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  1. My friend ( no names here) how could it be anything else? Don't you remember being a little kid (you're younger than I but still.....) and seeing your 50-something aunts and uncles sitting around, smoking, being overweight, not getting any exercise, and eating a lot of the wrong stuff? plus nobody TOLD them to get up and get off their behinds because they were "old". AND they didn't have to stretch their minds to learn internet, cell phones, etc etc.
  2. Just over 5%..... which I now know is "kiosk" rate. I used to get 2.5% from them..... half way between oanda's rates for debit vs credit cards. WIll certainly be more mindful next time regardless of HOW many people are in line!!
  3. A friend just returned from New York, flying direct to Mexico City ( to avoid U.S. stops with more CoV contagion) and then here. No food service on the plane. She went through FIVE sanitary checkpoints in Mexico City airport.... mask, temperature check, gel, and health questions. Mexico is taking the threat from entries from other countries quite seriously. And yes, for sure if you are coming from a more actively "contagious" state. Walmart requires temp check, mask, and gel plus is taking head count for entry. One person per family "unit" allowed in. (Not always observed.......) Res
  4. The matter of banks (like HSBC) asking if you accept their outrageous exchange rate (which you must decline to get your own bank's better rate) has been previously discussed. But I had never experienced this at the CiBanco ATM before. Today, first time there since June and a line-up behind me, I saw there was a change in the screen but rushed because I didn't want to keep others waiting. My bad!!! Found I should have declined the "do you accept" option when later, checked on oanda.com and learned I got the "kiosk" rate (a little over 5%) where before with them I got between ATM and Visa
  5. Maybe 3 months is the shortest term available for Mx plates? Ask your agent if you could buy the 3 months, but then request a pro-rated refund after the car transfers to the new owner, and what would that refund be?
  6. Thankyou! That's the one I was looking for. Will put it on the "to do" list right away.
  7. Need to have all tanks (color plus b/w) refilled. The last people at the old "Benno's" in the plaza on the libramiento did it from their bulk tanks (much better price that way than buying the individual refill bottles), but I realize that place is closed. Does anyone know where to find them now for refill service ? I would of course take the unit to them. I'm sure it's here somewhere, but my search capabilities never seem to produce results. My bad. Thank you
  8. All kinds of them on Amazon (U.S.) that ship to Mexico as well as MercadoLibre (Mexico)
  9. Cremation.... yes. The Drs. ladron actually built a crematorium east of Chapala (near Lucky Dog) a few years ago.... I imagine other vets are using it too because you are not supposed to bury deceased pets any more. Cat boarding --- Pat Lawrie 365 766 4170 or cell 333 442 6244 used to have individual rooms (like small bedrooms) for cats. And sometimes they were even allowed in her house. You'd have to check with her to see if still applies.
  10. Well, the android box we have works well enough and until this last episode so did Mobdro. Others find the same, altho' with Derek departed it has made a big hole. That said, I just learned of ribbon ethernet cable and IF the person I asked says it could help with TvTap reception, then won't need to pursue Mobdro further. And just what IS ".. the Mobdro monstrosity..."? because you really lost me there.
  11. Ate there yesterday and also a week ago. MAYBE? on reduced hours---- can't remember.
  12. Very kind of you VirgoLady, but you are speaking a language I TOTALLY do not understand!! That's why I need some to do all this (and more?) for me. At my age, being any kind of a techie will never be a possibility and I accept that....incomprehensible to some as that may be.
  13. Sorry Peter.... you're wrong this time. You are trying to compare apples with rutabagas.
  14. Asking again, because first referral (rich...@gmail) only does Firestick and my problem is with andoid box for TV. Derek Installed our box over 3 years ago, and with a few tweaks was good until last requested Mobdro update a few weeks (months?) ago. I thought I'd managed to do it, but ever since whether (1) clicking on Mobdro icon and/or (2) trying from Settings/Apps it does not open AND it jams up everything. Have to reboot the box! PLEASE people: Your opinion on Mobdro is NOT the question. I only want it as a back-up for those times when TV Tap won't "hold" or for those few times w
  15. Willie made a good point. Not many clinics here have scanners. So if you're thinking of chipping the dog for this area you must understand it only "might" work depending on who finds it in case of getting lost.
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