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  1. Termite shell casings. If little guy is still in there, while thing moves and looks like tiny dark brown "worm" when comes out. If he's already moved on, will be "empty". These are not the huge winged type. They are nasty little buggers that tunnel into wood or cement with ease! Had a lot of them in house we cared for in Chula Vista. Takes VERY nasty stuff to exterminate them. When guy came to treat he removed wooden door framing ( which was ruined) and they had "eaten" huge amount of cement walls!!
  2. Well, we went on the Bucerias trip many years ago and liked it just fine. I have heard that maybe some of the food/ facilities are not quite as good any more (via friends who were the 5 years ago). Then I went with friends to Friendly in PV at Valentine's this year (6 nights, 7 days). I LOVED it! No need to wonder "where will we eat today / tonight", lots of variety in food (not necessary to make a pig of yourself), water activities (little kayaks, paddle boards, etc., ), plenty of programs each day (jazzercise, aquarobics, etc. Rooms are fine and service was friendly and accommodating to the nth degree. So it's all in the eye of the beholder.......... but I would have to vote for Friendly as I think they have a few more things on offer than Decameron.
  3. pappysmarket said "...When we lived in San Antonio, many years ago....." Apart from the fact that living in a carport is a pretty sad existence for a horse, you are not qualified to use San Antonio and "...very inexpensive place to live..." (as requested by OP) in the same sentence. Yes it is cheaper than Ajijic, but certainly would not qualify any more for OP's requirements!
  4. She'd best be checking out the towns east of Chapala on the way to Mezcala
  5. There is no such thing as a "current" exchange rate. It varies up and down during each day. For approx. values, look at sites like www.xe.com (which only gives "spot" rate), or www. oanda.com which can be altered to give spot, or 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 % differences to indicate credit card, ATM, etc. variances. Also, various banks and other ATM's will not necessarily be using the same rate at any given time.
  6. It's been around for years --- can't confirm or deny 2009. And yes, it's a PITA because old eyes can't see the numbers!
  7. Before this thread goes crazy would like to remind all that unless you are a Mexican citizen you have no right (and in fact it's against the law) to comment on anything political in Mexico. Personally I think the story is a good read and hope at least some of AMLO's plans can come true. (Yes, I am Mexican. No, I did not vote for him!).
  8. Agree with Mtn Mama. Dogs are MUCH more likely to get mange, while cats mostly get fungus (ringworm). So you'd best get a vet's opinion first, and then deal with the lesion(s) appropriately.
  9. Jacquard is a type of fabric with an intricately woven pattern. The pattern is not embroidered but woven directly into the fabric. Available in many styles and colors, Jacquard has varying finesse as per the quality of fabric used. Jacquard is woven on a special loom, which also produces other fabrics like brocade and damask. This is in no way the same as (Pima) cotton "loops"
  10. So... is ANYBODY going to answer the OP's questions? Where? Hours open? Documents to bring?
  11. This is because USD is something most foreigners (especially new ones) can relate to. In Mexican neighborhoods you will find many more places quoted in pesos than in dollars. If you went out of this "gringo" area, you would find (nearly) all rentals quoted in pesos.
  12. Lexy said: "... You must also face the fact that you may be asked to pay each month according to the us/mx exchange rate if the rent quoted in dollars is to be paid in pesos. Thus your rent can fluctuate each month. ..." Sorry all .... but this is NOT a "rent fluctuation". If you agree to a USD rate then you are still paying USD in the end.... just that your USD buy more or less pesos as the spot rate changes. What would be a fluctuation is the case where, on your first month, your $800 USD converts to $14,500 and then a few months later it converts to $20,000 but you only pay $14,500. That means the landlord gets equivalent of $725 that month because the money market changed. Good deal for you, but NOT what you agreed to pay! We, and many others I know, have always (3 houses) rented that way. Quoted in dollars. Paid monthly at the international spot rate on day rent is due. And in fact, especially if you have a resident (in Mexico) Mexican landlord, they are not supposed to collect rent any other way.
  13. tried to PM you but board says you cannot receive messages call me 766-3580 for more info
  14. Tell that to the foreign lady who had a contract with her Mexican landlord (for a matter OTHER than rent) written in only English. He spoke perfect English and had lived for years in the US. When he refused to honor the contract over a period of more than 2 years, she took him to court. Result? Judge threw it out because it was only written in English, and Mexican party said he did not understand fully what the contract said. If you think this could not happen to you re: rental contract -- you are kidding yourself big time! Because by the same token, in case of a dispute over the rental contract after the fact, any Mexican is perfectly within his rights to use that same excuse -- and if the contract is translated after the fact he could say that was not his understanding of the original English lease. And since Spanish is the official language of the country.........
  15. Barbara and Fred -- YES YES YES biggest issue will be if the dog is cat friendly or will want to chase / kill the cat. Sight hound breeds are the worst for that (high prey-driven level), as can be some (certainly not all) dogs rescued from the streets where they learned to chase cats for fun or food. If you give me an idea of breed preference (if any) and SIZE, will see if I can help. Know of some dogs privately seeking forever homes.
  16. Dr. Jose Miguel Huerta (ortho/trauma)did my hip replacement 8 weeks ago. I cannot say enough good things about this doctor. Also, even though he has an office in hospital Del Carmen (expensive) he is perfectly happy to use Hospital Santisima Trinidad for surgical procedures. Did mine there and saved me a BUNDLE and it was EXCELLENT in every way. Plus that hospital allows you to deal direct with prosthesis supplier (if one is needed) rather than buying it for you and marking up the price. Don't know if they do MRI's there -- if in fact that's what you need -- but there are places he can send you. Speaks good enough English if you need it. Appts. Mon - Fri 10 - 2 and 4 - 7 Office 01 33 3813 3006
  17. How VERY mean-spirited of you! A polite "no gracias" and they leave you alone. But did it ever occur to you that this is a main source of income for very poor people?
  18. Lakeside is what it is. What it is to YOU depends on what you want ( or think you do), what you see (or think you see) and what you expect from it (or think you do). It is all things and it is totally different things, depending on the person asking the questions. As a rule of thumb, some last 2 - 4 years, others 7. Then there are those of us that embrace it and are here "forever" (unforeseen circumstances not included).
  19. Salvador Ortiz (upstairs in same plaza as El Torito usually has some stock sizes premade (and ready to use) but will also make any size you want.
  20. Mercado Libre is great for a lot of things but for vehicles, it's tricky to filter Jalisco locations. You are right .... the other car site is one of the two you mention
  21. www.soloautos.com (maybe need to add .mx ?) you will need Spanish but can cruise around for all years, makes, models, etc. there's another site that more Mexicans use, but forget the name maybe someone knows? have sold and bought on both of these sites
  22. Why do you need just the tank? Asking because IF the problem is a cracked tank I know where you can get it repaired (fibreglas lined) --- but it's in Guad. Also they make lids to fit your old lid in case that one breaks --- can duplicate all kinds of colors including blue, green, wine, etc. --- from the "old" days. We have had two lids and one tank done by these people with excellent results. Call me for more info 766-3580
  23. Why don't you go in and ask them face to face? That way you'll get "the goods" instead of a lot of well-intentioned but nonetheless "opinions"!
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