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  1. Agree with Ferret.... no banking or any financial stuff on cell phone. BUT.... back to OP. Are you trying to pay with cash or credit card? I suggest you ignore the old account completely, register as a NEW customer with a different email address, cell phone number and password. Now plan to pay with CASH. Yes, it's a little inconvenient, but no hoops to go thru, and no personal info sent to who-knows-where/whom. And there are enough Oxxo's around it's no biggie. They've really beefed up security these days so you will have to receive a 6-digit security code before you can proceed to enter your account. 3 options.... I choose "send SMS to cell phone" which I receive immediately in "messages". Put those numbers where indicated and you can proceed. I know this is to protect ME so no worries. Also, with any larger purchases (2 recent) they've emailed me a password to be given to driver delivering (iShop or home) before he will hand it over. Thinking this is related to all the fraud going on these days, and more than happy to comply.
  2. And while I hope Canada wins, DO have to feel for the Mexican team. Forecast says cold will be bad enough, but wind chill will make it that much worse.
  3. Crossed the border (permanently) at Calexico-Mexicali 23 years ago as of this Thursday Nov. 18. I can absolutely state weather last 5 years has gotten progressively colder, especially overnight... sometimes as much for high altitude cold AIR and winds, but also actual thermometer readings. At the same time, last few years have had hotter weather earlier in the April -- June period. Used to be people "escaped" in May. Now...... Climate change is not just HOT. It's also FREAKY other changes. Witness most of lower British Columbia since Sunday night, where "atmospheric river" rains have flooded out whole towns, caused landslides, highway washouts, and much more---- even at high, mountainous elevations. Entire total of November annual average rainfall (1991 to present) in one area happened in less than 48 hours, and it's still happening. This is the same area where all of August was H-O-T and fires ranged throughout for the entire month..... one town totally burned to the ground, hundreds of thousands of acres turned into ash and cinders, and losses in the many millions. ONLY if you're interested.... here are some video clips from different parts of the lower SE part of the province, fr4om many different elevations. https://globalnews.ca/news/8375787/b-c-floods-photos-videos-roads-washed-away-cars-submerged-debris/ https://globalnews.ca/news/8374573/people-trapped-vehicles-agassiz-highways-flooding/ https://globalnews.ca/news/8376358/vancouver-island-storm-malahat-closed/ https://globalnews.ca/news/8375493/runaway-barge-english-bay/
  4. Peter..... whoa boy! Too much information πŸ˜‚
  5. The person I am asking for likes canned better as do a few others I have talked to. I never knew it existed until now. Actually I am not a fan of spinach period. She and others like her are not preppers as ignorantly assumed. Not everyone likes the same things and if their tastes are different than yours does not need to be ridiculed. I did NOT ridicule her tastes OR suggest "prepper".... only asked because many things people are used to NOB have to be adjusted for here. So go after those who DID if you want. ..
  6. that's more like an 800 number and can connect to locations all over the country
  7. Ajijic 376 766 1164 Riberas 376 688 1217
  8. OK.... can't stand it any longer. If no canned spinach is not easily available here, WHY can't the people seeking buy some fresh or frozen and simply cook the amount required ( to death) to equal volume of canned needed?
  9. You can always phone CiBanco and ask if the machines have money.... and when not, do they have any idea when? Works for me....... 376 766 2382
  10. Thanks all. Found "singles" but none for my model, and individually they're too darn expensive! Gave up and bought a new set last night.... Amazon Mx. But only after wading thru' many offerings that were rebuilt, or new ones that seem to "link" to one's cellphone..... NOT..... and to include Bluetooth......not useful to me since I don't have any blue teeth, only slightly dingy used-to-be white ones πŸ˜‰ Set was actually pretty hard to find, but got a little extra discount so happy enough.
  11. My wrong wording? All 3 (base plus 2 others) have batteries within the portable units, and electric connection from power plug to base they each sit on. Pencil eraser.... nada. Sandpaper nada. REALLY don't want to buy a whole new set. Guess I'll get on the Panasonic IF I can find a number (Skype) and see how I can buy a single.... or if that's a viable option.
  12. Usually the ATM has a bank name right on it. I use very few so can't say absolutely.
  13. Thank you ML. Yes. Mixed results πŸ˜’ Sometimes it works.... others not.
  14. Hi electronic geeks. Me again.......your favourite dummy......sigh. Installed new rechargeable batteries in base unit (includes answering machine) plus 2 other units (talking only). But now, one of the separate units keeps coming up "blank" and doesn't work. Have tried removing batteries, rolling them around a moment, and putting back. Pretends to work for about 3 minutes. Then dead again. Connections to back of unit to power all OK and so is the power plug in the wall. Thought it MIGHT be place where base and unit fit together (power source). Have cleaned as best I can with alcohol and Q-tip. Worked for a very short time. Now dead again. Cannot remember how old this set is, but at least 9 years. (KX-TG4133 )Is this set toast? OR is there a magician out there for me? Thanks in advance.☺️
  15. There have been MANY posts on this topic. Let your fingers do the searching. Quick answer---- YES to TotalPlay.
  16. True... because I can tell you they are NOT for Canadian passports. And..... sigh.... Canadian passport pix are a different size than any other kind, so require studios who do that size. Good thing renewal is only every 10 years now (used to be 5).
  17. OP says he ONLY has Mexican assets. I assume he owns his house, as otherwise he doesn't need a Mexican will if he makes someone beneficiary of his bank account. And of course the notario said he should be the one to handle (your) the probate.... he'll get a fat fee for same (tho' it's the lawyers in his office who will do the work)! Lawyers are allowed to handle probate, and they're cheaper. How easy or difficult the process will be depends a lot on (1) simple or complicated (2) diverse or few actual assets (3) value of total estate. A close friend passed away 2 1/2 years ago and his Mexican will (for clearly defined / few Mx assets only, but with complications not relevant here) is STILL in process............. Yes Fred... please do yourself a favor and ask a lawyer.
  18. Daniel Jackson by appt. only 376 766 2223 1 block west of Ajijic Plaza
  19. Are you quite new here? Asking because looking 9 days in advance, especially at this time of year, will most certainly not get much response..... and if so, be sure to check references! 😻
  20. This is indeed good info BUT not related in any way to OP query. Would you not be doing a better service with separate post this topic..... and many who might ignore "dog on bus" could be aware of these new reg's?
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