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  1. vaccinespotter.com...all states. This was great for Texas.
  2. We have also used Alejandro but have no idea where he is now. We recently had the house painted and used Hector Sanchez. He is by far the best we have had in many years. His number is 33 3245 5588. He is meticulous and great on siltra.
  3. Some people in Chapala were called this week and given an appointment to pickup the paperwork from their first shot.
  4. SS deposit is on the 3rd at Bancomer.
  5. Rich does a great job of installing and teaching the ins and outs of the Firestick. He supplied ours.
  6. There was no information given about signing up for a second dose in Chapala today. We were told that we will be called with date. No paperwork was given after the shots were given and 30 minute rest was finished.
  7. Rich @ 3320512398
  8. A couple of weeks ago I read that Chopo in Riberas was doing the antigen test.
  9. Dr. Miguel Torres at Chapala Eye Center is fantastic. He is Dra Claudia's brother-in-law. He is equally as talented and caring as Dra. Claudia.
  10. We have had AT&T since they moved into Lakeside. There has never been a problem here or in the States. We are on our third contract and will renew when is terminates.
  11. The Chapala Post Office reports staffing down 40%
  12. Did it come through the Chapala Post Office?
  13. Interesting delivery route, I assume.
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