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  1. Well if I had not asked the question I DID, I would not be offended. If you read what I said.... there will not be ENOUGH credit for the next, and I want to have it there before I make the next purchase so it's seamless. Anyone else?
  2. May be a dumb question but..... "Bought" an article a few days ago, but by the time I got to Oxxo and paid, it was sold out. So now I have some pesos sitting as a credit balance. I will need to use them soon BUT amount there now will not cover next definite purchase. So how do I go about arranging to top up that balance before I make that purchase? (Don't see the answer on ML "help" tho' admit it's probably there) Please----- NO remarks about paying with credit card. I do not use credit cards in Mexico......ever.
  3. Yes. But don't hold your breath on anything happening too soon. They've started with high risk areas..... but it's been a total mess with people waiting in line for HOURS etc etc. Leave them to it for a while and hope they get a better system going by the time it's our turn!
  4. Hubbie's appt. for today in Chapala. All documents ready as I'd just done this in November. Our turn. Telmex bill as proof of address was rejected..first time ever in my life here for any "proof of address" requirement. Why? When the bills arrive, often page one is advertising for buying more products from them. I remove and separate into 3 long pieces to use back sides for lists, etc. (just as I had done for mine in November). Young lady refused becasue first page with names, address, due date, amount, etc. was really .... in the top right corner ...... "Page 2 of 5". She insis
  5. Thanks Fred.... but lady in question is mid-80's and very close to blind. So guessing this is beyond her now. So.... anyone else?
  6. Talked to him Saturday night. He'll be in the office on Monday Feb 22 in the afternoon
  7. Hi all. A friend (who can't remember her sign in info 😏) is looking for help. Has a new Magic Jack but is not savvy enough to set it up. That person is SO not me!!! If you can help please contact her directly at <lavagabunda@me.com> or by phone at 376 766 1768. Gracias.
  8. Gracias More Liana..... yes, I'm nothing if not systematic (some would say TOO much so)😁. Today put another 3 kg SK in the one box, and 2.5 kg Bob in each of the other two. Problem is I have 4 1/2 bags of Bob left, so will keep this up until Bob is used up. Meanwhile will start to stock up on SK. 9 - 10 kg per item is no problem for me to move ( in multiples of up to 6). Don't go to Costco so happy this is a good option for all of us.
  9. 20 KG??? That's 44 lb...... 😲 more than this person could LIFT! Have never seen a bag or box of litter that big......ever. But if it is in fact 20 kg then the price you are paying now is cheaper than SK at 169 for 9 kg. And yes.... it was Walmart.
  10. You miss the point. The person on the phone can get those 2 critical answers, immediately insert them in gov. database, and it's over. With emails they would have to wait for each person's response.... which could spread out over more time since many of us are not velcro'd to our phones or computers 24/7. On a happy note TV news this a.m. showed over-60's vacc's beginning today in Cancun......
  11. THANK YOU More Liana!!! Found a box of Special Kitty (rarely seen in our WM) and weighed out 3 kg. to put in one (of 3) boxes. Divided remaining 5 kg "Bob" into the other two. Calculated how many days Special Kitty portion would have to last (before topping up) in order to equate in price per kg/days used) to make cost effective against Bob. Well.... guess it doesn't matter. Cats have voted. PAWS UP for Special Kitty. 😻 That box has had so much more use than the otehr 2 it's no contest. And yes, it clumps really hard and fast, tracks less, and is hanging in there even with unfair
  12. Since they have hundreds of thousands of people registered, no, it isn't. Blanket responses would require huge number of e-mail "receivers". Same number of people mkaing phone calls for what they want is surely a better way. See my reply to Alpha 1.
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