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  1. 757


    Rain in Chapala now.
  2. ifibramx.com has the plans. The Chapaa office has not opened yet.
  3. There is a new cable/TV company opening an office in Chapala. iFibre is on the building with a telephone number.
  4. Has anyone had difficulty in renewing a 2 year plan at AT&T? Were you able to keep your current number?
  5. I have used AT&T since they landed in the area. We have never had a problem of coverage lakeside, in GDL. Mexico City or in the US.
  6. Theoretically Mexico City. We have had no trouble having it stamped in Guadalajara. It depends on the agent.
  7. I agree with crynoutloud. We have been seeing it increase over the years.
  8. Dra. Carmen is very knowledgeable, caring and thorough. She is bi-lingual and very personable. My experience with her has been nothing but positive.
  9. On Monday, IMSS was giving the flu shots in the Chapala Plaza.
  10. Another question is whether a prescription is even needed for your medication.
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