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  1. Please call me 376 766 3580 I can't take him but am trying to reach a person I know who fosters/adopts out cats/kittens. If I can reach her and if she agrees, she could be a savior to this baby.
  2. Hhhmmmm..... so does this mean you resent it when caught drinking and driving? And are you aware these stops tonight are operated by "SalvandoVidas" (saving lives), a program to educate people against /prevent drunk driving, which is purposely staffed entirely by women in order to help keep tempers from flaring etc. It is NOT operated nor controlled by "Vialidad". And it HAS reduced drunk driving accidents/deaths since its inception a few years ago.
  3. Oh "Alfa"..... you of ALL people should know.... "When in doubt, shut it out!"
  4. Thanks guys..... one of these 3 will for sure fill the bill! Doña Flor also says Gracias!
  5. My elderly Mexican neighbor has a homemade wooden cane (which she prefers over "medical" ones) and the rubber cushioned "foot" has worn through. I know they can be purchased...... but anyone know where? Kind of critical to locate ASAP as she's had 2 bad falls in the last 2 weeks because the bottom of the cane is not stable on the cobbles. Gracias!
  6. Got mine in San Antonio this morning. Suggest a.m. visits to this little spot----- never know when open in afternoons.
  7. Stand her on a piece of white paper. Rub vigorously, especially under her belly and all lower body from neck to rear end. If ANY little blackish bits appear, take a glass of water and, using a finger, drop one drop on each black bit. Wait one minute. If any of them turns a dark reddish-brown (sort of an oxblood color), that's flea poop.... and that means fleas!
  8. If you don't already know this, do not drive at night... especially in the northern states (Sonora and Sinaloa). And whatever you do, don't even slow down as you go thru' Culiacan!! Have a safe trip!
  9. Dra. Justina Jimenéz --- medical doctor specializing in physical rehab and regenerative medicine. Referred to her by ortho surgeon after carpal tunnel surgery a few years ago and was delighted with results. Then again, after hip replacement last year (Guad ortho surgeon referral). This year twice -- first for trochanteric bursitis in spring and later in summer with L5-S1 spine issues. She assesses each patient (and test results) and then puts you in the hands of whichever of her several competent physiotherapists are best suited to your needs. All the "toys and goodies" they could possibly need to assist in stimulative recovery, and exercise regimens to do at home once you're to that point. West Ajijic 376 766 5563
  10. So sorry to learn of Charlie's passing, and very grateful that I just talked to Ann a few days ago and learned for the first time of his illness. They don't make them like Charlie any more! Be at Peace, my friend.
  11. Topical applications like my personal favorite Advantage (NOT Advantix....will kill your cat), Frontline for Cats ( dog formula this product also not safe) -- although some vets believe local fleas have developed some immunity to FL), Revolution --- IF your cat has been blood tested and is negative for Heartworm (or also can be fatal) , and Virbac for Cats (available from Hector Ladron clinic). Frontline also comes in a spray form but it's tricky to apply the correct amount and it has to be evenly spread all over the cat.... ugh!! I believe there is also a chewable tablet these days but years ago when we were in Canada the only tablet form available killed the adult fleas but NOT the eggs, so useless as far as I'm concerned. (Flea eggs can live for months until something stirs them to hatch). OTC Haartz products are not recommended...... harsh, old-style chemicals and not very effective. Advantage, Frontline, and Revolution are good for 30 days. Not sure about Virbac --- maybe 6 weeks? ASK. And remember --- fleas carry tapeworm, so infested cats will also have it and can even give it to you!
  12. NONE. Not only do they all contain chemicals that are harmful to your cat, YOU can be overexposed to those same chemicals as you stroke your cat, including passing your hands over the surface of the collar. Bite the bullet and spend the money on better alternatives.
  13. IMO if you think there are only RARE positive days Lakeside, then maybe you should be somewhere else?
  14. The "Kensington" at $23.62 looks to be very similar (better) than the one I had in Canada before we came in 1998, brought with me, and am still using to this day!! Have had to do some repairs to one side arm and couple of times, but happy to see I can replace if the last repair doesn't stand up!!
  15. Cecilia, the former berry lady outside liquor store by SuperLake, had a sign outside her corner store today that she had, among other things, fresh arrandanos (cranberries). Corner of Ramón Corona and Ramón Velasquez in San Antonio.
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