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  1. I forgot to mention that I also disputed the charge with American Express.
  2. Update-I received an email telling me that they were issuing me a refund. Not sure if it was done automatically or because I mentioned it in the email survey that they sent me. I'll take a chance on ordering again.
  3. I got a delivery last week. No mask. They didn't have all the items I ordered but they charged me the full amount. Won't be ordering from them again.
  4. We live in a gated community. This morning the administrator called us and said the census takers were there. She asked me the questions on the phone. Took only a few minutes.
  5. I had a lot of trouble with the site but I managed to have groceries delivered. They arrived 3 hours after the time I picked but no worries I had no where to go. When the map comes up click on your location.
  6. I'm sure it was canceled by now but the name is Esteban Zuno Rogel.
  7. I'm really curious to know if this will work. They way people line up to get in I doubt it. Just my two cents.
  8. Exactly why I left the name out.
  9. My husband found a Visa debit card at around 11 am in the Scotia Bank ATM near Domino's. Please share this information.
  10. I called her a while ago and she said she not doing it anymore. We always use the consulate.
  11. When you enter the store the pick up counter is just to the left.
  12. We were in Guadalajara the same day and Lopez Mateo was crowded as usual. As were the other streets. The people of Guadalajara are operating as business as usual.
  13. No clue why it says 13 when I go to the site. Thanks.
  14. Why don't the stores limit the amount of things you can buy? They do it when there's a sale.
  15. Not on the website that was given. Are you using a different one?
  16. Mexico still shows 13 cases which is not correct. Is there another site that is more accurate?
  17. So good to hear. Thanks for the update.
  18. Is Angel the young man who used to be around SuperLake years ago as a young boy? Recently he has been near Farmacia Guadalajara? I too wish him a speedy recovery.
  19. It happened at about 8 pm on Sunday night. We passed it minutes after it occurred. We only saw the car and the motorcycle. Police were there and ambulances were arriving as we drove east.
  20. The only one that should be drinking cow's milk are calves. Just my two cents. I buy unsweetened soy milk and I also make my own almond milk. I like that one the best.
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