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  1. (1) Furry Friends...... lateral parallel to carretera on EAST side of Mirasol's front gates. Someone else may have contact info, or you could drive out M's gates and around that corner from your house to check it out. (2) Pat Lawrie (used to be called Doglandia) . 376 766 4170 cell 333 442 6244 By all means encourage your friend to board her cat unless the person coming knows the cat well, and your friend knows the person equally! And that's before considering something happening in THAT person's life (heaven forbid) that could affect that cat's care. Also, a cat alone for most of each 24 hour period has lots of time to be lonely and depressed, get into something it shouldn't, or get quite sick and need special attention.
  2. Had one done around 2010 or 11 by that mobile unit when it was parked by Farmacia Guad in Ajijic. Doctors were very pleased with quality of the job. Me? not so much.... borderline osteoporosis. LOL LOL
  3. Canada has announced new stricter requirements for anyone, including Canadians (who have more rights in this area than others) as of today. Up until today, there was a gov't form you filled in on line prior to flying... but even that is now different. Check with your airline ASAP, plus find a way to follow Canadian news as it's still in rapid state of flux. Omicron is the reason.
  4. That's my plan. ALmost never have cell phone on, and certainly not first thing in a.m. when I read my first mail of the day. So yes, I'll be turning it OFF. (Bad enough I have to use cell to get into MercadoLibre to purchase things.... but at least there $$ involved so I get the reason)
  5. Hi tech friends.... me again. Nov 19 email received "from Google" in my gmail inbox. Said effective Nov 25 google would require 2-step verification (involves code sent to cell phone). Research revealed the possibility of turning this option off once one was signed up. Did invite initiating this new process early (I did not --- nor did I want it at all). I found it odd they would do this mid-week ...... and not being American didn't immediately connect that date to U.S. Thanksgiving. Connection??? Coincidence ??? Nevertheless, it's now Nov 27 and nothing has happened so spidey sense is on alert. Anybody more knowledgeable in these things than I (means almost everybody) have comments? Gracias
  6. Not the same person as I'm referring to, but certainly worth a look
  7. Hi Victor. Not sure what you mean by "advanced" care. Chemo is the totally normal way to treat dogs here with various kinds of cancer..... it's not at all like chemo in humans, and usually has amazingly good results. Sending you a PM with more info.
  8. CiBanco machine empty as of 12:15 pm Guard said "maybe later today, or else tomorrow morning for more...."
  9. No, BUT for years and years all dogs needing this surgery were sent to Mexico City to a special ophthalmology dog clinic. VERY recently, one of the doctors who worked there has set up a new office, fully equipped for this and other surgeries, in Guadalajara. I don't have his contact info but if you phone Dr. Antonio Ladron's Guad clinic 333 121 7299 they will have it. He recently connected a friend with this specialist whose dog has a different, but serious problem. Can't remember names now, but have known several over the years who sent dogs to DF to the original clinic, always with excellent results.
  10. Carol someone (not me) will know how to contact the group that sends dogs NOB. Sounds to me like this guy might be a great candidate.
  11. See TingTing post re: gas connection..... that might be your solution
  12. And just how big a wheelbarrow full of $$$ did you bring with you, that you want electric appliances????? 🙃
  13. Fatality was 26 year-old barber from the barbershop on corner of Ramón Corona and San José in San Antonio. Whole town is devastated. One of his best friends told me the only good thing was they were told death was instantaneous. 😭 Small comfort to his fiancee and all his family.
  14. A friend asked if she can use her ROKU system with TP. I know the answer is here somewhere, but please be tolerant and answer this one simple question. (I have NO idea what ROKU is or how it works) I do know my Firestick is OK with it but........... Thank you
  15. I'm just informed by one who "knows" ? that the wire can indeed by spiced. But that cow has already left the barn-.........sigh
  16. Why hilarious? Because if I don't laugh, I'll need to kill my "new-ish" Siamese cat! Some will remember my query when ONE remote handset "died". Of course checked all plugs, connections etc. Finally put (correct) new batteries in all 3 sets, with batteries left over. Still didn't really work for more than a few moments..... until it didn't work at all. In desperation, gave up and bought a whole new set (got a bit of a deal on Amazon MX due to Buen Fin). Today started the process of change-over, meaning new batteries in all 3 and leaving to charge for 7 hours as instructed. To do that, had to put the new one replacing the dead one in same location, and on unplugging the adapter from the wall...... HOLY COW!!! The little wire had been chewed right in half 🤬... by of course I know exactly whom. Wire well hidden (or so I thought) behind deep table top so never dreamt she would get at it there. Anyway, now will be posting on "For Sale" section here one base unit with answering system, one "intact remote set, and one more that will work IF someone is good at splicing chewed wire together OR wants to buy this one portion. All contain brand new batteries and will include the extras. Meanwhile, Rick S, Pedro K, and others can have a good belly-laugh at my expense.
  17. Paperwhite. Be sure to register purchase it in the U.S. with Amazon. That way you buy books (or choose the free ones.....which I do)... because choices from U.S. are better than if you show Mexico as location.
  18. Yes.... for an extra cost. "Audio-books" when you're on the book buying page
  19. Thankyou, Chris, for putting this up on THIS board. I know it was on the other one, but many (like me) don't go to both. That said, I hesitated to post here as was not really my place...... but am glad for this chance to express my extreme shock at the loss of one so young, and my most heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Mike was a wonderful guy and a very competent computer tech......... for both me and my husband for several years. In fact he built my most recent tower (yes, I'm a desktop devotee) , and did his best over and over to drag me kicking and screaming into the 21st century, and from WIn 95 to Win 7 and finally to Win 10....... which he "altered" just for me so I could pretend it was still the one I had finally learned to use. I'll miss him greatly, not just for his services, but because I truly liked him. And of course, because he was Canadian, and he loved cats!
  20. But often more expensive for exactly the same item.
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