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  1. Available SAT this morning (Friday). Close at 2 p.m. Said they'll be there Monday. NO sign on front gate.
  2. Thanks Fred. Will check SAT little ex-SP clinic.... they put a sign on the gates the days they have vaccs.
  3. IMO best move would be to wait until you're sure they're here and can perform.
  4. If you'd on the ball it was much better earlier this morning. Doesn't look to me like you're taking exchange rates into account either.... but yes, it's a good trend. That said, you might want to consider just how much you're bringing, with the following from Mexico News Daily yesterday, via Financial Times: ".....A sudden drop in gross domestic product in the third quarter has analysts and investors asking how fragile the country’s rebound might be.....",
  5. For those among us (me at the TOP of this list) whose circadian rhythms despise DST, our most-awaited day of the year approaches. For Mexico, Oct 31 takes us back to Standard Time . Yes it messes with US/Canada TV fav's for a while.... but the reward is MORE than worth it.
  6. If you check my OP you'll see my phones are also Panasonic, and I did get the batteries at Steren. The point is I have 2 batteries left over.......and if someone is in the same boat of needing more than one pack supplies, leftover two are sitting here on a shelf awaiting a new home.
  7. Ken, these aren't clock-type batteries...... neither wall nor bedside alarm ones.
  8. Tag added with more specifics re: these rechargeable batteries. I so hate waste........
  9. Oh Rick... even WE do have things that require AAA batteries. But only this stupid phone set needs NON-Alkaline ones
  10. SO... after more years than I can remember (maybe never??), had to buy new batteries for Panasonic cordless base unit phone plus 2 more handsets. That means SIX. Of COURSE they only come in packs of FOUR... so now am sitting with two useless batteries that will probably outlive me/ any use for them.🤣 IF anyone is the same boat of four not being enough, happy to sell you two since 4 (Steren) were $140 pesos
  11. Scary enough but be glad it was "only" a rattler. Worse danger is Coral snakes..... usually in the hills above us, but have been found in some (gated) communities backing up onto same. Small, fast, and VERY poisonous. And years ago a friend found one on the floor of his pick-up within Ajijic town limits.
  12. Just outside entry to Tobolandia..... to the west.
  13. Shot in the dark here but maybe useful? Why don't you check with the municipal office in Chapala, as they're the ones who'll issue the permit required. Thinking they should have names of several so you can check them out.
  14. Thank you for "paying it forward".
  15. Your friend will get you thru this. Yes you CAN "buy/comprar" within the time limit and get the price quoted. In your case, since you have C/C registered, you're simply not understanding how to complete the purchase..... and it will be "completed" instantly (and a confirming email sent to you). But you will!! For what it's worth, I NEVER pay with C/C on ML (or any other place other than Amazon). I know it's a PITA to get to Oxxo in a rush, but that's ONLY needed when there are only a very few of the items left in stock. Then you go to Oxxo, present the code, and pay.
  16. Flora: Please bear in mind that unless you have water continuously circulating ( like a fountain included) you must scrub out the bath very frequently with something coarse enough to get into the small, if not noticeable, crevices. Otherwise rapidly gets slimy, and then green, on the bottom...... like any stagnant water. Simply adding water does not do the trick. Experience not mine, but of a friend. So keep it clean... and ENJOY!!! Envy you. One dog here has such strong prey drive it even extends to birds on the wing so we had to remove "tryout" model. 😢
  17. Many of us use ML every few days... or more. Not at all hard. Do you read enough Spanish to understand the page? If not, perhaps enlisting a bilingual friend to help until you know the all the steps?
  18. I KNOW what a Notario is.... but since Cedros used the English word "notary" (different qualification but OP is only one year here so???) I did too. My point is you do NOT need a Notario nor the high cost of same. Main thing is OP really needs to be sure they use the correct form... hence the suggestion to go back to Swiss gov't and check that out.
  19. Am I misunderstanding OP? Seems to me he is also offering (to needy person) .... not seeking??
  20. Each country has their own quirks. Do they not have a form specific to Switzerland on the website you can download and print? Canada certainly does.... more forms than you could ever imagine could exist. 😂 Canada accepts doctor, lawyer (not notary), teacher, etc but not a family member. I get our veterinarian to sign ours when needed and just call him "Dr."...... no need to specify D.V.M. LOL
  21. Don't forget to put the street name before the house number. And do not use #
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