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  1. hmm, I've been driving in Mexico for 11 years, 9 years lakeside and last Wednesday I was talking on my cell phone while passing Soriana and got pulled over. I was like duh! Normally I at least have a head set for my cell phone but for some reason didn't have it with me and was making way too many plans while on the phone. I deserved a ticket. Cop came to the door, I exclaimed, "oh my goodness, I was talking on my cell phone and completely forgot what I was doing, I need a ticket...this is my first time ever being pulled over!" He asked for my license and registration. He asked how long I've lived here. Asked if it was my first time being pulled over here, "yes, first time!" I answered. I asked for my ticket, I was at fault. He refused me my ticket. I said, "but you need the money." and insisted he give me one. He said it wasn't that much and it was his job to keep me safe and give me a warning.
  2. Wow, what a great lead! Love this info... one 00 flour only has 10% protein content, one 11%, one 11.5%, one 14% http://www.le5stagioni.it/en-US/products.aspx how is one going to decide which protein content makes the best pizza? I don't have a big need to rush out and get this brand when I'm good with what I already found.
  3. Was this addressed to me? I apologize Chillin and I'm not sure who you are behind your screen name. Are you in the bread baker's group on fb?
  4. Mexman, don't be so hard on yourself but you'll do what you want. What would be fun to do is get a bag of Caputo 00 flour, which just means it's extra finely ground flour, yes I know where Caputo comes from and I'm aware of the protein content ranging 11-13+%. So which Caputo 00 is going to be considered the best flavored, the best flour? There's several brands of Caputo 00. So we get a small bag of the flour from say, Superlake or Superama. And then have a pizza throw down between a Caputo 00 flour and the extra fine pizza flour at Sam's Club. Protein 11.5% Did you try it? If there's anyone that wants to make authentic Italian pizza, it's me, I love making pizza from scratch. I went and spent a little bit of time with an Italian, from Italy, who owns and operates a pizza restaurant with a wfo. He put my mind at ease about the stress of finding the Caputo 00 flour because the flavor develops more from the fermentation, don't we know. Granted, I've tasted flours that I didn't care for but I think you'll like the flour at Sams Club if you'd give it a chance. If not, have your friend bring you a bag of Caputo 00, you can order on Amazon and hopefully they'll be no problems at the border. It'll be an expense but if that's the hassle you want. http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives/2011/06/the-pizza-lab-on-flour-foams-and-dough.html maybe this will help you relax a little: caputo 00 flour protein content 11%, so what's to say 11.5% isn't good enough if it's ground 00(extra fine) http://caputoflour.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/00_Extra-Flour-BlueBag-SPECS.pdf http://caputoflour.com/ Mexman, if you're who I think you are, I've tasted your pizza crust, I wouldn't fret about it but do get a bag of Caputo 00 and have some made from that so you can say that you did. Aside from an amateur like me, no one will ever ask you if you're using Caputo 00 flour. The other thing that I understand is Caputo 00 has a higher gluten content, which I have yet to read the gluten content on any flour bag aside from the Italian flours. Which is one of the reasons I think people base their thinking on the protein content. Anyway, I've added gluten flour to my doughs, why not add gluten flour to pizza dough? Then I always wonder how much? To me, learning how to bake in the wfo is still something I'd like to master, I don't have buffalo cheese but still am told my pizza is the best. Are you going to get a buffalo to make the fresh cheese or will cow's milk do?
  5. It's called extrafina and you can buy it at Sam's Club.
  6. There's a lady in the organic market that sells homemade Kombucha...very good! Both the health food store near Telmex and Superlake sell unsweetened unflavored yogurt.
  7. We built our pool two years ago and installed an EcoSmarte water purification system and are very happy with swimming in drinking water. If anyone is interested, you can send me a p.m. for more info about that. We also opted for PebbleTec finish vs a tile. There's only one certified Pebble Tec dealer in Mexico and they're based in Puerto Vallarta but travel all over MX installing, it was worth it.
  8. Homedepot carries those products if you can't find them here locally.
  9. gringal, she has gorgeous long hair herself, so she'll be able to make your hair look like a million ;0) I'm not sure if she has some special magical mirrors but I think I look more attractive when I look at myself sitting in her chair. lolol
  10. I called Maria Teresa early Saturday morning on her cell phone asking if she could see me before Christmas? A couple of hours later I text her and we texted back and forth. She decided to work today, Sunday, because she's so busy on Monday. 3 p.m. I went to my hair appointment today, the Sunday before Christmas. Let me say that she's going to be a hit here for sure...a keeper. Believe me, who doesn't love feeling a bit sassy after a great hair cut? I told my husband it was the best Christmas present I could have gotten this year. My hairstyle is a graduated A line bob. I said to her that I imagine she's cut a few of those haircuts. She sweetly replied that it's a very basic and first haircut taught at Vidal Sassoon. Well, I can't say for another style but this girl(yo) with low density fine hair has her sas back after that cut and is pretty much giddy about it. The cowlick, which most of the population of the world has one or two, is not a problem any longer. The salon is classy and well lit. She is very attentive. When a beautician is busy and has great hair herself, that's a real good sign. The land line is being repaired tomorrow hopefully but by all means, call her cell phone. She's very pleasant, likes being punctual, bi lingual, kind, not pushy, loves working and definitely gifted at it. Best of all she understands fine hair. A few years ago, there was another Vidal Sassoon stylist that used to cut our hair for a small fortune per cut...there were plenty of us that were willing to pay that and it was bit of a hardship for me at the time but I went on occasion. We all had great hair then too! I know some of those same clients have found their way to Maria Teresa as she said she's been incredibly busy. I'll gladly pay 300 pesos for a cut from her. https://www.facebook.com/mtpanache
  11. I had a cut a couple of days ago and was once again completely discouraged...the graduated A line bob isn't graduated high enough to give that poof in the crown that we all love. Well, after sharing some pictures with a niece hairstylist in the states, she gave me the correct terminology and I found some tutorials on youtube in hopes to possibly fix it myself. Whatever I was doing and learned 5 years ago just wasn't working anymore. Could you imagine that maybe product and technique was the problem? Yes, the cut still isn't exactly like the picture I took in but it's a heck of a lot better than before I watched the tutorial. So, thought I'd post the tutorial for some of our lakeside ladies who don't like to back comb and still need body in the crown. Places like Sally's Beauty Supply in Guadalajara sell the product that you may be looking for to give you fuller looking hair. I just didn't realize that what I was doing wasn't right for the style. I have extremely fine low density hair and now look like I have a full head of hair again...no shame. The gal in the tutorial has 3 colors in her hair, which make it even easier to follow her "lines" while styling. It's good enough that maybe I'll go back to have another haircut where I've been going but am willing to try another Vidal Sassoon stylist for sure! If the cut can be easier to style, less fuss, that's what I'm looking for. I think even the gal that's been cutting it would be shocked to see how good my hair looks because she can't finish style it for nothing...I always walk out anxious to get home and do it myself.
  12. Turnin is a Mexican brand semi sweet dark chocolate sold by the 6 kilo box at Costco. It's also sold by the block in Abastos in the paid parking strip mall where they sell everything from flour to chicken feed. The store next door is a bakery store that I went into and bought some parchment paper. But, they sell parchment paper in Sam's Club next to the bakery section in Palamar. Crema de Mente is peppermint/mint I bought in the Gourmet Store in Guadalajara, I'm also looking for almond extract but my ride didn't take me there today. Superlake doesn't have almond extract right now. I left the last pumpkin for you at Superlake to bake and make plenty of fresh puree...I just couldn't bring myself to pay $207 pesos for it. So I pulled some left over puree from last year out of the freezer, it froze well and tastes fine...I'm sure all the nutritional value is gone but in cheesecake, who cares! Happy baking!
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