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  1. Are you sure the sign did not say "permanece" or "permanecen"........ because that would indicate they would remain closed.... for the day. Maybe the 2 other locations were going to stay open, holiday or not?
  2. Gracias Vista Lake, but 1 inch is much too large for us. And yes..... needs to be at least 3 inches deep.
  3. Update for you and any others who might care. That place now only sells ONE size..... quite large and sharp-edged pieces. SeƱorita told me it's all they can get. That either means it's all they can get OR it's all they want to get! But in any case, alternate sizes no longer and option. Next I went all the way to the top of the pass on the Guad highway, turning off at a very poorly marked right turn onto a little gravel/mostly just dirt with potholes road. Lucky I found 2 guys in a pick-up leaving not far along.... asked where they sold gravel and they told me to follow my nose but stay right (fork in road). Much further along (gardener who gave me this info was a little "out" in his estimate of location) and saw a huge truck coming my way. Waited at good place to pass. Asked him. Keep going, but go up..... and sure enough, pretty soon another fork in the road! 1.5 km into this expedition I came to "La Cuesta". Yes..... they used to sell this kind of gravel. No, they can't get it any more !!! And of course I had to go all the way past Ixtlahuacan to turn around. If the little stuff behind the Ajijic Pemex is not good enough, hubby can take over this search! šŸ¤£
  4. Got it now! Thanks Ferret. Will check it out today 20 plus years ago I was happy to go anywhere west.... but with increased traffic and congestion these days, try to limit myself to no more than Farmacia Guad corner, so kind of forget the landmarks in that direction!
  5. Our dogs have been perfectly happy with what we used the last time, and it's what we'd prefer again. And due to the planting layouts in this entire space, landscape fabric is totally not possible! But thank you for mentioning it as it might well be good for some applications. No problem with weeds here..... although they were a little tricky 5 years ago.
  6. Having a really hard time figuring out where you mean. Could you give me another reference point? More worried about the product than the price and do have some I'm carrying around in the car. Thank you.
  7. Oh "Sea"..... LOVE your description of Bobbi!!!
  8. Five years ago we used the next to smallest size of crushed gravel(not pea gravel, which is round and slippery underfoot) to xeriscape our garden. Over time it has disappeared into the soil layer below, and we need to top up in places. The place behind Pemex in Ajijic was the original source, but they can no longer get it. The size they have (fractionally smaller) is just a little too fine and disappears even faster( (Tried it) . After that, it's too big and is hard on dogs' feet. So before I tramp all over hell's half acre looking for this exact size..... does anyone out there have suggestions? (need 2 cubic meters) Gracias!
  9. Yay contact network! Vet care and fostering until ready for adoption arranged!
  10. Today I was in the Vivero (below SuperLake et al) and they are trying to find a home for a black and tan young female (age?? --- puppy but not a real baby) that was hit by a car and has superficial leg injury . Super-thin, limping, and needs help now! Not in a position to do so, but maybe someone out there can foster or ??? Thank you for caring!
  11. See my reply in Ajijic page this forum. IMPORTANT for all cat (and pet) owners-
  12. Yes, it's a Carisa. But it's NOT a tree..... it's a shrub. (I know..... picky, picky) VERY long and sharp thorns so great plant where you want to keep invaders in .... or out!
  13. Yes, Windstar, cypermethrin is HIGHLY toxic to cats. In any home with pets, ALWAYS get the formula you applier will use beforehand, and check out all ingredients on line. Also be careful to read labels on any bug spray product you might buy yourself. For example some RAID formulations contain it!
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