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  1. I've heard that Maria Theresa at Panache does fabulous cuts and colours. Does she speak English? And, does anyone have her phone number? Comments?
  2. Does anyone know if James Don, the hairdresser, is still in operation? If so, could you send me his phone number please or tell me where he is now located. Thank you.
  3. Would anyone have a computer monitor they no longer are using and wish for someone to take it off their hands. Please call me for pick-up at 766-5856.
  4. If you are planning on upgrading your office furniture and wish someone to take away your old desk, chair, filing cabinet and especially a computer, I can have these items picked up at your house and delivered to a worthy organization in Chapala. For pick up, call 766-5856
  5. My husband and I and another couple would like to spend 4 days in Puerto Vallarta in November. Our preference would be to stay at a nice resort on the water with all the amenities but we would also like to be close to the City Centre so we can visit some of the local bars and restaurants. We have been going to the RIU Jalisco for the past few years and, although we've enjoyed the hotel and its beautiful beach, we feel isolated in Nyarit and are looking forward to exploring more of the City. Thank you for your suggestions.
  6. Our 22-lb. dog will be flying for the first time in a cage, in cargo, to Guadalajara next month. We will be flying from Toronto to Mexico City then Mexico City to Guadalajara. We are very concerned about the 1.5-hour layover in Mexico City. Will the airlines transfer our dog automatically from one plane to the other or do we have to pick up our dog upon arrival in Mexico City and bring him over to board the plane leaving for Guadalajara? We have heard horror stories of dogs missing flights and ending up far away from their intended destinations. Would appreciate any tips about flying a dog in cargo and what to expect when transferring from one plane to another.
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