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  1. Ear copping is actually supposedly banned in Mexico as well..... and I know of veterinarians who refuse to do it. But I also know that some will, and show kennels seem to have the ability to skirt around this issue with no repercussions both in Guad and in Mexico City..
  2. cell phone I have for him is 333 201 3123. Not sure if current but worth a try.
  3. And how about genital mutilation of little girls in MANY places in the world?
  4. Call me. I can put you in touch with someone who can help. 376 766 3580
  5. There used to be a shoe/boot shop one block north of the middle of the plaza in Jocotepec where you could find larger sizes (my husband needs 30 /12 US). Now?? Yes.... it's VERY tough..... tho' they do have a lot of large sizes in Uruapan, Michocan... but hardly worth the trip OR the risk! There are also a few shoe places in Plaza de Torres (take the exit off Lazaro Cardenas for Hospital 46) where we've found 12's..... so possibly 13's too? And you won't pay the HUGE SAS prices
  6. Since your friends seem to be new to Mexico, and yes, you have to be REALLY careful here with ANY used vehicles, another option is to visit some of the new car dealerships in Guad. All have "semi-nuevos" (sort of new) of several makes and models and do not offer really old cars. Advantage is the title has been vetted, the car has been gone over by the dealership mechanics, and I THINK they offer a few months of warranty. They will also help with the ownership transfer. I've bought and sold 4 vehicles via soloautos over the years, but (1) am fluent in Spanish, and (2) even then, we got scammed once and lost money on selling the pick-up truck as a result. Overall I still have a lot of confidence in the site, BUT it's the other technical things that can trip you up. I've also tried used car lots, but think the NEW car dealerships are a little more reliable IMO. And as for El Alamo.... NOT for the inexperienced altho' can be an interesting and eye-opening experience!!!
  7. And these people are in this country legally?.... because to qualify to be here, they would have to have met income qualification requirements regardless of when they arrived..... and then at some later time they would have to have become Mexican citizens, which would have required proof of FM (old system) or Permanente (under new system) as well as a lot of other things at time of application.
  8. Just for the record we came here long before "residente" cards (temporal or permanente) existed. That said, yes, we had an income requirement under FM3 but it was a lot lower than the latest levels.
  9. Alpha you and I have discussed this at length on the phone before, but thanks for the input.
  10. Yeah, I downloaded that new version too..... and it SAYS "done" but only get the purple background and the "M" and can't get any further. This has never happened before, so totally confused. Someone just sent me name of a person who has "replaced" Derek and will ask him...... when it gets to the top of my ever-changing list again......sigh....... Thanks to all
  11. I think what you want is (1) Hospital Civil Nuevo (Guad) (2) Hospital Civil Antiguo (Guad) (3) the new hospital in Jocotepec, on the east side as you approach the town. IMSS only servess people who are signed up/accepted into their program (CoV emergencies notwithstanding).
  12. And for those of us from elsewhere who have become citizens, it would be totally shameful and greedy to try to exploit this benefit intended for "born here" Mexicans who are in much more need than we are, regardless of each foreign-born person's financial resources.
  13. Since Derek Young passed on, am desperate for someone with any ideas. Mobdro has always worked on our android box ((TV) , and often "holds" the signal from MSNBC better than other fav... TV Tap Pro. But for the last while it will NOT open let alone show channels. Tried re-booting box. Tried re-booting modem. Tried clearing data as well as cache (suggested in on-line video). Changed HDMI from 1 to 2 to 3. Nada. Tried going to apps and asking it to open from there. Nada Tuesday uninstalled it and re-installed (the latter with GREAT difficulty since am the last thing from a techie imaginable) as suggested on line. SAYS install successful. Did I want to open? Yes. NADA!!!!! One place I tried (google) said sometimes Mobdro is making internal changes that affect it and that I should wait a few days before trying again. Will do that, but in the meantime..... any other ideas out there? Gracias from a techno-:().
  14. In the past, appts. have been available much more quickly IF one is willing to go to Guad, since her hours out here are very limited. Might be an option, Lexy, if your problem is urgent.
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