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  1. Go to the medical appliances store on the carretera OR call Sra. Lidia (she is involved in that store). If they don't have one they will be able to tell you where to look. I have seen them for sale in Plaza de Torres in Guad, but that was quite a few years ago so would not want to send you on a wild goose chase in case store no longer there. Her cell is 333 156 9080
  2. Nope.... no luck. BUT now have info on a guy who can make new keys for any vehicle even when you don't have one to copy!! --- and he did it in an hour...... your choice with or without the fob thing that unlocks the door automatically (Yes, we only ever had the one key.......) STILL would really like to get these keys back if anyone comes across a wad of them.
  3. Lost this morning. Large bunch of keys (no I.D.) including Ford vehicle key (black) and one key on small red plastic tag immediately beside that one. Approx. 12 in all. MOST LIKELY somewhere along Privada de la Paz or else near the Oxxo on carrereta across from Century 21 Chula Vista real estate office. REALLY need these back if at all possible! Any help most appreciated. Telmex land line 766-3580 GRACIAS!
  4. 🤗🤗🤗 Yes, to all.
  5. Don't think so. Easter lily is Lilium longiflorum and blooms in a different manner than many other "white" (and other colored) lilies 🧐
  6. KG.... that's a good option, better than Whiskas Kitten, and the only viable one (cost) for shelter numbers. But if you can manage a little more pricewise, you will have a healthier cat in the long run. Virbac kitten would be at the top of my list (have used it for 3), but Science Diet, Eukanuba or Royal Canin are other options--- all in kitten formulas. And yes, a little Felix canned as well.... but always remember it's a "treat" and an incentive to eat, but because of high water content does not provide adequate nutrition relative to tummy size (therefore food capacity per feeding) that dry food does. And I hope you know..... NEVER cow's milk! (Cat's can't digest it properly) Always clean, fresh bottled water, with dish washed and changed daily. Enjoy your baby!!
  7. Lilies don't grow from cuttings. They are bulbs. Google for info on growing, propagating etc. VERY important they are planted at correct depth or will never flower!
  8. In most cases, yes to that.... UNLESS the senior has a younger family member willing, able, and prepared to take in the dog or cat when they are gone. Two people in their 80's near us wanted a new dog after losing their old pet. Ended up with a 4 month puppy (tried to dissuade) but they assured me family would step in. Best thing that could have happened for all. Man is out daily walking their SPOILED baby, and mom takes here everywhere for car rides etc. and all three are a happy, happy family.So sometimes there are exceptions.
  9. Pink ones in photo are Asiatic lilies. These also come in "almost" pure white ---- long stems you see in tianguis and flower shops. Orange look like what we know as Tiger Lilies, but should not be in season right now so?? Cedros, can't you make the "white" Asiatics do?
  10. No pain??? Trust me.... that is NOT true for most. Had my first one without sedation because I mistakenly drank a glass of water 4 hours before the procedure and docs (Tolsa Lab in Guad) refused to proceed unless no sedation. NEVER again!! Same thing done at Tolsa again with sedation.... simple. Prep was worse than the procedure!
  11. If you have the time to wait just a little for an appointment, and have some Spanish, there are several Salud Digna locations in Guad and the cost will be MUCH less than anywhere else. Perfectly good equipment and discounts if you are over 60 (65??) and same-day results.
  12. If you renew at Plaza de Torres in Guad they have a payment desk right there as part of their set-up . And IF, as has happened on occasion, that section is closed, there is a bank in the next block where they send you with the payment slip. There, you can pay at the ATM with cash.
  13. bontepar said: Have some foresight, Get IMSS when you are healthy, like I did, and you will not have any problems, It's apparent you don't KNOW Mexico. Do you really think it's that easy for many Mexicans to pay for IMSS? Do you understand that IMSS requires the entire family to be registered, each at a cost per person depending on age, and perhaps that is more than the family can afford? Do you understand that if a worker is registered in his employment, monthly payments come off their paycheck end the employer pays the premiums, but if a private family registers they have to pay annually like we do and that can be WAY out of their budget? ( In this case the family has IMSS but as Jackie says, there are still many outside costs involved) Do you know that SP requires payment for many medications AND many services if outside the ordinary range of circumstances, so while it is "free" and provides for essentials, it is not "free" in the sense you intimate. A Mexican friend recently needed surgery to repair severe knee injury and was quoted $4,000 pesos over and above the "free" part of SP even though he was a member! So I'm sorry bontepar, but your arrogant attitude towards this situation is unwarranted and does not bode well for your integration into Mexico.
  14. Me too.... except since I answer phone with "bueno", caller answered me in perfect Spanish and started with the same "don't you recognize my voice?" etc. stuff. Must be the season.........
  15. Very true "kg"..... and please remember.... dogs will like everyone but cats CHOOSE. So if the kitty(ies) you are considering warm up to you, that's a good sign. If they show no interest in you, they are NOT ever going to really want to be "your" cat. Best of luck!
  16. Greenbury..... have a friend (big into animal rescue) who just notified me she has 3 or 4 (pix are a little confusing) available.... and they look GREAT! Two are not Siamese types. One ?? and IF I'm seeing a 4th, I think that would be the most likely one. She would be happy to send you pix via WhatsApp if you have that app on your phone. Or else you can figure out something else. She lives in San Antonio. Please call Cristina at 331 449 3909. She's expecting to hear from you.
  17. Mtn Mama I know you know to tell her to get posters up all over..... and of course, as usual, RECOMPENSA being the biggest, boldest word. Also, be sure to put one in Ladron's clinic becasue it's in the neighborhood. Best of luck for Gizmo.
  18. Yes..... bats for sure. Take the feeders down at dusk, or only make enough to last until late afternoon. In this heat, the sugar/water starts to ferment very quickly anyway, and makes the hummers sick (vet advice). And soon the Orioles will return, and they will drain during the day...
  19. Make the effort to do it on time. New heavy fines in place for expired license, and out here foreigners are always a target, Plaza de Torres in Guad is a good place to go and is easy to access...... right off Lazaro Cardenas at 8 de julio exit (same one as for IMSS Hospital).
  20. BAD move to expect anyone ----- contract cleaners (like Spring Clean) or private ladies----- to (1) show up regularly when nobody is there to check, and (2) not succumb to temptation when they KNOW you are going to be gone for XXX weeks or months at a time. NOT saying any are bad people. Saying doesn't mater what you have or don't have, it's so much more than they do that even the best person could slip a little.... or mention that you're away..... or.... or .... or (1) Follow Lily H's advice and simply don't clean while you're gone. (2) Be sure to arrange a trusted person to go into the house at least once a week (not always same day or time) to check around, be sure all is OK, and make arrangements if, for example, a water pipe has burst, a window is broken, or worse..... The bad guys KNOW when a house is unoccupied for longish periods. So be a pro-active in this department! You won't be "in Kansas" any more. And then enjoy your traveling. 😀
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