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  1. Thanks for the confirmation exyyz..... I was sure she is, but not sure enough to avoid starting a firestorm.....
  2. Sue, well aware of what you say here and agree most of the time it's that simple. So not going to get in any kind of spitting match with you, but do feel the need to respond as follows: (1) Dr. Isabel has been at Ladron's for longer than you have lived in Mexico. That she chooses to work in the back room rather than in the consultas is her choice, and she does a fine job there. Dr. Mauricio has worked in Ladron's Guadalajara home clinic for for a long time, and still splits his time between the two. Dr. Hugo also started in the Guad clinic, altho' is here more of the time at present. I doubt any of them would appreciate being referred to as "...some intern in the back room..." I cannot say if Najibe has completed her internship as I can't remember how long she's been there altho' I do believe it's more than a year, and that she also does not deserve your remark. But I do know that whenever she is performing an assigned task back there, at least one other veterinarian is always there with her in case of need. As to my cat and ttervooren's dog, experience is what counts if there is any reason at all to fear the animal's outcome. I know perfectly well someone other than Hector began what should have been a simple extraction of those lower canine teeth. I also know that many times, even a human dentist has to pull a little harder if a tooth resists coming free in a person. But what's important in Malcolm's case was that as soon as unusual resistance was found, trying harder what NOT what happened. Hector was immediately summoned. He sized up the situation, ordered xrays, and learned that as overlong as the canines were, so were the roots..... AND they were tangled inextricably around an abnormally thin and fragile jaw. So had "whoever" simply tried a little harder the poor baby would have had not just a broken, but a totally shattered and irreparable lower jaw. And that's why I prefer to use a place with lots of total years of experience as well as all the needed equipment for any emergency that could arise.
  3. We have one that needs cutting and you are welcome to come and take a hunk (depending on how big!!). 766-3580
  4. Teeth cleaning and teeth removal are not the same thing, Sue. Ttervooren, I suggest Dr. Hector Ladron in Riberas (Ladron Animal Clinic). Not only are they excellent, they also have all the latest and up-to-date equipment in the unlikely event something should go awry with your pup. I have a small 3 1/2 year- old Siamese cat with many health and congenital defects, one of them being his adult canine teeth (upper and lower) never stopped growing -- totally unheard of! Hector was able to ascertain (1) the lowers which were the biggest issue could not be removed as planned since the roots were entangled around the extra-fragile lower jaw, so (2) was able to file them down enough, not getting into the "quick", so the cat is once again able to eat. He gets injections every 12 weeks, and we are measuring the upper canines by the millimeter each visit, so when they get too long, they also will be filed down. Good luck with your pup!
  5. Thanks to all! She's set for the morning and I will keep this info for future reference.
  6. Thankyou GimpyChimp! Anyone know any of these people? And what they charge? (The only guy I know is busy that morning)
  7. OK -- I went through 12 pages of topics. I know it's there somewhere, but out of patience! So --- anyone have a contact to take one person to airport on Thursday Feb 22 departing central San Antonio 7:30 a.m.? Prices? She does not have a lot of luggage, and would be willing to ride-share if feasible. Gracias
  8. Well, I guess that's another advantage of speaking Spanish. You listen to the prices quoted to Mexican customers and you'll soon know if you're being ripped off. Me -- I've dealt with Pancho for a long time, I know the family, and even though I always ask him the prices in advance, I never feel like he's taking advantage. He even gives me a little break on many things
  9. Appreciate the comments, all. I am not physically able any more to cover the ground required to do the Chapala market, which is why I asked about the teensy one. And I will be taking her to Abastos, so she can get quite an eyeful there as I drive between specific stops. Also have to agree with Computer Guy -- Ajijic tianguis is wonderful for what I want it to be --- Pancho's veggie stall at bottom end. Go there, park nearby, get stuff, go back to San Antonio. Not at all a rip-off and I don't have to see what I have no interest in, but it''s there for those who do. So Monday morning, Monday Market it is!
  10. First-time visitor coming Sunday, but Monday plans now down the tubes due to statutory holiday. Is it worth taking her to the Monday Market in Sunrise Restaurant? Not usually my thing, but need to find fun things to do to fill that time slot. What is best time to arrive? Thank you
  11. There is, but not sure how well monitored (although you need ticket you received in order to get out). It's contained within the long U-shape that the road makes as it goes from bldg 1 to bldg 9 or 10, and has a low chain link fence around it. I might leave a car a few days. Few weeks?? HHmmmmm...
  12. On the other hand, if you don't plan on doing anything wrong or illegal here, then it should not matter one bit that when in Mexico you are considered Mexican only. When we became citizens several years ago we had to sign documents agreeing to that condition. Can't imagine it has changed..... and why should it?
  13. With all due respect, we are not IN the U.S.......... and the question applied to here.
  14. All "brands" leave for Camionera Central ("new" bus station) in Tlaquepaque. Take a bus from Chapala area and tell driver you want to get off at El Alamo. Then best to take a cab unless you know how to use city buses. Not too far. Lots of choices and departure times from bldgs. 1, 2, and 3.
  15. Nina Herrick. Certified in Colorado. Many years' experience. cell 333-270-9532 Works out of her home in La Floresta.
  16. Great! I can do that and would be happy for her to pass it along. Thank you!
  17. Recently and very grudgingly purchased new cell phone. ( Hate change!) Any ideas where I could donate the old one? VERY basic, NOT a smart phone, but to someone might still be useful. SIM card has been removed so user would need to get new one, and their own phone number. Gracias
  18. Do it again over a period of days or even a week or two...... signs pop up at the most unexpected moments. Good luck!
  19. Hey Mike.... I actually DID it! Since you know me, you will no doubt be as amazed as I am.... Took the aid of your directions on one side of the screen and a YouTube video on the other, plus had to take a second handset apart to find out where a plastic "thingy" that fell out had to go, but it's WORKING!! And believe me people, if I can do it ANYONE can do it! So many thanks to you, Mike!
  20. Thanks Mike. Watched a YouTube video on this, so am a little confident I can do without messing it up! By thy way, your hint about NOT pulling the plug from the wall, but rather turning off power at the voltage regulator instead has resulted in ZERO problems with tower turning itself on and going back to Jan 1, 2010!!
  21. We have 3-handset (one on answering machine base) Panasonic digital cordless phone system. ONE of the handsets can no longer dial out because only a few of the numbers do not "press" down when tried. No problem answering this handset. Any bright ideas out there? Gracias, and Feliz navidad!
  22. Yes, I am, and both Toronto-Dominion (I was trustee for an estate) and Royal Bank (mine) have refused to do wire transfers without one being there in person for at least three years.
  23. Get in your car and go up and down any / all streets that could interest you. Not the best time of year, but there are always people coming and going, and "by owner" rental signs are always popping up
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