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  1. I agree it's not unreasonable for a specialist (although I use two in Guad who charge less) but in this case the point was the receptionist would not tell Barcelonaman whether they are equipped to do chemo or not..... only a doctor could tell him. Is there something wrong with this picture? Of course, there is every chance the answer could be dependent on his particular case, BUT the recep should still have been able to say "yes, no or maybe".
  2. I have no problem with agreeing the paperwork and bureaucracy will be a nightmare. My issue with..... "...So do we get any options or is this to be just forced on us? This was not part of the original employment situation...". had nothing to do with that, but was with the implication that a government (or other agency) has no "right" to change the rules. We do our own garden work, and always have. But in the last year have used a contract service for cleaning visit once every 2 weeks..... and will continue to do so. They cover vacation pay, sick leave, aguinaldo, and I presume finiquito for any of THEIR employees they may terminate. If they send a lady I'm not satisfied with, they willingly send someone else. Plus no cost to me if I have to cancel a scheduled day (away from area etc). On a per visit basis costs a little more but worth it to me to be at full arm's length. Suspect more of these "businesses" will pop up if enough maids and gardeners find employers are not willing to learn the intricacies of the new laws and choose to go without. However am in sympathy with these workers, since there are no monetary benefits as one reaches retirement for these low level employees at the moment, so this move IS a step in the right direction.
  3. So let me get this straight. In the country you came from, given any situation (employer, insurance, taxes, purchases etc.) that concerned you, if the laws or rules changed and would thereby make your cost for that "service" higher, did you get to yell "Oh no! I already had this under the old rules..... so I am grandfathered in and exempt from these changes!" ?? Pretty much doubt that, but just askin' ........
  4. My friend, you already know the unfortunate answer to that question. The guys that are building this facility are the same ones who have been targeting those with U.S. health insurance plans and/or large (in terms of dollars) incomes for years and years. Sadly, you'll have to keep going to Guad.
  5. Live fish.... REALLY? NOT in the best interest of the cats..... can have worms etc you can't see plus in no way a balanced diet. All cats need actual cat food since it has taurine added..... essential for all mammals, but while dogs and people can "make" it from the foods they ingest, only cats living in the wild and eating entire birds, mice, and other prey --- so get skin, hair, guts, feathers, bones etc. --- can survive, because cats CANNOT make it when eating anything else. (Unless of course you have a source of taurine to add, and a really good recipe for making a complete and balanced diet that serves each particular cat's needs.) That said, agree with RV Gringo. Highly unlikely you will be allowed to bring wet or dry food with you. Importers of U.S. animal food products jump through a LOT of hoops and pay a lot of fees in order to do this, and are subject to a lot of rules and reg'.s Sent you a P.M.
  6. And by the way.... if your cats are not already totally indoor kids, be sure they become that immediately on arrival. LOTS of dangers here..... of the disease, poison, and many other kinds. Learned that the hard way (3 events between 2002 and 2004) and my doors have been closed ever since.
  7. What brands (with specifics if applicable) of wet and dry food are you currently feeding? Many options here to buy all kinds of food.... more than available at Friends of the Animals store.... and if you can't find exactly what you want, you will find something similar and acceptable. (Have 6 at the moment, on two different "special" diets, plus 3 on various meds, so not without some knowledge in this area) Revolution is here. Sell what you have to a friend NOB and save yourself the hassle of ?? at the border. And realize if you are going to live here, you might as well get used to the idea that you may have to change your cats' diet a little, but there are lots of options if replacement is needed. Hope your kitties do well with the move!
  8. Love the "leopard spots" on tummy photo # 1!!
  9. Bless you for helping these little ones. Mom's fate is just another testament to why one should keep cats INDOORS 24/7! My "cat house" is full to the brim, BUT as I'm sure you well know Rony..... a picture or two is worth a thousand words. So if you have the means, please post pix of these babies. And all the best in getting them homes.
  10. Yes..... but will only say this. I have have it done twice at Tolsa. Very professional staff. Good equipment. Absolutely no reason to go elsewhere unless you don't want to go to Guad, and you have deep pockets.
  11. Absolutely. Even though they will be eating solid food, mom still needs to teach them to be cats! And if at all possible, by removing one or two at a time instead of all at once , mom will have an easier time to dry up her milk. And then please.... get her spayed!
  12. Not. Haack (family) long preceded Geoffrey. Geoffrey's shelter was Animal Shelter, A.C.
  13. Lexy, your husband was President for at least 2 years. Maybe you have a few scraps of documents left hanging around? It was very close to, if not actually "Lake Chapala Humane Society A.C." When you remember the name of a man, you are remembering the Haack Foundation who leased that land to the society for $1 per year. But that family name was never involved.
  14. Kyle, you're right. Seeing news stories about whales found dead with mountains of plastic bags inside their stomachs, dead sea birds with beaks entangled in 6-pack plastic (so they starved to death) etc. is only a small portion of the huge environmental issue. And this is NOT a "new" proposal / law. For those who follow Mexican news it has been stated for some time that (1) the ban was coming into effect, and (2) when. There are already straws made from avocado seeds --- no idea if you eat them after using! 🤔 And you can be sure the legislators and manufacturers in Mexico and all over the world where these bans are coming have their staff working on "replacement" products 24/7. Meanwhile.... am I concerned about how we are going to dispose of used kitty litter and dog poop? You bet. Under-the counter wet kitchen waste? That too. (No place for compost pile) But we WILL resolve in whatever way is needed and make adjustments. Because we all know voluntary change won't work.... so everyone will have to swallow the hard pill and get on with life.
  15. Yes to that MtnMama. Posters with REWARD / RECOMPENSA are the best!
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