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  1. Well that's a little better... But how are people who don't KNOW that couple to know how to reach them?
  2. And we rented, at first because intention was to try different areas every few years. Feet still nailed to the floor here over 22 years later, but to us renting has been the best option.........with San Antonio winning hands down for us. So yup..... lots of like minded people here in one way or the other.
  3. O M G. WHO puts their first names on the tags, and nothing else? Hope someone sees this who knows more.....
  4. My point exactly! I'm one of the "rather eat ground glass" than be in one of those sterile, boring, isolate-me-from-real-Mexico places! Nobody can judge what's best for another. Come. Explore. Check things out. Test the waters. THEN decide.... and know that might even mean "we don't like it here at all".
  5. On Guad channel 4 news this a.m. a reporter interviewed an elderly Mexican lady in Tlajolmulco (forget which site) who had arrived with her husband. He was admitted. She was NOT because of last name. So I'm afraid you'll have to to twice... once for yourself, and the other with him. You can explain to them that you need to help because of his dementia. I happen to know you are a Day One person, so another option might be to talk to them and see if you can go home and get him? Good luck!
  6. On Channel 4 Guad news this a.m. reporter at one of the Tlajomulco sites spoke with a very elderly Mexican lady who had arrived with her husband. HIS last name applied. Hers did NOT..... and they turned her away. IMO you'd better start scrambling for non-mixed alpha companions
  7. Charlene, if your two biggest questions are water and which gated community, you are in for a world of hurt. (I ASSUME you don't know the area.) Come down, RENT, decide if you even LIKE it here, if you can adjust to Mexican ways of doing things, if the first area you pick is the "right" one, and host of other things before you leap into the deep end. Check out all kinds of areas that make up "Lakeside". As questions re: each. Ask why some people love gated living, while others would rather eat ground glass than live in one. And why. And do NOT make the mistake of thinking a Realtor
  8. I had to use one after hip replacement.... and learned from my surgeon how to do it correctly. You have to stand up straight, look ahead, and NOT have the apparatus ahead of you. You should be right in the middle of the "U" so no pressure is going to places it should not. He "taught" me by watching me walk down the inner corridor in his office, coming up behind me and delivering a sharp karate chop between my shoulder blades until I did it right. Kind up made me mad at the time, but soon learned he was OH so right! And any good one has a height adjustment , at least on the front end.
  9. Since Monday May 10 is Mother's Day in Mexico I kind of think Tuesday makes a lot of sense. Mother's Day here is right up there on a par with most important days of the year, and doubt too many volunteers would be extra-happy to start that day......,non-stat or not..... And since ONLY Cristiania park, as far as we know, will be used...... might be 5 days this time?
  10. I get that jrod. Guess I'd forgotten that for MANY years, especially when going to IMSS appts., they would invariably call out the wrong name..... and I might not realize I was the person being called! Most often was my second name, followed by my last name..... not sure it they meant that to be 2 last names or ??? My given first name mostly didn't appear at all. So I took to putting a LARGE note in my booklet, and telling whomever was making the next appt., how my name worked. And that taught me with all other documents, etc. along the way.
  11. This reply from Fred Habacht taken from another post (re: Jocotepec) that MIGHT help us here: Every letter of the alphabet was allowed each day that the vacunas were given...you merely stood on the lines that listed your first initial of your last name...ie ABC or HIJ etc. I was with numerous senior USA and Canadian people and NONE were turned away if you had the paperwork that been requested...you did have to show the receipt for your first shot to be able to be given the second shot.
  12. OK.... so if the 1st dose document is in fact wrong, I can see your point. That's why one should always check over anything received here, becasue things are often fraught with problems.
  13. There is a clear difference on the 1st dose document between "Nombres" (eg Mary Kae) , PRIMER appelido, (eg Jones) and Segundo appelido. (second last name) Only space filled in mine is Primer appelido, bemuse of course, don't have a second one. Even if a NOB person has a hyphenated last name, or bears two last names, I assume they would still go by the PRIMER appelido section. Hard to see how "Betty Lou" could be confused when looking at that document. Still excellent advice jrod, and everyone should be checking their stuff asap.
  14. Por 6 años..... sí. Ya no....por raizones personales.
  15. Being denied our 2nd dose has nothing to do with which vaccine was given, but that the VENUE for us was taken over for teachers instead.
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