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  1. Like Andy said....... info about Ocote....👍 more endless photos of your private life ..... 👇
  2. Have tried both. PlagaSin wins hands down for me.
  3. For those of us who are not interested in lining up and paying the price for quadrivalent flu shots, Informador says today that Nov 3 is the first day for this year's flu shots in Mexico. No idea how long they will take to trickle down to us, but easy enough to check at the little clinic in SAT or the bigger one in Chapala. Maybe this week's Reporter will have an idea too.
  4. Actually Fred it's not their fault. Because of high volume of stuff arriving at Laredo, it's Customs that has required inspection of each and every item, even if under the $50 limit. Apparently a lot of under-declared value and/or smuggling being tried. When Amazon ships directly (from U.S.) they have a means to bypass that .... probably by virtue of huge volume they handle??? And IF the shipper takes the easy road, as in my case, and puts something very small in a much larger but "convenient" box, then the lineal measure rule applies.
  5. Do NOT have it shipped to you via Laredo, and then get to here via iShop courier. Just did that twice..... first time too stupid to know "the system" and Amazon's (private U.S. selller ) does not ship to Mexico. What happens is: 1. gets to Laredo and immediately goes to customs regardless of dollar value. 2. customs broker gets involved and duty is assessed by some mean fairy elf at whim 3. now comes from Laredo to iShop (in your case)..... BUT.... ship cost from Laredo to here even for boxholder is based on weight and total lineal measure of pagckage. So for a $27 USD Amazon purchase, plus ship and tax, was $35.71.....PLUS another $29 USD to get it here because shipper used a box 5 times too big so under weight but oversized. 😱🤬 2nd because it was something I REALLY needed and was ONLY available in Canada ????? so was even more complicated but that's on me.
  6. They sell it in hardware directly across corner (to west) from iShop in San Antonio (on highway) . Yes it's excellent. Yes it's safe for pets. Have used it for years. Ants literally drop in their tracks!!!! (A few other pests too.....)
  7. They are, but depends a little on WHERE on the body is to be protected, and how flexible and determined the dog is for getting at it!
  8. I have NO idea what you're talking about BUT TotalPlay OWNS their fibre-optic lines which are not in any way connected to anyone's else's lines. In fact they refuse to use any existing stuff from the street, or inside your house, that might be part of TelMex or any cable company's stuff. How they got permission to use existing poles I can't answer. But that's why is some cases they can't help.... if there are no available lines installed, and/or no connections left (too many users already) within 500 m. from your house, you're out of luck.
  9. Meant one step up from the basic 80 channels. No idea how many that means..... but lots.
  10. I have all three and out phone clarity is far better than with TM, especially with calls to/from cell phones. We got the "basic" TV (80 channels) because only wanted Guad news and Mx City news.... and yes, they're only in Spanish. But a friend has the "step " package with lots of English channels and she's very happy with that. Didn't need it, so didn't ask cost/details.
  11. I refused to have the App on my cell phone. Requested they send me an email with the monthly statement. And sure enough, nearly a month to the day ( paid installer first month up front, as do all) it came. PDF form if you want a paper copy to print. I do and I did. There are various options to pay but I elected cash at Oxxo. On 2nd page, after the two totals to pay: (1) List price (2) BIG discount if you pay before a stated date, you will see REFERENCIAS PARA PAGAR EN BANCOS Below that are 3 options, one being Oxxo, that all use a Reference number ( on line right under those three logos) Below that some more are reference codes for a host of different banks. If necessary you can sign in to "MiCuenta" OR you can call the 800-510 0510 to get those email statements set up.
  12. There are several doing installs in San Antonio..... just depends on who gets the "Orden de Servicio" sent to them. I've had 2 different teams at my house, got help from another team right out on street by my corner once, and encountered yet another group last week ......all within 9 blocks of Ramón Corona in San A. Also depends if you get morning shift (9 - 4) or afternoon shift ( 2 - 9)
  13. Installers may or may not (?) be able to actually get you started towards doing a contract. But you can call 800 330 1111 once you get here.... that's the direct line to "new contracts" only, where you can opt for English (dial 9) and they will deal with you. This is a fairly new change.... the 800 510 0510 that USED to be the one you called is now exclusively for existing clients. NO, Ken, actually they don't. Right now with all the repairs etc. needed after the disasters west of Ajijic, there are some teams out there that don't speak any English at all. I know because I went to a friend's house last week for the express purpose of go-between/translator during her new install. This was in San Antonio. Assume that will go back to "normal" once all that gets repaired / cleaned up.
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