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  1. (1) As long as your aunt is sufficiently "with it" to grant P of A, then yes, you will need to get one with a Mexican notary. Get a health care directive at the same time, so you don't hit roadblocks if medical decisions have to be made when she cannot speak for herself, by reason of being mentally incompetent OR too out of it to give directions as to her wishes. (2) If she has no Mexican hard assets (eg real estate) she has no need for a Mexican will. IF there is any reason (US bank account, other NOB assets etc) her existing American will applies to those. IF you for any reason open a Mexican bank account for her (can't imagine why, but that's your business) make sure you make it a JOINT with right of survivor. That way you can access the account at any time. (If she made you "beneficiary" on the account, you could only access it after you presented a death certificate.) (3) I know of more than one person who, after ending up in assisted living (was trustee for one), simply "fell off the (immigration) radar once they were ensconced. It was known by family that the people I am speaking of would be there until they passed on. They would never be in a situation where anyone would ask for a passport or other documents, so nothing was ever renewed. NOT making a recommendation here..... just telling you I know it happens.
  2. OK, so last month I got the "servicios especiales" 49.50 pesos charge (many have had it before me) and went in and dealt with that. Yesterday, THIS month's bill comes, and lo and behold there's a new mystery charge -- $150 pesos for "tiendas telmex"....?? Turns out Telmex was hacked, and many accounts had cell phone charges put onto their phone bill (including ours). Please note that if you take your bill and talk to them before you pay, they can reverse the charge right then and there. She will write the amount you should pay on the front of your bill, which you can present to the cashier. I asked for (and received) a reference number as well, in case something is not correct next time around. And yes, the man beside me waiting in line was there to present his bill with the 49.50 "servicios especiales" added that he got this month, so continue to be vigilant boys and girls!
  3. I bought an Epson L355 on Mercado Libre 3 years ago. (Pay via Oxxo). Yes, it's more money. And yes, you MUST run the COLOR "test pattern" once a week to ensure the nozzles stay unclogged (learned that the hard way). But I do quite a lot of printing, and have yet to refill the black tank (specs say it does 4,000 black copies before refill) and then it will be simply buying a little bottle of ink to pour into the side tank. It has been excellent, does great copies, and foolproof. I feel it's definitely worth the extra money. (And yes, we always had HP before).
  4. Most likely a Brazilian Fila. Check this breed out before you make a hasty decision .... great dogs for th right person, but have some behavioral issues not all can handle safely.
  5. Yes -- in some cases, lots of it! There's a list at Chapala clinic with fee per person based on age(archivo office) . I think the fees were also posted somewhere on this board earlier this year, but if you're as bad as I am about finding stuff here, just as easy to go over there to check.
  6. Totally agree. Completely impossible to predict very far in advance what/where will be available, and even in "high" season there are always long term rentals. And most Mex landlords will not care a hoot if you have a dog.... or more. More important you look around at various neighborhoods etc. before you make a costly mistake!
  7. No visit to local clinic required. Take copies of all last year's stuff (payment info etc.), current tarjeton(es), plus current proof of address, CURP numbers, and original plus copies of ID's (we're Mexicans, so used INE cards). You would bring Permanente or Passport. Also bring PHOTOS or else take plain, full frontal pix with your cell phone of every person covered so you can present at desk!!!!! They are entering these into the Guad computers due to a new program, and will not accept photos off ID or with any marks --- staples, etc.(This is where I got in hot water, since nobody in Chapala clinic told me to do that, and we don't HAVE cell phones that take pix!! Yes, I talked my way out of it, but am pretty skilled in dealing with bureaucracy here, and fluent in Spanish) They will do the new paperwork right there that used to happen in Chapala clinic. Just be sure you go over it carefully before you sign, in case of errors that become a nightmare to correct later. Easy-peasy.
  8. To be a little more specific about the San Antonio location........ they are one block west of the plaza (1/2 block west of Mario's) on Ramon Corona, lake side. Building is one in from the corner with San Jose, so can be approached from the highway (turning down San Jose), the plaza, or even via Camino Real in La Floresta, which becomes Ramon Corona as you enter S.A. Reminder Ramon Corona is a 2-way street, with all parking on uphill side. There is a recessed "patio" to the building they are in, and is painted bright yellow so you can't miss it. Guys told me today they are not getting the traffic they'd hoped for, so maybe this might help?
  9. While we're on the topic..... MANY streets in Ajijic, Chapala, and San Antonio (etc.) are ONE-WAY. There are arrows on buildings at intersection corners indicating same. Try and respect them! Many times, there is simply no room for cars driving "against the grain". And if you are to east edge of SuperLake (at the traffic light), the street at that right angle is a one- way UP. So those who persist in turning off at that corner and then getting on to the "lateral" /parking strip are actually breaking the rules. If you cause an accident because someone is coming up that hill, you are at fault! (Can't count the number of times I've nearly been hit there while waiting for the light to change.) Also, the laterals on the sides of the carretera are ONE-WAY. Mountain side go with the traffic flow east to west. Lake side the opposite.
  10. Laboratorios Tolsa in Guad. Corner of Niños Heroes and Enrique Diaz de Leon. Will give a discount if you have INAPAM card. 01-33-3825-1977 / 7282 for appointment.
  11. You don't! Because they cost a fortune. So you get around that by using Skype!!
  12. ....and his uncle Antonio Ladron is an orthopedic surgeon specialist. Antonio's father (Hector's grandfather) founded the U of G vet school, and was Dean until his death in an accident in Spain, so you know the family have been at this for a very long and competent time!
  13. Hotel Italo right in the heart of Ajijic will offer weekly or monthly rates, and has kitchen units if wanted. Not fancy, but good basic accommodation. NOISY when things are happening in the plaza, but a good intro to the local culture! Easy bus access too. I knew a Canadian lady (now deceased) who lived there as her "home" for years! Also google hotels in Ajijc --- forget the name of one across from Lake Chapala Society, but suspect you'd get a reasonable monthly rate from them too if you check early.
  14. Me too, please..... happy it's not true, but did not know how to double-check. Gracias.
  15. And for those who do not read Spanish, Ariel was the first search and rescue dog to die under a falling slab of concrete while performing his duties in the earthquake zone in Mexico City this week, after having saved at least 13 lives. Yes, Rest in Peace, noble one.
  16. THANK YOU tomgates for getting back to the subject at hand and answering the question that was asked. I'm sure if OP wanted take-out etc. options, that would have been the direction her query would have taken!
  17. Well, Ashley, surely thanks are in order to cafemediterraneo for doing the post. But at the same time, surely the BIGGEST thanks goes to the honest garbage collectors...... and a nice monetary reward would be in order.
  18. If the TelMex bill can be in your name, then don't bother changing the CFE bill. The latter will charge you a big deposit and good luck in ever getting it back! Our current rental has a CFE bill that goes back two tenants before us, and neither we nor the landlord could care less. Telmex, on the other hand, will not charge a deposit, and if your landlord agrees (or if you have purchased the property) simply go in there with ID and former bill and they will help you in English. And this will serve as "proof of address" for all things.
  19. Too simplified Geezer.... and leaves out huge variety of products that I, among others, buy there. Also, you are not entirely correct about the produce. In general, it's grouped, but you can find it mixed in with other things over and over as you traverse all 14 blocks (long) and 4-5 blocks wide. Kitchen dry goods (cereals, rice, beans, spices etc.) are on the main drag at Calles 3 and 4, but also on Mandarina around 12, and inside the parking area east of Calle 7 (best place IMO). For example, on Calle Mandarina, between Calles 12 and 13 on ONE side of the street there are candies, pet food and accessories, dry goods (bean, rice, some spices etc.), fresh veggies, and a hole-in-the-wall place to grab a bite to eat -- and this is a very short block! Calle 13 on the other hand is a very long and wide block, and the variety of products on both sides of this street is too numerous to mention (or remember off the top of my head!) Then you come to pet foods -- incredible variety and location of places, depending on brand lines but also mixed in willly-nilly with other items. And this does not begin to cover non-edibles, etc. Take a trip (or more) in there. Park somewhere you are comfortable with and walk a few streets. Do it again on others. Make notes. In time you will figure out what works for you.
  20. Thank you. Uninstalling right now!
  21. So.... I forget. Does Vista pre-date or come after Windows 7 (which is what I have)? Need to know so I can uninstall CC if needed. Gracias.
  22. Come here, enjoy, and have a GOOD look around at many different areas / neighborhoods / available services etc. The biggest mistake a lot of people make is not checking these things out. Then before you know it you're tied to noisy (at might) neighbors, or spotty garbage pickup, off-and-on water (from the street source), or...... the list goes on and on!
  23. MAJOR quake affecting Mexico City, Mexico State, Puebla and Morelos. 77 dead and counting. Ironically, today is the 32nd anniversary of the major quake that flattened Mexico City in 1985. They felt it in Ciudad Guzman here in Jalisco, and a few places in Guad were evacuated (U of G etc.) but pretty far from the epicenter to notice here.
  24. MAJOR quake affecting Mexico City, Mexico State, Puebla and Morelos. 77 dead and counting. Ironically, today is the 32nd anniversary of the major quake that flattened Mexico City in 1985.
  25. Peter, why not check in Victoria? It's a quick hop via Horizon if you can find one there.
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