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  1. You shouldn't be smoking anyway! Take SunFan's advice and make use of forced "opportunity" to change your ways.
  2. The 01-800 etc works for now because one year grace period for people to adjust. After that, same as locally.... only the 10 digits..... land line OR cell, or either one to/from the other
  3. Not me.... because I will NOT give my (Canadian) credit card to any Mexican website. Opt to pay with cash.... easy at any Oxxo. They will send you a form to print and take to Oxxo. Oxxo credit is transferred immediately to ML and order is processed.
  4. You should not be using the " 1 " any more. Simply dial the 10 digits, beginning with 800.....
  5. Yes Yo1...... cats commonly carry 2 different types of coronavirus.... one more complicated for them than the other, neither being CoVid 19. But according to Hector Ladron today, IF they used a HUMAN test it isn't valid for felines, since they are an antibody-specific species
  6. That's way too weak a bleach solution to do the job. Agree with Kyle. I carry around alcohol and on entering the car use it on my hands AND on the steering wheel.
  7. A lot has been circulated yesterday and today about all the required closures in Jalisco, and in some cases all of Mexico, up to April 30 (or more). So I thought you'd like to know what services are allowed to remain OPEN. This from the Informador today, and applies to all of Jalisco . The following are considered “essential services” during this period of closure: Financial services (banks) Tax collection Distribution and sale of gas and propane Production and distribution of potable water Food and drink production except for alcohol Food stores, supermarkets, self-service stores, neighborhood grocery stores, and sale of pre-prepared foods Transportation of passengers and goods Agricultural production, fishing and livestock, agroindustry and agrochemicals Cleaning products Nursery and child care centers Hardware stores Private security guards Courier services Senior citizens homes and day-care centers Women’s shelters and care centers for victims of violence Telecommunication and information media Private emergency services Funeral and burial services Food storage depots and cold foods supply chain for essentials Logistics (airports, ports and railways) Government social programs Public security and civil protection Administrate and carry out justice (where needed) State and Federal legislative activities Those things needed to preserve, maintain, and repair infrastructure that will ensure the production and distribution of indispensable services (drinking water, electrical energy, propane, petroleum, gasoline, jet fuel, basic sanitation, public transport and hospital and medical infrastructure Stay safe out there!
  8. Are you sure the ATM area is also closed? Because HSBC banking section has been closed for a while, but there is still access to the ATM's.
  9. Sorry.... I was going to stay away from this, but I feel an obligation to elaborate just a little. There were actually TWO stories in Informador yesterday. Both originate from the Health Situation room and both come via the Rector of the Univ. of Guad. In one it does agree,,,,Jalisco government is asking that a minimum of 6 out of 10 people stay home until April 19th. BUT.... and this is important so all clearly understand the entire report (see: "U de G alerta necesidad atacar aislamiento ante pandemia" in teh Jalisco section if you want to confirm the following loose translation, avoiding some unnecessary words) which goes into a lot better detail and compliance options/results: U of G in today's update said Jalisco people must remain at home to avoid spreading CoV which would lead to the collapse of the hospital system. Up to April 19 they believe the following, based on estimates from the present existing cases. If 40% of people stay home they think there will be 1,514 to 1,718 new cases; if 80% stay home they think there will be 14 (yes---- FOURTEEN--- my emphasis) new cases diagnosed. But if nobody stays home they estimate 46,470 to 59,046 new cases !!! The rector of U of G explained that they had found in the first days after people were asked to stay home, around 80% complied, but in later days only 40% continued to comply. He estimated that between Mar 23 - 25 up to 80% complied, but from then to Mar 29 only 40% did. He emphasized "we cannot let our guard down" because we will put the capacity of the entire hospital system at risk. He confirmed that although not everyone stayed home, in Jalisco the measures taken have been effective. While the entire country had an increase of 389% of diagnosed cases, Jalisco had only 189%. Detailed data shows that on 20 March, Mexico registered 203 cases and by 29 March there were 993 cases, but in Jalisco on March 20 there were 28 confirmed cases and on Mar 29 there were 83 cases. In the other story he said that if at least 60% MINIMUM stay home, we could have up to 185 new cases, but if people don't comply it goes to the 46-59 thousand mentioned above. Please note also: Guad news on TV this a.m. (and Informador has something too) said it is understood lots of people cannot afford to stay home. They recommended carry hand sanitizer and use often on public transport. On arrival at home, change shoes and clothing before entering the house. Do not gather in any way other than to go to and from work. So yes, there will be Mexicans who will go to work. And yes, sadly some don't/can't read, pay attention to TV news, or even FB posts on which a lot of Mexicans rely. But if ENOUGH get the word, and if ALL foreigners comply, we may have the chance to stop this steamroller in its tracks.
  10. That IS a "Crown of Thorns"..... just not the one you might be more used to, which is a giant form that was propagated in Thailand ( or somewhere close) which has the huge flowers and gets much larger. The one you have comes in red, pink, yellow, and white. There is also a teenier form.... smaller flowers, leaves and size yet again.
  11. In many cases, couriers within Mexico coming in this direction go to Guad, then are re-sorted and dispatched (eg to Lakeside). Your best option is to ASK at the various sending depots in PV if any of them go direct.
  12. I think you are not supposed to move more than 10,000 at a time or will be subject to scrutiny..... by whom?
  13. In February this year Mexican weather people (TV news from Guad and other sources) foretold temps of 2 - 5 C higher than normal for March and April. They were unwilling / unable to forecast into May and June at that time. Lately have been talking about some locations in Jalisco have reached as high as 40C. Approx. 38C = 100 F. Yes... has slowly been getting hotter (and colder) each year that we've been here... now in year 21.... and no reason to expect this to change if global warming predictions hold true.
  14. no.... FUTURES are based on market predictions of what will happen to prices a few months down the road, based on various criteria. Just read on a news page that demand for healthier foods, including orange juice, is driving the futures up. That has a direct effect on supply chains.......
  15. American futures market, sweetie.
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