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  1. I was told by a Mexican gardener many years ago that unless every single tree in your entire square block is sprayed, doing your tree is a waste of time and money. That's apparently one reason they aren't grown commercially here now.
  2. Right on Mtn Mama. As you and I know Siamese are born white and color starts to show and then deepen as they mature. Suspect Red ( Flame) Point background due to rusty color on ear flaps of some, as well as some color on a couple of tails. My Toby is mostly that, with Snowshoe feet and teddy bear nose! At 2 years his rust colors have deepened a lot. These kittens look great! Well done, Anita..... and good luck finding homes for all.
  3. 2 places where we paid rent.... one as caretakers have never paid anywhere close to $800 and no ..... no regrets
  4. Mexican landlords often quote rental price in USD (more familiar to foreigners) but get PAID in pesos. That has always been the way for us. This can be structured right into your lease (which to be legal must also be in Spanish). Leases can also specify rent increases, if any, (we've never had one) over the period of the lease as well as exchange rate to be used (eg spot rate). Incidentally, we were never renters NOB. In the early years we met many who found they needed to return NOB .... family reasons, health reasons, or simply not happy here. But at that time some waited more than four YEARS to sell the houses they needed the money from in order to return. Renting while you discover those kinds of things PLUS how to live in Mexico is a far cheaper and more easily altered way, even if in the end you decide to buy.
  5. That would be Charter Club Tours. They are the best! Now operating in building across from Ajijic Pemex. Tuesdays are their "Tequila" days. Lots to learn.... even if you don't drink. www.charterclubtours.com 376-766-1777
  6. Or..... you could save yourself a lot of grief by just plain planning to rent! We have done so for 21+ years and would not dream of changing.
  7. 21 years in this area in 3 different urban locations (Ajijic and SAT). ALL have dangers for cats. After losing 3 to same, we closed our doors in 2004. The ONLY safe cat here is a 24/7 indoor cat!
  8. Various international companies (Fitch, Standard & Poor's, Moody's, HR, etc) rate banks on a variety of aspects. Google them yourself and form your own opinion. It's not "terrible". It just wasn't satisfactory to me...... but you may be perfectly at ease.
  9. MSM (methylsullfonylmethane) is what it is. If you buy it by itself (sort of a fine crystal-like powder), you are getting just MSM. If you get something that has MSM plus other things in it, you will not get the same concentration of the product, and will have to carefully read labels to try and imagine how much you're getting per pill or capsule.
  10. PURRfect!! Now.... make him a totally indoor cat starting immediately. Safer cat. Happier parents.
  11. CiBanco is not an option for us. I don't like their bank standards credit rating. But thanks for the thought.
  12. In 2008 I had a very bad episode with the arthritis in my right hip . Could not lift my leg more than 10 inches off the floor---- no pain, just would not elevate. Hector Ladron told me to mix 1/4 tsp. MSM (which I got from him -- his is safe for humans ) in a glass of water each morning. In no time, it was MUCH better. Continued that regimen until other physical issues made me up it to 1/4 tsp. 2 x daily. Eventually (2018) had that hip replaced. Decided to go without and see what happened. Within 2 weeks I had pain in many other arthritic joints all over! Back on plain MSM and it was incredibly better. (Can't add Glucosamine due to a conflicting med.) I know there are opinions pro and con. For ME it's' essential. I now buy it on MercadoLibre in 1 kg foil packet (also food grade) for best economy.
  13. Follow the instructions at the top of this forum. Make RECOMPENSA (reward) the biggest word on your poster. Photo will be a help. Posters on your front door/gate, both ends of your block, and maybe extend a little more. Neighborhood kids and often gardeners (to/from work) will do their best. Go out at night when it's dark and quiet, flashlight at the ready. Call him. Rattle a little bag of food or treats. Listen quietly. Repeat. Use the flashlight to look into every little nook and cranny you think he could not possibly get into. And GOOD LUCK!!
  14. I would too... but we live in SAT and I don't want to fight the traffic to Chapala OR Ajijic, plus the parking is so accessible.
  15. Lexy you know who I am. Give me a call. I know two people with direct experience.... both whose husbands were there until, one after the other, they passed (one just this summer). They were both very pleased with the place.
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