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  1. You nailed it Zerbit! If people had not flocked here in droves, there would be no demand....... nor would there be a lot of the other "aggravations" that come with more density, more affluent foreigners (and some tapatios) to pay for higher-priced, fancier "everything. And for those quoting prices from 20 years ago, give or take, who do you think you're fooling other than yourselves? Don't like what this side of the lake has become? Then go to the south shore! I can assure you there is lots of quiet, lots of Mexican flavor, and an undisturbed atmosphere of going back in time. Don't, however, expect much in the way on the conveniences that are taken for granted on this side.........
  2. Why do you care whose name it is in? All CFE cares is that the bills are paid. And be aware that when you Do change the name on the account, a hefty fee (they call it a security deposit) accompanies same. That's why many of us (renters) change the Telmex bill and leave the CFE bill alone. Because believe me, getting that security deposit back if you leave that property, or are making a change for ?? reason, is next to impossible even though the next named person will also pay!
  3. As well as the reformer pilates adjacent (and part of) Drishti, there are floor pilates classes in the main center as well. Mon 10:30-11:30 a.m. All levels Fri 9-10 All levels 10:15 - 11:15 Basic. I do the Monday 10:30 and Fri 10:15, as well as 4 yoga classes each week, and will be happy to pass on my experiences with this well-trained and all totally certified group of instructors. There are various payment methods, up to and including one year prepaid with unlimited access to as many classes a week as you can handle. Look at the web site for more info.
  4. Drishti Center in San Antonio Tlay. offers pilates both on beds and on the floor. Also full range of yoga classes from gentle to very advanced. EXCELLENT instructors! Located just above the intersection (with traffic light) at San Jose on the carretera. Go up hill (towards entrance to El Parque) and you will see it on your left side. Or check out the web site www. drishticenter.com
  5. Word of warning to those who do their annual IMSS renewals themselves. Arrived today to learn that "because we have a new computer system in place this year, we require BOTH you and your husband to be present so we can take your pictures". Of course, he was not with me. Of course, I had just driven 1 1/2 hours in mostly rain, and did NOT want this obstacle! Also, had more chores to do in Guad after this one. The following conversation ensured: Me: Nobody in Chapala clinic told me about this. Why can't you use the photo on his tarjeton or else on his IFE? Him: We require a photo with no encumbrance -- like the hologram in the IFE, or the staple that is holding his photo in place in the tarjeton. Me: (smiling and polite) But that is a SERIOUS inconvenience for me --- how am I supposed to know this in advance? And do you expect me to go back to Chapala, find him, and return? Besides (holding up my cane) I am partially disabled and this makes it harder. Him: Why don't you take out your cell phone and show me his picture from there? Me: I don't HAVE a cell phone! Him: (incredulous look on his face) Is there a way you can contact him to HE can send ME his photo from HIS cell phone? Me: He doesn't have a cell phone either! We are OLD not technologically savvy! Besides, he's at work. That's why I'm the "titular".... because he is not free to drop everything and come to Guad. This conversation goes back and forth a while longer, until he realizes this polite, smiling, agreeable but apparently determined lady is NOT going away any time soon. So he finally caves, takes MY picture, takes one (I guess he manages to ignore the staple) of hubby's tarjeton, and we proceed to finalize the procedure! (Does he want a photo of hubby NEXT year? NO. This is the only time they will need it....... for now ) Of course, fluent Spanish and long-time familiarity with the system helps. But be sure if you don't both go, the bearer has a cell phone or actual photo to present---- and expect a little fuss about it first! (No idea how facilitators handle this issue.)
  6. We are in our third rental house in nearly 19 years. Two Mexican landlords (rented direct) and one as a favor to US friends. NEVER have had a problem --- up to 6 cats (presently 5) and 4 dogs. I know several people who have rented direct from Mexicans, and every one of them has pets. Apartment might be another story.
  7. Using another's computer and it hates me so "lost" your Ginger plight. Hope this helps you (and anyone else). This works best from Day One, but worth starting over and see what happens. Yes. it's a bit of work, but usually the results are worth it. (1) Put new cat in separate room with food, water, litter box etc. CLOSE the door and keep closed. (2) Rub and old sock or whatever all over the new cat. Take it out and rub all over present cat. Take another sock and do this process in reverse, thereby transferring odors. Repeat a few times a day while keeping cats apart. (3) Feed both cats close to the door, but keeping the door closed as a barrier to them. They can hear and smell the other, but are getting used to the idea that new cat is not a competitor for food. (4) Pay LOTS of attention to present cat during/after feeding. Of course, go inside room from time to time and ay attention to new cat, but always keeping door closed. Do NOT do this at feeding time. (5) After a few days, crack the door while feeding so they can see each other a little bit, but be ready to close door if problems arise. This would include screaming, really aggressive spitting, fluffing out of tail etc. Ordinary hissing is a positive sign if the others are not happening. (6) Continue the odor-interchange. Now open the door a crack without food present, and see what happens. If hissing is the WORST that happens, you might be ready to open the door and stand back. (Broom used to gently separate might be advisable, using a gentle brushing-aside motion.) (7) Success? Close the door again and repeat later. Do this a few times, then the leave the door open and see if this has worked. (8) IF new cat is now permitted by present cat to be in the general living spaces, continue to fuss lavishly over present cat and ignore new cat. Make new cat earn the right to its place in the pecking order. Then you can integrate it fully. (You can always pay attention in the meantime when present cat is not around!) I know this is time-consuming, but will be worth it in the end unless these two are just not destined to be together. But it is usually very successful. GOOD LUCK!
  8. all I meant was deporting of illegals works both ways.......
  9. I guess I don't understand........ the U.S. is deporting Mexicans in droves, sometimes breaking up families, due to their illegal status, and you seem to think Mexico is behaving oddly by doing the same thing?
  10. Denise, with all due respect, you have NO idea how many more puppies and kittens are born every day here than homes exist. And that's NOTHING compared to how it was 20 years ago before S/N really got into gear. If you are so outraged, after you pick up those pups, perhaps you'd like to drive out to Anita's and take on the 50-plus cats and kittens that will be put down because there are no homes for them either........ (and yes, we have 5 cats and 4 dogs, all rescues, and our inn is full) Euthanasia is never a nice prospect, but it beats the alternatives in many cases.
  11. Sandrita, suggest you google this drug. I read the webmd page at length. There are also several others to read. It should answer some of your questions for and against. Good luck!
  12. Yes, they do.... but mysteriously they do NOT fly direct to Vancouver in the summer.... only to Calgary (and maybe Edmonton). Would have gone that route but diverting to Calgary first made way too long a trip overall.
  13. Peter, surely you know the exchange rate has nothing whatsoever to do with the spot rate.... there is usually a 2 - 3% spread each way (or more) depending on who is doing the processing.
  14. I contacted them, and they replied very quickly. NO bookings are accepted from this side. Only flights originating from /returning to Canada. Oh well..... nice idea while it lasted!
  15. Felicidades, Barbara! from one Mx cuidadana to another! And I'm sure Fred is right when he says things change all the time. It was a very different ball game 12 years ago when we started, and would not have a clue how to begin now.
  16. What is Sunwing? Wish I had known this before I made reservations for upcoming trip to BC!
  17. She didn't say the cat would be unaccompanied. She asked for someone to bring him with them. And since she's here and the cat is in Canada, driving is not an option in her case! Also please note she's already tried several times locally and has not found the cat she wants. Please try to stay on topic!
  18. I recently purchased tickets on Alaska GDL to Canada and back. No baggage fee for first checked bag when I booked. Then I read about "airlines tagging on extras" on Yahoo and went back to Alaska site. Sure enough, shows $25 for first bag. WHAT??? On further checking, discovered no fee for first checked bag to - from Guadalajara. So I guess Alaska took it seriously when this new rule was put in last April by Mx government.
  19. Why take chances? Hector Ladron has the knowledge, the expertise, and the necessary equipment if needed. Hidalgo 210 in Riberas, next to LFA pet store and cat shelter.
  20. Curious about this new place. Anyone tried it? Would you go back? Gracias
  21. Have had incidents in the long-ago past when suddenly CFE bill spiked. Took a reading, went to Chapala, talked with the staff, and got great co-operation and reduction in charges each time. (Also took 6 prior bills -- one year --to prove not our "pattern" even tho' I knew they had the records.) After third time on the same meter, they sent someone out to check, and found that a neighbor was wired in.......somehow managing to get all power charged to us. They did a total reversal of all extra charges, plus fined the thief!
  22. I had a large piece made to cover three of our outdoor clotheslines. Bought the fabric at the hardware store one block EAST of the traffic lights at the main intersection in Chapala (the orange building on the corner). They had it made up exactly to my specs, including putting in grommets (for tying down on three sides), in a very short period of time and it's an excellent job. Has been up for 4 years and is just like new -- no tears in (required) seams due to size, grommets in place, etc. -- even with heavy winds from time to time.
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