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  1. I thought you were looking for a rain poncho. If it's more of a shawl made of sweater material then it would be in November like you mentioned.
  2. Maybe they have them closer to rainy season. They are usually hanging on the end caps by the handbags and socks.
  3. I won't shop there if they don't use safety measures. I was happy to see that Walmart refused entry to a customer who didn't have a mask.
  4. I think it's useful information. A lot of people from here travel and are probably wondering what airlines are doing to keep passengers safe. We personally am holding off airline travel for a while.
  5. We stayed because the US didn't seem to have its act together and we felt we would get better care here. When my doctor comes Lakeside she asks if we want something from Costco. I know that doesn't happen in the US. Also we are from NY and didn't want to take a chance of infecting my Mom who is 101 and my Aunt who is 96 and is immunocompromised since we would have to stay with one of them.
  6. Deposited to our US bank account about three weeks ago.
  7. So there's no confusion, it's a poncho. I have seen them in Walmart. They are usually folded into a small package so they're easy to pack.
  8. I'm happy it's not snow like the NE of the US is supposed to be getting. LOL
  9. Here is a link to her website. She has a contact page. https://johannasbakery.wordpress.com/contact/ Not sure why no one else thought to help you with this instead of rambling on.
  10. I get in touch with her through Facebook messenger. https://www.facebook.com/Johannas-Bakery-1516096675299596/ She does not have a store but her kitchen space is in Ajijic. I ordered on fb and then she gave me all the info I needed. I picked up but delivery is available.
  11. Patrick Oden is excellent. Lakeside Tax Service 766 3557 or 33 8421 1124
  12. https://lakesideguide.mx/home-delivery/ Hope this helps.
  13. Are you sure you want to get on a bus during this time?
  14. My Mom is 101, my Aunt is 96 and I have a new grandson and a granddaughter due any day. I had to cancel my trip to see them. I will not take the chance of getting any of them sick by flying. I will wait a long time after the travel bans are lifted even though I want to see them.
  15. On Monday there was and it was backed up quite a distance.
  16. catalystrose-For future trips when it is safe the ETN buses have single seats all the way down the left side of the bus behind the driver. TelsZ4-We recently returned from an essential trip to Guadalajara and had to show proof of residency when we reached Chapala.
  17. I text to the states a lot and use +1. I also use WhatsApp. Works well. Or you can ask for help where you pay your bill.
  18. It says 11 am at DIF in Chapala. Rony originally said to stick to the items mentioned so every family will get the same. He will have to answer that question.
  19. I had forgotten about that and then thought of it later. Thanks.
  20. What number did you call? I can't get through to them and when we went there they were closed. Thanks.
  21. Only good things to say about Lakeside Shopping Service. I placed my second order last week and should be getting it on Wednesday. If they cancel for some reason I will give an update.
  22. The food fairies have been to my house. Lakeside shopping service. Excellent.
  23. We ordered four vegan curry plates from Indian Curry in the food court in Laguna Mall. He's does delivery through Traitte or pick up. 333 964 7203.
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