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  1. Silver Table Services for sale. Service for 8 2 sets: knives, forks, spoons and serving pieces. 1 set Sterling, 1 set silver plate. 1 Antique Silver Oil Lamp w etched glass globe.
  2. Dr. Miguel Torres at Chapala Eye Center is fantastic. He is Dra Claudia's brother-in-law. He is equally as talented and caring as Dra. Claudia.
  3. We have had AT&T since they moved into Lakeside. There has never been a problem here or in the States. We are on our third contract and will renew when is terminates.
  4. The Chapala Post Office reports staffing down 40%
  5. Did it come through the Chapala Post Office?
  6. Interesting delivery route, I assume.
  7. We also had our check mailed May 15th. The IRS site says checks mailed to other countries will take approximately 9 weeks. I know others are also waiting.
  8. Geovanni is excellent. He also will make a house call.
  9. Has anyone even received their paper checks through the US/MX mail systems?
  10. Additional information available in Noticias Semanario Laguna, the local newspaper.
  11. Light sprinkling in Chapala centro now.
  12. Surtidor in Chapala as instituted similar methods.
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