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  1. Me too.... but in my case would be a cat... or 2... or more
  2. Care for dementia patients does NOT cost more here than for similar care in the north, unless said person can fit into "low income" NOB categories AND can outlast the very long wait-list for those places. That said, your friend might need someone experienced from NOB to intercede in this case, because any care home worth being in cannot afford to keep an individual with dementia if that's all income the person has.
  3. José Luis (El Vaquero) in San Antonio has made screen doors for us in 3 different houses with 2 different types of screens. Excellent work and not a bug in the house... ever. Please pm me for more details. Call him (pasable English) 333-465 5175
  4. And nobody besides me wonders why you NEED a revolver... never mind the quick-draw holster????
  5. yes... I meant a whatsapp message (he can read when he wants to) OR a whatsapp voice message that he can open and listen to, again at his option
  6. Me either but you might have a friend who does, and could search on your behalf? Apparently there is also a Wanted/For Sale/ Rental/ and one more ?? on TOB.
  7. He was at my house Sept 2 and said he's been really really busy. When he first ever came here he gave cell no. and email, but also said "Best way to reach me is on messenger or whatsapp." (Dummy me---- don't know what or how to use messenger.) He also has a FB page: Rich Richie OR RichInMexico (don't do FB either). Have you tried whatsapp? He did tell me if he's busy with a client he doesn't answer the phone (how polite and considerate) but you could try a whatsapp message OR a whatsapp voice call??. Good luck with one or more of these if you didn't already have all.
  8. Taken directly from Amazon U.S. order... technical details MY MODEL: ****************************************************************************************************** System Requirements: High definition television with available high-speed HDMI input, high-speed internet connection via WI-FI TV Compatibility: TV must support minimum HDCP requirements for protected content playback. Compatible with 1) 4K ultra high-definition TVs with HDMI capable of 2160p at 24/25/30/50/60 Hz and HDCP 2.2 or 2) high-definition TVs with HDMI capable of 1080p or 720p at 50/60 Hz. ******************************************************************************************************* You will note HDMI and WI-FI specified. And at no place elsewhere in these specs does it offer the option of using ethernet. And with this info....I'm DONE here.
  9. You would likely be mistaken. Rich has been THE go-to guy for FIresticks around here for a while and has a solid reputation. (Something I can't say for Gadget Guy IMO ) MY FIrestick instructions specifically say to use HDM1 WIFI.... with or without extender. Can't speak to yours. Is being so constantly contentious in your genes or???
  10. Ken, if you "do" Facebook try that. Apparently several lakeside-area locations/groups within re: Ajijic rentals.
  11. When my install was done, the Installer who came was bilingual (sort of......). He wrote his cellphone number on the box and said "call ME if you have any problems. Well, I wasn't all that fussy about his attitude so instead, when I wanted my 2nd TV installed after all, I did a request on line with MiCuenta. And who showed up at the door.? ..... same guy LOL LOL LOL (we've now resolved our differences I think). Conclusion (?) IF Luis is an installer, he might have to go thru' office for OS (ordén de servicio) but that's what I had done, and it still kicked back to Uzziel. If Luis is a sales guy, then yes... he should be able to help. At least that's my present (ever-changing) understanding of this whole system
  12. (1) Yes... FIRESTICKS specifically. That's what he said the day he installed mine and I had the ethernet cable right there, expecting that's what he was going to use. He declined that option. (2) NO... he has never avoided any question I throw at him and is always more than patient as he explains stuff. (3) You would have to ask Rich the basis for his comment / belief. When I asked for his input before gettng TP he told me 100 mgb was what he has in his own house to be sure FS via wifi is the best he can get. But he also said he has clients with 40 and it was working for them so I could go ahead and start with that. AFTER TP install, he came to fix a few FS glitches ...... still never a mention of changing to direct connection. (4) My ethernet Cat 6 cable was practically brand new, well placed and protected, and NOT damaged in any way.
  13. Not wanting to argue .... but as I've stressed many times before, NOT a techie.... so must trust those who are. I had an android box and yes, worked better (until it croaked) with ethernet connection than wifi. But when I first got the Firestick it was Rich aka Mr. Firestick (and one other) who both told me NOT to use that same ethernet cable for the Firestick. In those days we still had Telmex, with lousy download speed where we live. FIrestick via wifi worked well but buffering had gotten worse recently, provoking the change to TotalPlay for their faster speed....... because more speed NOT available to us from Telmex for any price. But hey..... what do I know?
  14. Well perhaps it boils down to what's supporting your ethernet cable. Telmex lousy wifi speed (depending if you can get better service from them where you live)., or better source by other means?
  15. Dog walking Wife: "Where did you take the dog yesterday when you went out with your drinking buddies?" Husband: "The regular places.... why?" Wife: "She's acting different...."
  16. My bad. I assumed (wrongly?) that OP already had an account. But will say this.... the day they install you pay the installer up front, and from that moment forward you CAN create an account tho' I needed a lot of hand holding to do it.🤣
  17. Who said anything about needing the latest version? Some tech friends say the older one is better. Ethernet was how we used our old Android box. But Rich (and one more) said NOT to go that route as FS works better on wifi. Glad to see you're still your usual snarky & judgmental self. 🤣.Easy for some is not possible in this lifetime for others. AND FYI Rich does a LOT more than simply load what you want onto the Firestick. But since you're so much smarter than the rest of us, you don't need to know.
  18. then sign in to "MiCuenta" and elect for an on-line chat.... available in English at your option. I've used it a lot in the last 3 weeks and find it invaluable.
  19. We recently changed to TotalPlay fibre optic line from Telmex land line (we owned it), internet/wifi (for MUCH faster, better speed), and basic mexican channels (for Guad news only). We DO own a Firestick for all the channels and more than you are getting from Shaw. Another solution is to upgrade to their English channels... something we didn't need.... but a friend has that. While you can't import the Firestick model required (Mexico won't allow Amazon to ship) , Rich Guarino (THE firestick guy) often has some to sell. And he will do all the setup needed for that portion and teach you to use it for a MOST reasonable price. TotalPlay does all the rest. The process was pretty mind-boggling for me ( SO not a tech person) but after 2 weeks had my head well wrapped around it and after 3 am totally sold. NO buffering with 40 mgb but 100 and more are available if wanted. You can opt for any or all of the services mentioned. If you send me a pm with email address I'll send you 2 1/2 pages I put together for me and others re: same.
  20. Talk directly to whichever bus lines you are considering. I doubt they will allow her inside, but that's the only way for you to be sure.
  21. More Liana NICE to see you back! You haven't been around lately and I've been wondering and hoping you were OK. Saludos from my cats to your cats. 😻 I know this is not on topic.... so to those who "care"... shoot me!
  22. Yes, you are. In the sense that they DID meet in person until pandemic rules took over. Being the professional person that she is, Valerie would have changed the manner in which meetings are conducted until such time as person to person meetings are once again considered safe for all.
  23. Not everyone has the budget for, nor your confidence in, SAT hospital..... not in their surgeon either.
  24. As you already know, from previous pm's, I have ceramic-titanium because metal allergy would not tolerate stainless steel. And yes, you can have MRI with this one (have done so). They also come in pure ceramic, but are the most expensive of all, and my surgeon and I agreed not worth the extra cost. Can't speculate on that particular branch of Cruz Verde. DO know that a Mexican friend needed care after severe accident (hit by drunk driver) and went 3 times for appt. at one of their locations (can't remember which one) , only to wait a long time and find out doctor was not coming that day. HOPE this doesn't happen to you! Good luck!
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