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  1. Close to home is NOT a good judgment factor. Who made you feel confident in their ability, professional approach, and knowledge? Good bedside manner does not always equate to actual ability when it counts. Some are fine for everyday problems, but not so much for trickier situations. You should talk to people you know personally, and get some reactions from them rather than on this open forum where prejudices and other things could lead to poor information. And any good vet will provide you with SOME means of emergency after-hours contact. If they will not, take them off your list!
  2. OOPS.... my mistake. Yes this is the right guy but don't have phone for him
  3. just realized this is Alvaro the Immigration lawyer....... not the pet rescue guy. Sorry!!
  4. Actually, when you look at the Dollar vs Peso 18 months ago and now, it's cheaper now when user is using converted dollars to pay!
  5. they started this several months ago........ maybe are now starting to enforce?
  6. Just in case anyone does not know this..... if you have a pick-up (even a small one) you require a CHOFER's license. More costly, and even tho' my husband had had a Mx license for years, they did require a driving test as well as a written one over again (yes--- well over 60). Pretty upset with our insurance agent at the time, who had already insured one pick-up (with copies of documents including DL and who only picked up on it at the time of changing over to a different truck. Apparently if he had been in an accident or caused an injury/death he could have been in VERY serious trouble. Guess you know we don't use that agent any more.........
  7. Can't you find a willing friend to drive you, drop you off, and be ready to pick you up again when you're ready?
  8. NEVER have had problems over many years..... BUT....I (1) ONLY buy from sellers on the extreme right edge of green on reliability scale (top rated) (2) ONLY pay with cash (at Oxxo). (3) Have deliveries sent to iShop so never any problem with me not being here when a delivery might arrive
  9. Hey Holalola..... NEVER forget...... Dogs have masters. Cats have STAFF 😍
  10. Don't forget, you are going to the Camionera Nueva.... because there is also a bus station near Walmart in the city, worth of "centro".... Camionera Central or Camionera Vieja. If you don't have too much to carry and don't want to pay taxi from Alamo, look for bus #619... but CHECK with driver because this info is about 20 years old and may have changed. Buses used to be allowed into the ring road at the Camionera Nueva, but last time I was there they had to stay outside gates, so you will walk a short distance. Taxis can go right to bus terminal you need.
  11. Doesn't EVERYBODY warm up from-the-fridge canned food? My 5 would be in a SUPER snit over such cruel and inhuman punishment 🤣
  12. Thanksyou. Rec'd a p.m. with a local contact and will follow that up.
  13. worked for me last Saturday. Also has a house phone 376- 765-5653
  14. To try and get more Virbac into him, dry putting single layer in plastic bag, small amounts at a time, and pound with hammer or meat tenderizer thing until like coarse granules (instant coffee size?). Then mix some of the pulverized Virbac into the canned. You'll trick him into getting denser caloric ingestion while enjoying his canned treat. I'm going to try that with my old gal (in our p.m.'s) and see how it goes.
  15. I know his info was posted some time ago, and SO glad I copied it down. My washer refused to "agitate" yesterday and with 8 years under its belt, was not surprised. Called Gualberto. He agreed to come right over (oh no, señora, no extra charge to come today ---Saturday) since I told him I have to go to Guad on Monday. He and son Omar showed up in less than an hour (Chapala to SAT) and quickly diagnosed problem as being a "little plastic part" under the base of the agitator post. No big deal and he can get it and come back Monday when I get back from the city. While he was here, I asked about 2 cycles that have never worked since I bought the (new) machine, and was always too lazy to check while under warranty so you know how much I cared. This would be a much more expensive repair as the whole electronic "unit" behind the selector dial would need replacing. We both agreed if I haven't needed them in 8 years I can live without them for a lot longer! Refused any money.... "oh no señora, you only pay when I am done". And was very honest and up-front with me when some might have tried to take advantage and find something much more expensive to fix. VERY pleased and want to give him lots of praise for initiative and prompt service.
  16. A friend NOB wants to send a floral arrangement to a local friend here. Have never run across this and never had the need. Don't know if even available. Anybody out there who can help? Preferably English speaker for the NOB person so she can deal direct, but if I have to get in the middle I can do that. Gracias
  17. Pet Store in Riberas (other than Friends of the Animals) would be "Pet Place Veterinaria"........ 1/2 block EAST, same side of highway, as Ladron Clinic. If they don't have any in stock they will get it for you. Reduced hours: 10 - 3 Mon - Fri. Not sure about Saturdays.
  18. AND they require you to self-quarantine IN THAT LOCATION for 14 days and will spot check you because some have violated the rules.
  19. Second that thought. We briefly knew an American couple with kids who came here as a business transfer for the husband (fruit import to U.S. from Mexico). At first they put their 3 into private school. But then they realized the kids were not learning Spanish, and not integrating. So they went into the school system and were VERY happy with the results. (Mom made sure they kept up with some basics a little lacking). Kids were happier too and chattered away in Spanish in no time. Technology is highly prized as a scholastic achievement in Jalisco, and kids from here regularly win tech and robotic fairs in other Mexican areas as well as other parts of the world.
  20. Gastrointestinal being the key word...... suggesting your elder cats had a problem absorbing the protein in their food and it was a gut issue Happy to hear they're doing better, and Royal Canin is a super brand you can trust.
  21. Don't forget that altho' present plan is for school to start here around Aug 18, that MIGHT not happen at all..... and no prediction when.
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