. Thanks to all. The condition is real and the MRI is definitely NOT a "go for the bucks" situation. Need it now. Know places in Guad but was hoping to avoid 2 trips.... one for the MRI and getting results, and another for going back to trustworthy surgeon. Sigh...... making appt. right away.
  22. I know this has been discussed before, but after long, hot day in Guad too tired to search. Can one get an MRI out here? Approx cost? (left hip) Gracias
  23. Part of the story reports: ".....After the victims were rescued, Greenwood said they went to a Barrie and Area Victim Services centre, where they were offered hot showers, food and clothing, and given medical assessments. Interpreters were made available, she said. "I am pleased to announce that all of the victims have been offered employment and accommodations at a local resort," she said.... ... Barnum added the workers are now here legally. ....." Very proud that Canada took that option, rather than shunting them on to a bus and sending them packing!
  24. Also good to know even if a little more $$ --- faster and easier for sure. IS that a current price?
  25. "There" as in which place specifically..... there are several. Good to know it worked out.
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