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  1. OK, I can do that. Uh-oh foiled again don't have one of those either way And even if I COULD do a firma no way to record the video tho' the speaking part is simple. Captcha yes. The rest..... I'm toast.🤐 Will take mittful of stuff, go to SAT office in Abastos, play the dumb little old lady card (I qualify for the old, not really so much the dumb 🤔) and do my best to beg for their help.
  2. Oh goody. Another roadblock. My desktop monitor does NOT have a camera. Back to square one.... again. Sigh.....
  3. Went in. Started the process. All good. Then came to ID section (INE or PP). But HOW do I get photo in there? And then, what's this about a video???? Maybe I'm too dumb to do this........but IF figured out, might help with hubbie's e.firma that doesn't work either (Mar 2022)... says invalid key
  4. Lady in delegado office told me they hand out 40 fichas per day (4 days per month) and if you aren't there before the crack of dawn, forget it then you stay there until you finally get a turn. So gracias jrod but that's not happening.
  5. Mine was issued 2018 BUT lacks info like email, AND needs address update. Tried to get appt WITH number. Site agreed.... you have one. Go to Step 2. But since it doesn't have my email in the system (step 2) , it won't let me proceed. Then tried for "normal" appt. Site says "you already have RFC". Now between rock and hard place because no idea how to get past this logjam in order to get the into they require into their hands. Suggestions? (on line chat was 200 person wait..... I don't think so 🤐)
  6. First available appts. in Joco on line (OR via 800 number....tried both) was JULY 13. Of course took, since justs as long in various greater Guad options.So don't sweat the 2 weeks.......😝
  7. I KNOW the 800 number says" Old people get priority. Don't worry about appt. Just go.In fact better if you do NOT make appt." (Direct quote during conversation) I know Shag (I think?) said yup.... and I'm not even old. Well let me tell you it is NOT worth taking the chance!! Had all documents and arrived 9:25. Guy at door insisted only with appt. I insisted 800 number guys told me they had to let us in. Back and forth (politely). Finally said I wanted to talk to the boss becasue I was going to report them not following "the rules". Boss finally came over. Told him what 800 number people had told me in TWO different calls. Lets us in. We get a ficha, as does another old guy who arrive with appt just after we did. Result? He was taken care of "sort of in priority" while we cooled out heels for over 2 hours, at which time I told the young guy at the door we'd come back with appt.. He seemed disappointed we would leave......... but hubbie's patience by then was WAY past his tolerance level and then some.
  8. I hang king size sheets outside all the time. Have here since 1999. Sometimes lines freestanding (set in concrete)with upright posts at either end. Other times attached to side walls where available. No they don't move. But yes they work and have never lost a sheet to wind.
  9. That's the new reality with them. And be ready to drop EVERYTHING and comply because (1) if you arrive 9.99 minutes late for your appt., you lose it. They will give you another appt. option in about 2 week's time. Miss that one? You can't even APPLY for new appt. for 60 days.... at which point you go back to the end of the line..... again.
  10. Local service guy Gualberto Real has been great for my 3-door bottom freezer Whirpool fridge , plus my 11 yr old Whirlpool washer. I can't say about Samsung but a lot of people have recommended him on this board for various brands, so I would not let Coppel's opinion influence me. They might simply make more $$$ on Mabe. You couldn't GIVE me a Mabe anything.......... And yes, the appliance place in Riberas is a great place to shop. That's where both of my items mentioned came from.
  11. NO You cannot. It changed early this year. Major P.I.T.A. but it is what it is.
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