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  1. Gracias amiga. Pretty sure I have one of those........ now to find the skinniest elastic on the planet.
  2. Hoo Nu ????? Hems on all mine are WAY too small for any but the very thinnest elastic I could buy at best..... and no way on earth a"big" safety pin could navigate. that said, really appreciate this tip.... maybe an option in my case is turn up yet another wider hem............ nnaaahhhhh lived this long with elastics shot, can keep on doing the same 🤣
  3. godawful.........😬....... and even worse heading from west to east
  4. Trying to make first ever appt. but got TM answer saying "might" be out of service or "might" be something else. Please try later. Since I have TotalPlay phone have no idea about TM right now this general area.. Anybody got a comment? Just want appt. so don't want to bother her on her cell phone....... unless............ Gracias.
  5. Hip Hip Hooray for Total Play!!!!!😄
  6. I use Firefox and apart from the long down time, no, no problems..... except now limits me to one "reaction" a day ?????????
  7. Part of Hwy 80 was recently blocked by a landslide. Pretty sure won't be a factor by January, but you might want to keep an eye out all the same. Going downhill not so bad..... but twisty, winding, and some really scary curves. Coming back up? A NIGHTMARE if slow traffic gets ahead.
  8. In the event you might want pretty ceramic, Mexican-design coasters, I'm sure you'll find many at the "artisan" store between Coca-Cola warehouse and traffic light at corner of San José, San Antonio (bottom side of carretera). They have a lot of really nice stuff in there, mixed in along with the usual "kitsch".
  9. I guess because I resent the entire bunch? Like I resented some of the shenanigans pulled on gullible newbies ( yes I DO have more than one very concrete and shameful example) at the original Maskaras clinic in the late 1990's and beyond? Like I prefer to go to doctors ( in Guad, if necessary) who do are good enough at what they do that they don't need to take a day or two off a week and come out here to exploit more gullible people.... especially if they have richly endowed U.S. Health Care insurance? You have your opinion. I have mine. Apparently never the twain shall meet.......
  10. Didn't know what it was, so googled. IMO only.... I would read all of the following before I went any further. And you'll note the name is spelled differently than your post. Good luck https://www.drugs.com/aclasta.html
  11. Of course they won't.... just another in the string who come out here from the city looking for the BIG gringo bucks
  12. If I were in Canada ( or going) I'd open a Scotia account just for that purpose.... EXCEPT they don't have a Scotia/Inverlat branch out here, and I'm not willing to open an account in GUAD on this end.
  13. Drove past on the lateral this morning.... front doors open and appeared to be 3 machines in use. No place to park so did not stop.
  14. That actually worked for a friend with dogs in the yard backing on to HER back yard. Owner had the nerve to state she didn't hear them from HER house becasue the other yard was long and deep, and the dogs were jumping up at my friend's rear wall. Lakeside 7: PLEASE don't suggest poison. Terrible death.... and it's not the dogs' fault, but their insensitive owners.
  15. It would be nice if they had the courtesy to notify local clients. Wait---- what am I saying??? This IS HSBC, one of the worst banks here in that aspect!🤪
  16. Maybe he's planning on a nurse with a purse? Wouldn't be the first time around here.......
  17. HOPE not "forever"..... don't like them as a bank, but closest bank of any variety to our house for keeping some emergency funds (medical etc). Please nobody suggest CiBanco..... not a "real" bank and their ratings suck, nor are we interested in Multivalores, Intercam, or Actinver..
  18. Not your question, but have to ask. Have you considered "I V (intravenous) Sedation" instead of full general anaesthetic? I had the former for some complex dental work in late 1980's in Canada....... anaesthetist came to my dentist's office and remained during the procedure, regulating the flow to keep me "out enough to feel nothing but not as "out cold" as a general would have done, and which poses its own inherent dangers.
  19. The Drs. Ladron built their own a crematorium right beside Lucky Dog shelter (east of Chapala). I THINK they serve other local vets, but not sure. Two cats done there in recent years.
  20. Me too.... but in my case would be a cat... or 2... or more
  21. Care for dementia patients does NOT cost more here than for similar care in the north, unless said person can fit into "low income" NOB categories AND can outlast the very long wait-list for those places. That said, your friend might need someone experienced from NOB to intercede in this case, because any care home worth being in cannot afford to keep an individual with dementia if that's all income the person has.
  22. José Luis (El Vaquero) in San Antonio has made screen doors for us in 3 different houses with 2 different types of screens. Excellent work and not a bug in the house... ever. Please pm me for more details. Call him (pasable English) 333-465 5175
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