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  1. Guess if it were me, my next move would be to march into Immigration here in Chapala on TUESDAY (Monday being a holiday) and talk to them. Great info, by the way!
  2. I didn't say computer equipment..... I said computer battery ..... the kind they have in laptops.
  3. When in doubt ( computer battery, etc.) take to Ecology Dept. (upstairs) at Chapala City Hall. They take light bulbs too.
  4. Canadian passport photos are a different size than U.S. ones........ and have been required from a studio for many years. We've always used Studio Zaragoza on Lopez Cotilla 290 and always have been happy with results/service.
  5. That's a good start. Also, there is a local office of "Sindicato ConfederaciĆ³n de Trabajadores" in Chapala. I don't know how to reach them, but pretty sure she can get the answer at City Hall, and they will certainly do right by her.
  6. I think I bought mine at Steren.... across from Walmart.
  7. If you have the $389 package, you WILL be charged..... which is where Skype comes in handy
  8. Not exactly Ajijic, but the Drishti Center offers various types/levels of Yoga 6 days a week, from morning to evening (plus some Pilates). Excellent instructors and marvelous facility. At traffic light between Coca Cola and SuperLake , turn uphill as if going to El Parque. Doors are directly across from side portion of Cafe Negro (and are closed during class- in- session times).
  9. While what you've said is true, I guess you haven't been around HERE lately, with the rash of poisonings that have happened over the past several weeks. There is definitely a SICK person out there...... evidence mounting, but so far not caught. Last I heard reward for capture was up to $15,000 pesos, but it could be more by now.
  10. No, not useful as ID. BUT..... 5% off drugs at Walmart (?others?). Up to 20% (in my experience) at different labs and other medical facilities (MRI, CAT scan, etc) here and in city. Might also apply to TAR airline --- I forget! There are more things in the booklet, but these and the bus fares are probably the best.
  11. If you haven't found him, you'd better check Ellie's house in Villa Nova, and also the one in Chapala. Those are the two places he would feel safe.
  12. Have you tried Lidia's care service? I know several who use/have used her and are very satisfied. cell 333-156-9080 She has people with a wide range of talents / abilities. Also might check with Becky Arredondo --- she does a lot of other things for people, and may have a line on some qualified care people. cell 331-251-1907 Good luck!
  13. Can't place it. Mountain side or lake side of the carretera? Open hours?
  14. And in my Ukrainian-Polish-Russian cookbooks, they are perohy......... but delicious no matter how you spell them!
  15. If you are Canadian, DO NOT try this. The photos (which are a different size than for US PP's) MUST have Foto Studio stamp on the back..... and (I think) the date.
  16. One renewal ago (over 4 years) I did it earlier than necessary due to "circumstances". No problem except that tied my next (recently done) renewal date to the earlier one.
  17. Well........ unless you are a Mexican national, getting all your income in pesos, that's not exactly valid......... 2016 Feb 1 SPOT rate 18.22 Fee 6,525.00 = $358 USD 2017 Feb 1 SPOT rate 20.73 Fee 7,700.00 = $371 USD More like less than 4 % by my calculations........ although a little worse for Canadians converting CDN to MN
  18. Unfortunately, no. But you might like to check out the Drishti Yoga center just above the carretera at the traffic light in San Antonio between Super Lake and the Coca Cola warehouse. (Papeleria Trinidad is on the NW corner).
  19. "Gretchen" went to her new forever home in Guadalajara today! Thanks to all on behalf of Priscilla for their efforts.
  20. Got a terrific deal on king size (discontinued model) at Dormimundo. Excellent product and unbeatable price. Did not want, so did not include, box spring.
  21. Excuse me, sir, but..... question asked, answered, and thanks given. End of discussion. So what's it to you after the fact? (And FYI I don't know how to use the stupid archives.)
  22. Please, guys --- SOMEONE must have recent, local experience or knowledge of available services I can pass on to this young lady??
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