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  1. Agree... check with the airline. Some won't take them if there are connecting flights involved. Some won't allow three with one person. Some won't take that at all in the heat of the summer. Some will be easier to deal with. And after you figure it all out be sure you have the correct health documentation in hand to present at the Guad airport or they will go no further.
  2. YAY!!! for you and for Chicka. HAPPY ENDING!! But now that you've learned this very painful lesson, please remember, if she ever gets out again, the FIRST thing you do is follow the post "Lost Pets"....... get sign with photo and REWARD / RECOMPENSA posted..... on your front door or gate, each end of your block, and other locations depending on your area. Then take the rest of the steps.
  3. Totally agree with Apachewoman. However, I have made on interesting discovery with the fruit/veg soaking product Albiosan. It contains colloidal silver, and the strength varies----- little dropper bottle has the most, great big bottles are a waste of money because you need a lot more per litre of water. If dropped (one drop) directly on toenail fungus on a "when you remember" basis, it actually seems to clear it up! Did for me anyway, and I'd had it for donkey's years.
  4. Diclofenac GEL (generic form of Voltarin and MUCH cheaper but just as good) will help with that. The little discount farmacia near Oxxo (east of Sunrise Restaurant) has it. Ask for Volfenac gel. DO NOT take oral diclofenac........ can do really bad things to your innards! And be well.
  5. I got a WhatsApp from her last night...... fresh berries etc. to be there this Friday!
  6. And must be some kind of subsidiary of Izzi, because it's Izzi who actually took over Telecable several months ago.
  7. You DO know, don't you, that the Maskaras group (with or without outside $$ ??) are the ones who built the new hospital? So of course they are going to move there. And of course they would not keep the old facility open. No knowledge, therefore no comment, on the rest of your post.
  8. Agree.... and the only ones who can provide this legal documentation in Mexico are Notarios.
  9. TV Tap (Firestick OR Andoid box) has a new update called TV Tap 1.9 APK (TV Tap Pro). What is on my andoid box now is version 2.8 from 2018 but when it opens, all the squares have image of a camera overlaid with a circle and diagonal thru it..... cannot use! I am the least tech person you know.... but have tried and tried to follow the instructions on the internet (via desktop) to take the correct steps to download the new version. Every time I get to the point of trying to enter the correct letters etc. in the search bar, it automatically takes me to the too old version that I already have. ­čą┤ Yes, Mobdro is a second choice but does not have the selection TV Tap has..... This has only happened in the last couple of days. Anybody have any ideas???? (I know Barcelonaman would know, but hate to bother him when he's not well).
  10. OK....speculation time over. I talked with Sra. Cecilia (we're reasonably close neighbors) and she said she has terminated her service for health reasons which she disclosed, but that's nobody else's business. Her husband owns a little store, Super Luz, at the corner of Ramon Corona and Ramon Velazquez in SAT and he says he will try and have berries etc. there on Fridays and Saturdays. But it's a little out of the way for most. No.... she has no plans to return...... and will miss her!
  11. I'm sorry if I offended any or all. I was NOT intending to criticize the OP. Nor was I, at this too late point, criticizing the unfortunate person with dementia. Yes that person erred.... but that door is closed. My point was in trying to wake up those who are still OK but living under a huge boulder of denial about their own mortality..... and who in so doing are avoiding their very real responsibility for those who cannot speak for themselves. Many don't want to face the fact that we don't get out of here alive. Nobody wants to think about being struck down by something that makes their life a torment because they did NOT die. But like it or not..... if you have a pet or more, you MUST think of them NOW even if it makes you face things you'd rather not. Enough said.
  12. Last I knew it had to go to Guad. But I would check at Laboratorios Chopo just west of Farmacia Cristina. They might have that included in their lab services.
  13. In Ajijic------ go towards Lake at Farmacia Guadalajara corner (Encarnaci├│n Rosas). Go 2 blocks to the corner at Constituci├│n. Building on SE corner with front doors at 45┬║ angle. Excellent water. 15 pesos per refill. They also deliver, but I don't have contact info.
  14. I agree. Nobody chooses to get dementia, have a major heart attack or stroke, or development any other debilitating illness. But NOBODY at retirement age (or less) should have their head so far in the sand that they don't think about these possibilities. You say most people don't consider the possibility of getting dementia. Maybe in your world... but I have known MANY to whom that is/was their BIGGEST fear! And since I've had first-hand and painful experience with two close family members, plus 5 other friends or their wives, I think you are kidding yourself if you don't realize how prevalent it is....... more so now than ever as people are living longer. There is no reason whatsoever to not adopt when you are in your 70's. We have neighbors nearby who are both mid-80's who adopted a darling little dog about 8 months ago. But FIRST, they made sure their son was agreement to take the dog in case of one or both no longer being around to care for her. She's the love of their lives and she's provided for! I understand it's too late for OP's friend. What I was TRYING to get across is this should be a wake-up call for others...... because many times pets left behind end up on the streets. Been there..... seen it happen.
  15. Excuse me. Your friend did not arrive here with severe dementia. And lots of people here are alone with no family. I'm very sorry this has come to pass, but I stand by what I said. In this case, your friend and anyone else with pet(s) has/had the responsibility to think about what would happen to his/her pets well in advance of ANY circumstance which would necessitate disposition of them. After all... there could have been other things..... all requiring "something" being done about the pet(s). We are not in Canada or the U.S. where there are abundant resources in these circumstances. So hopefully this will be a wake-up call to the many others who also have not made clear arrangements in advance. FYI I have many years here with personal involvement in animal rescue/care and I have seen this (for varying reasons) too many times to count.
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