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  1. Canadian dollars are not popular here with the banks. So arrange to have wire transfers from your Canadian bank converted to pesos at the Canadian bank before you send. Only one hitch ..... Canadian laws require that you be sitting in front of a bank person and signing the order before a wire transfer can be sent. I solve that by leaving a supply of signed cheques with a trusted friend in Canada. If (not often) we need a larger amount of pesos than we want to take from ATM, I get her to send me a wire transfer from her own account, and simply write herself a cheque to cover the cost and deposit to herself. (Yes, it comes into our Mexican bank account.... in pesos.) An Sugarplum, Canada does not have Schwab. In fact, we only have 5 MAJOR banks, all strictly overseen by strict government reg's.... and no such thing as a private or "one-of" bank. (No bank failures either.......)
  2. Actually, since I was in Guad the other day I took the opportunity to try on a few in "better" stores, since the size chart on the lovely site you recommended had a spread of 4 sizes between torso length and all the others! Only found a couple that would work, but waiting for after-Christmas sales to go back..... Have never been able to order clothing on online, and guess I never will! But thank you again for the info.
  3. Thank you, Suegarn, but I have some "odd" dimensions..... with the result I never buy clothing I can't physically try on (unless I am replacing something from same supplier). This particularly applies to bathing suits, so have to find an actual store. Envy those who can buy clothes on line!
  4. Need a new one-pce bathing suit (small size) and would like suggestions from those who may have purchased in Guad. Am aware of trying Sears and Fabricas Francia (consider Liverpool above my price range) but wonder if anyone has purchased at non-department store anywhere just as an option. (Seem to remember a store in Plaza del Sol, but a few years since I saw it so not sure if still there.) Please do not suggest consignment stores---- this will be my first (and probably last) new one in about 30 years, and I want to really like it! Thankyou!
  5. What's not practical? Skype is SO dirt cheap, you can sit there and do something else while you wait.....
  6. And why would you ask THIS BOARD when you could ask Revenue Canada and be sure of getting it all direct and correct?
  7. If you refer to the OP, doing the renewal and new rules re: making appointments for local clinic are two unrelated topics. Please note this refers to local clinic levels only. Specialist appts. still have to be done via the clinic.
  8. You'd be surprised how many can do this on their cell phones! (I am not included in this group..)
  9. I use SKYPE whenever I need to call Canada or US 1-800 numbers.
  10. It is not Chapala clinic that made the appointment booking rule. It is system wide ( or at least for sure in this area). And you do not call the clinic. They will give you the 01-800 number to call. OR you can go on line and make your booking ---- reading Spanish helps in this instance. It's a frustrating web site and I've had some issues with it, but have made last two appts. this way and it DOES work. They require your CURP number and email address as part of the process, and once you make the appt. will confirm it by email. citamedicadigital.imss.gob.mx
  11. When we received our Mexican citizenship 10 years ago (also remain Canadian) we signed a paper agreeing / acepting that when we are in Mexico, we are treated as Mexicans, subject to Mexican law whenever we are inside Mexican territory, and cannot go running to the Canadian (in our case) Consulate for help. Of course, if we don't plan to commit any crimes, this becomes a non-issue. FYI we leave Mexico on Mexican passports, arrive anywhere else on Canadian. Reverse on coming back --- travel on Canadian until get to Mexico and then present Mexican passports.
  12. Asking for a friend. Does anyone know if there is still a store in Chapala where the lady does custom-made orthotics (shoe inserts) for specific problems as defined by her doctor? Appreciate store name, phone, or address (or all three) if possible. Thank you!
  13. Wonderful MC.... but that is not what I asked It's getting OFF the macrolibramiento and ON to Lopez Mateos going INTO Guad....... However, my husband has already pointed out to me that it will be the first major intersection of highways that I'll meet once I'm on it....... so will do a test run and see if time factor is worth it.
  14. Planning to try this to go to IMSS 180. I know how to get on macrolibramiento from the Chapala end. But paper today says NO SIGNS anywhere. So curious --- how did you know when you were far enough southwest on Lopez Mateos to get onto the macrolibramiento from the city end? Because I need to know where to get ON to (Lopez Mateos) coming from this end. I can tell from maps that the entrance is below Santa Cruz, and the intersection of Tala Highway - Av. Pedro Parra Centeno is above that, so once I get onto L.M. all will be well........ but since I never go to Costco, not very familiar with that end of the area. Suggestions? Many thanks
  15. Wondering if, when coming from the Chapala end, could there be an exit along that road somewhere that would make going to IMSS hospital 180 in Tlajomulco any easier? (go via Periferico at the moment)
  16. Appreciate all the responses. Am in contact with one of you and will be taking it from there. Gracias!
  17. I know this has been posted before but don't see where/how to search. Can anyone with actual user info please tell me about ROKU --- what is it? How does it work? What does it cost? Getting close to the last straw with Telecable, but not prepared to pay for Shaw. Thanks in advance.
  18. Not everyone can afford a front loader, and they must have a well-balanced place to be set up. Agree they're great..... but if you control the water levels, top loaders are good value for the price. And taking the time to manage soap levels carefully means less product used, and cleaners clothes after rinse cycle.
  19. While my experience re: Mi Casita is not totally personal, a good friend of mine (currently out of the country) had a friend who was in Mi Casita for a long period of time (before passing). She LOVED it there..... and my friend often commented she would like to live there herself! Also, while your parents are still able (if they are), the location so close to the plaza in San Antonio is a huge plus as far as giving them an outlet , if for no other reason, than to walk down to the plaza and "people-watch".
  20. I think I might have solved it myself! Signed out of my mail, and then closed the yahoo.com.mx page completely. Then opened a new tab and went to US Yahoo, and VOILA! -- was able to read the stories. OR..... just got lucky and really the issue is still with me..... sigh.
  21. If I understand the question (REALLY non-tech person).... I use Mozilla Firefox.
  22. After I sign out of Yahoo mail, my compu goes automatically to Yahoo.mex for the "news" page. That's as it has always been. But suddenly (about a week) if I go to (bookmarked) U S Yahoo news, the page comes up as it should but I can only read a few of the stories I click on. In the majority, instead of opening that "box", my compu bounces back to yahoo news.mx. Is there a setting or something I can use to fix this? (VERY- non-tech person here.... ) Appreciate any comments! Gracias
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