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  1. I heard them last month in upper Chapala...maybe the rainy season will start earlier this year. It got hotter sooner than any other year we've had since we've lived here, over 10 years now.
  2. it said he is responsible for recent robberies of expats and residents in fraccs in Chapala, Ajijic and Joco.
  3. oh wow, when we were coming home from Guadalajara, we passed this caravan that was towing the car taking it into GDL. I wondered what had happened because there were at least 5 trucks plus the tow truck with lights flashing.
  4. The mountain is burning this direction from Ixtlahuacan de los membrillos side, plus lots and lots of fires smoldering in the hills and such all over the area from here to Guadalajara. It's just that time of year.
  5. I remember visiting a Pottery Barn Store in Veracruz, so they are in Mexico and you can order that online as well. I didn´t realize Pottery Barn was connected to Liverpool and Fabricas de Francia but they are. https://www.potterybarn.com.mx/tienda/ Pier 1 is in Sears in Guadalajara. I find them expensive. There´s also a Homestore and another Home type store in La Gran Plaza with some cool stuff, as well as the department stores will have things. You have to take on the Mexican mentality a little bit, mañana.
  6. Get a ride into Guadalajara to Muebles Placencia on Federalismo. Start by looking around in the parking lot down in the basement where their Outlet is at and then work up into the main store. All the furniture is discounted in the Outlet and they're running sales right now, they deliver for free to Chapala every Friday. Google if you'd like to get an idea of furniture styles they carry. I also found some pieces that I like and even some very similar pieces as Muebles Placencia in Poncitlan. Muebles Contempora or at another store before that one called Loma, I special ordered a rocking chair in the fabric I liked. They'll deliver for a cost which made the price between Muebles Placencia and Poncitlan the same. You can just drive through and stop at the different stores along the highway all the way into Ocotlan. Quality ranges from higher to lower, something for everyone. From what I've gathered, there are even bigger sales in July but furniture sales have been running for the past month. You can find interesting decor in a few stores in Tonala. You can also look up the stores I mentioned on Facebook but it's better to visit the stores in person. Muebles Contempora is a decent sized store. It was no mistake not to bring your stuff. I understand, at first it's frustrating to not know where to shop but have fun and be prepared to be a little more patient here than in the states. It's hard, I know. I was not happy to shop and buy on a Tuesday to find out I had to wait until Friday for delivery. But after understanding the process, it makes each delivery bearable. hehe Costco MX has furniture online. You can also look for pieces on Mercadolibre or special ordered through places that advertise on Facebook to have delivered. I've bought lamps at Costco and Muebles Placencia in their Outlet and at the last Expo, prices not bad at all.
  7. Thank you Yo1, They responded in a timely manner. "Each notarial service costs $50 USD per seal. (1,050 pesos.) Checks be made out to "United States Disbursing Officer" or they will not be accepted for payment. The Banamex branch is located at the following address: Av. Fracisco I Madero 222 Col. Centro, 45900 Chapala, Jal., Mexico
  8. Has anyone had a document notarized recently at the US Consulate lately? They're coming Wednesday, contacted them for current fees via email. Email response said they'll answer within 1-2 working days. Ok, so they may answer after they've been here.
  9. I didn't have to say anything....as his mother, I could have said a lot more. He's handsome and witty and nice! I'm proud that he went out on his own, he deserves it, he has the experience and he really loves solar! It's his "thing."
  10. I highly recommend contacting Matt Neighbor at EcoSmarte 331-041-3456, he's a smart guy. http://www.energiaecosmart.com/home.html
  11. They were suppose to have it done last November but anytime would be fine. The hotel paid to bring it in, thank you hotel.
  12. Dr. Elizabeth carries them, next door to SuperLake. They're found in the natural pharmacies. Carbon vegetal they are, in capsules. It is used for gastritis, pulling toxins out of the gut, stops diarrhea. Natural, better than chemically made pepto bismol.
  13. Not medical advice but I found a lot of help through Dr. Morse ND. Am looking over some of his Q&A's this morning on the topic and learning more. Dr. Morse responds to peripheral neuropathy
  14. Another thought is to try a colchoneta, they are the heavy mats that Mexicans use to sleep on the floor, you can find them at Walmart. I just put the quilt or blanket over my legs cause I get too hot over the whole body but the weight is wonderful relief! This evening I used a weighted therapy pillow my husbad bought me at Jardin de Liz just over my knees while watching a movie. Trying that tonight while going to sleep and it's very nice.
  15. Our body does respond to our thoughts giving life or death. Words are powerful! Go ahead and say outloud how great you are feeling and how wonderful it is that your legs and feet don't hurt. I always thank the Lord for what He's doing and done for me and feel so much better in the morning, sometimes even sooner!
  16. I'm going to have a weighted blanket made for my legs. This may be helpful to you as well. Google weighted blanket, sensory blanket for neuropathy. I also elavate my legs above my heart while sleeping and am able to sleep! In the meantime, I'm using a heavy quilt over my legs. Berries: raspberries, blackberries and blue berries are nerve food, I eat a lot of berries in a smoothie with bananas, dates and coconut water. I drink a tea: dandelion root, horsetail and parsley 1 cup, 3 X a day, this helps with kidney filtration which will help move the acids out that are causing neuropathy. There are herbs you can use for pain. Osso Sans Tumeric has been the best pain reliever I've found. Anti spasmodic herbs...too late to list now but feel free to send a pm if you're interested and I can share the other herbs I've found locally. Send me a pm.
  17. I recommend Matt Neighbor, owner of Eco Smart. He's our solar expert, knowledgeable, keeps up with all of the latest with many years of experience and competitive prices. 376-765-5310 331-041-3456 http://www.energiaecosmart.com/
  18. When does the group meet? Do you have a facebook group site?
  19. I don't believe in big pharma, or pharmaceutical technicians and I won't be duped. I do believe in a good surgeon and ER for broken bones etc. I'll send you a pm. Maybe we could meet up for tea. I've been fruitarian raw vegan since January along with taking herbs and glandulars. I'm not into isolates. A lot of people have noticed I'm on my way to Wellville as I eat my fresh fruit. For those not educated about healthcare, There's an informative film streaming for free called, "Bought." Worth the time to watch it if you're one not aware. Pharmaceutical drugs don't cure anything, they only treat symptoms and cause more problems, they're acidic and we need to be base/alkaline. If you're interested in reversing sickness, you can unless you wait too long to do anything about it. Even late stage patients can improve their quality of life by eating raw fruit. http://www.boughtmovie.com http://www.boughtmovie.com
  20. They do sell Rhode Island Reds here in Mexico but I don't know where. The year I had laying hens, was the year there was a school project for the children with chicks. After the project was over, the little chicks went to the garden "center" behind Super Lake. She had so many of them that when I asked her where she got them, she gave me one. It was a beautiful hen. One day I opened the front door to find my young boxer pup with the Red's leg/foot hanging out of his mouth. One of the funniest things to see but very sad for the hen. The American Game flew over the fence. One little lady came back to see me periodically in the evenings. The last time I saw her she brought me one of her chicks to see. After that the rainy season began and I never saw them again. I think she would have liked to have come home but the dogs kept her out. The only other lead I could possibly give you is to talk to Nahum at Hope House. At one time they had a project for dual birds which later fizzled because it costs so much to feed them. They had the kind that were good eating.
  21. the pet store in Chapala sold me 5 chicks, potential laying hens, which I patiently waited to grow and start laying. 5 months later they began to crow. I'll never trust him again. Ask the lady who sells organic eggs when you first walk into the organic Tuesday market, where to get some laying hens. Walk in the entrance and turn left. She also sells organic beef, chicken and goat cheese I just heard there's another organic market that'll be opening tomorrow in the nursery next to Tobolandia 10:30-2:30, there may be a lead in there. I had a terrible time finding laying hens. When I finally got a couple of really good ones, I'd gone on an adventure and literally bought them from a crazy man in Ixtlauhuacan after he got them out of his trees. bwahahaha They were American Game and they are excellent layers. They're also very sweet.
  22. I jusr looked at his blog. Does Pepe have twins?
  23. my other 1/2 bought a decent looking used car a few months ago. He was pulled over in Tlajolmulco for having a cover on the license plate. I was sitting in the car trying not to be nervous when my husband took out a screw driver and took the license plate cover off. Apparently, his vehicle could legally be impounded for having the cover because it could possible distort the letters and numbers. The officer asked what he was doing? My husband said he tries to teach others to do what is right and if a cover on his car is wrong, he's going to take it off. The officer shook his hand and we came home.
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