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  1. Learned from Dede, scrumptious... Friends who eat shawarma every Friday said my recipes are authentic, tastes just like home. Be sure to look up a recipe and make up a batch of 7 spice. If I ever travel over seas and shawarma doesn’t taste this good, I’ll be disappointed but glad I can make it at home. Enjoy!
  2. It says you haven’t read it yet. Top right side of the page should have a red notification. I’ll try the email for you.
  3. Start with warm salt water and clean out the sinus through your nasal passage and gargle for that tickle from post nasal drip. You can rub your sinuses below your eyes in the upper cheek area and above your brow in a circular motion clock wise on both sides(clock wise is positive ). You can pull your ears with a technique that also allows drainage as you pull, release and then rub the lymph nodes below your ears down your neck, same deal, positive direction and down to help with drainage. You could do ear candling...however, I have the candles but no one to burn them in my ears for me so can’t say how well that works. The herbs I use, you can ask Dr. Elizabeth next door to SuperLake or a go to for sinus’ is Ginkgo Biloba. I order a yearly supply of Starwest Botanicals Memory Tea Organic from Sacramento, CA for sinus problems, I had gotten so bad I couldn’t remember what side of the road to drive on. For what you can find around here I highly recommend dandelion root/horse tail/parsley tea and ginkgo biloba capsules that you can find in the natural farmacia next door to SuperLake. Also, you can clear it out fast by boiling some water then add a drop of peppermint essential oil or DoTerra Breathe, turn the stove off, drop a drop, put a towel over your head and wowzer, you can open the sinus area up! I keep on hand some sort of mint or Halls to help with post nasal drip when I’m out and about. We’ve been down here since 2006 and chronic sinus problems. This year we installed highly efficient Lenox split air units in the bedrooms and great room, it has helped reduce my sinus problems to a minimum filtering the air. We have so much year round pollen and local raw honey can’t help the dirt or smoke/contamination. Before the rainy season, we ran the air sparingly, with solar power our bill was less than 20 pesos for 2 months. We’ve been running as much as we want since the rainy season, sleeping with the air filtering in 2 of the bedrooms and our bill was around 250 pesos for 2 months. Bedrooms are 1 ton/great room is 2 ton. Worth it! Increase your fresh fruit consumption! Try eating fruit all morning and then your cooked food in the afternoon/evening. That helps get things moving. Stay away or limit dairy/meats/breads that are mucus forming.
  4. Pulpo, I have to try that, thanks!
  5. I have mahi mahi fish tacos at El Fogon de Charlotte all of the time. I alway substitute lettuce and onion over the cabbage.
  6. My husband built me one according to the proper specks. It can bake a pizza in 1-2 min at 800 degrees. Any hotter and it gets pretty toasty. Takes a few hours to get it heated well. Pretty authentic experience. You would want to make sure you install the proper brick floor so you don’t get cracking and it heats evenly. I can make a great pizza by flipping over a cookie sheet in the convection oven at 500 degrees, takes 6-8 min per pizza Our woodfired oven is now used for special occasions.
  7. Then you’re saying the majority of the population of Mexico are robbers because there’s a lot of working class educated earning 25 pesos an hour. That simply isn’t true.
  8. A local Mexican family I know pays their maid 100-150 pesos a day to clean their 2 story 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home. Hours are 10 a.m. -3 p.m. Pay has gone up significantly since we moved here in 2006 and pay for maid services was 80 pesos a day.
  9. How about a little perspective. Currently fulltime Walmart employee earns 193 pesos a day for a full 8 hour shift. 24 pesos an hour. Typical pay for good fulltime jobs anywhere from driving delivery trucks to local clerks earn possibly 1800 pesos a week for full time work. Maid service is a much lower pay scale in real Mexico.
  10. Thank you for those that have contacted Lulu for private lessons. She is now saturated with work and asks that people check back in the future for private lessons. She’s full right now.
  11. Thank you for your kind offer Alicia1, as of right now, he’s good on blood donations but if anything changes I will give an update.
  12. This is not a duplicate, it’s an urgent update as of this morning. We had a couple of donors and need more.
  13. Jerry Morse needs more blood. They’ll take any type at this point. Any type O is better but they’ll take any blood at the hospital blood bank at Hospital Terranova for him. You must be under age 65, no medication, not sick and fast for 5 hours. Please let me know if you donate so that I can keep track. I had to call the hospital yesterday and make them find the blood already donated for him, which they did and gave it to him. Be sure to donate it in his name Jerry Morse. Josh Neighbor, my son, will be leaving around 10 a.m. to go and donate blood, if you need a ride, he can give you a ride and take up to 4 passengers. His cell number is 331-266-3289
  14. A lot of people may remember Lulu Ramos for Spanish lessons. She’s one of the best teachers, certified in the Warren Hardy program with years of experience! A while back she moved to Guadalajara but missed us lakeside and has moved back! To contact her for private Spanish lessons lourdesramos_1958@hotmail.com or 331-771-3891
  15. Had an emergency after dinner. Thank you for your prayers, someone already went down and donated blood for him! Will update if we still need more
  16. The hospital said can’t be older than 65, fast 5 hours, no more than 8 hours fasting, no medication, healthy person, any type O blood is accepted.
  17. URGENT Donors of O type blood Jerry Morse of the Doo Wops is in need of blood donors! He is at Hospital Terranova in Guadalajara! Donors have to be under 65 years of age!
  18. We flew to Veracruz with Volais last November no problems for us. Our friends arrived before us and were standing in long long lines. Then Volaris separated the the lines. We made it through, they didn't make the flight and were offered a flight next day.
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