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  1. Disturb away... not American ! But tomorrow is fine too.
  2. Harry tried to call but maybe not the right number? Please call us at 376 766 3580. We have a Dell laptop that comes with a full bilingual "desktop" keyboard and a mouse (apart from the normal laptop keyboard) and would be happy to donate it for this young gal.... with one small condition which we can discuss. Happy Thanksgiving.
  3. I know many who either used to drive and now don't want to go thru' the U.S. with CoV so rampant, or else flew, and now fear getting on a plane. So yes, doubt there will be anywhere close to the usual "flock".
  4. I suggest you DO remember the new name and see what happens. That said, if you were in need of help and arrived with personal I.D. and CURP number they should be able to help you. And understand, for some procedures and/or meds you will be required to pay at least part.
  5. Yup... that's what we all want around here.... more dogs inside restaurants 😠. Mtn Mama is right..... potty training is not going to be fun. Mudgirl is also right....... but of course you don't really want to hear that. Going away now and not coming back here. Enjoy your puppy.
  6. Called a tech guru (Mexican young man) who said same issue at his house (SAT).... try later in the day when the kids are all off line from their classes. Sure enough.... working fine right now. He also said Telmex guys told him some upgrading is being done working east from Ajijic...... vamos a ver.....
  7. Anyone else today? Yesterday I managed (after clearing cache, restarting desktop, unplugging modem, etc) to get into gmail but NEVER into Yahoo. Today gmail and yahoo both opened (reluctantly) .... and gmail shows me 6 new messages but WILL NOT open them Yahoo opens messages, but if any attachments... no. Amazon no--- neither U.S. or Mexico. No problem with many other sites I use English and Spanish. Is this possibly due to online shopping for Buen Fin... or are there other gremlins out there?
  8. Not always my friend. We've had "slight odor" on 3 occasions (2 different houses) and each time the soapy water test found the problem.
  9. Gee.... you must know some very different Canadians than I do. Every single part-timer on my side of this comment takes extra-special precaution to not be out of Canada longer than allowed in order to maintain their health care coverage. So yes, fear of being "stranded" is another factor to them. I actually know 2 who didn't respect the "rules" before CoV even started, and both were nailed since passports now track your time home and away.
  10. One thing you have to remember. EACH USD you use to pay her in CAD is worth MORE in CAD because the CAD is only worth .73 or.74 cents compared to $1 USD. So you send LESS dollars than the conversion from Pesos directly to Canadian, because your USD are worth more. Think of it this way: If you had to pay her directly from pesos to USD, you would pay +/- the $2,088. Period. And that's what you will be doing from your point of view. That she receives a higher "number" of dollars is only because it takes more CAD to equal your USD. SO nobody "loses" in this.
  11. So do we take it that you will be front and centre at the beginning of the line? Or are you simply pushing others to take the risk for you?
  12. Thank you MostlyLost. Screwed up my super-non-tech courage and gave it a try. WORKED!! Changed the two showing in my email (... Her machine spit out incorrect phone number for me, and because she had to change that ONE thing, it would not give me the appt. it had just done. It would only do it for a different day. .... ) that had resulted from SNAFU the other day and now have a new one on a better day. Appreciate the help, and will be prepared for hubbie's upcoming.
  13. You actually have to enter a public parking lot which is past a school, but just before a little restaurant. No sign out on the road that I saw....and the building is tucked in at the far end and the left side. Large green sign on the front once you're in there.
  14. Paying on line with credit card is something I will NEVER do in Mexico! Know of far too many people whose cards have been wrongly utilized in one way or another. It's cash for me, regardless of any inconvenience in time etc.
  15. So here's the scoop for TODAY 13 October. Tomorrow? Quien sabe. 1. Go to their new office (found with a little difficulty). Ask cop at front gate " are there just line-ups these days, or only appts.?" Appts. only senora. BUT you cannot make them here. You have to go to recaudadora, and you'll pay there at same time. 2. Go to recaudadora. One line-up to make the appt. (which I COULD have had as early as tomorrow but did not want ) and pay the girl 50 pesos for for doing so. (Guess I might have eliminated that by doing on line, but then had to be there to pay anyway so..
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