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  1. We have used Dr. Eric for a couple of years. We have found him very capable of speaking English.
  2. We have used Alvaro Espiritu for a couple of years and are very satisfied. His cell is : 33 1048 8159. H is in Chapala.
  3. Bancomer puntas can be converted to Aeromexico points.
  4. I get Bromuro de Ipratropio, Salbutamol 0.5mg/2.5mg para nebulizacion 2.5 mL at my small, local farmacia. If that helps.
  5. We have been doing this for years. There have been no problems to date.
  6. I do not know if the Plaza Laguna store is closed. BUT, the service at the store near Buganvilla is more friendly and more willing to provide service. We renewed our 2 year contract there without a problem. The Laguna store said it could only be done in Guadalajara...wrong.
  7. 757


    Rain in Chapala now.
  8. ifibramx.com has the plans. The Chapaa office has not opened yet.
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