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  1. The Chapala Post Office reports staffing down 40%
  2. Did it come through the Chapala Post Office?
  3. Interesting delivery route, I assume.
  4. We also had our check mailed May 15th. The IRS site says checks mailed to other countries will take approximately 9 weeks. I know others are also waiting.
  5. Geovanni is excellent. He also will make a house call.
  6. Has anyone even received their paper checks through the US/MX mail systems?
  7. Additional information available in Noticias Semanario Laguna, the local newspaper.
  8. Light sprinkling in Chapala centro now.
  9. Surtidor in Chapala as instituted similar methods.
  10. I just had that procedure done. One eye has a toric lens. Price for both eyes was around 65k mxn. My vision is perfect. Dra Camacho's Office in Chapala 33 3441 5902 The surgery was performed by Dr. Torres, Dra Camacho's brother-in-law. He is fantastic.
  11. The amount of the ATM fees are more then offset by the cash rewards earned by the credit card. This is especially true when using ATM while traveling in other countries.
  12. Years ago I had an Officer at Bancomer tell me to use my Credit Card whenever I could since it is insured. ATM cards are a crap shoot when there is a problem.
  13. We flew out 3 weeks ago through Mexico City. Checked in at GDL immigration prior to flight. Immigration form was attached to boarding pass by GDL agent and collected in CDMX.
  14. Dr. Carmen comes to Quality Care as a replacement for Dra. Marilu, who is not coming to lakeside any longer. BOTH are wonderful in care/giving, knowledge and personality.
  15. There is an exchange house in Chapala,.Entering into Chapala from Ajijic it is just before the main intersection, lakeside.
  16. I have lived here for many years. Since these during the night were only a block or so from my home I simply was interested in finding out the occasion.
  17. San Andreas has little do do with Chapala. There is something else going on here. BTW, San Andreas is always my favorite.
  18. Does anyone know why there have been intermittent cohetes since 2 AM today, in Chapala?
  19. I rarely respond on any boards for fear of displaying bias. HOWEVER! I like celery and peanut butte also; crunchy, of course.
  20. We have used Dr. Eric for a couple of years. We have found him very capable of speaking English.
  21. We have used Alvaro Espiritu for a couple of years and are very satisfied. His cell is : 33 1048 8159. H is in Chapala.
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