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  1. 16 hours ago, vetteforron said:

    I wished I had known I could have brought it back. I went to a real Walmart north of Chicago what a difference. So much more stuff super selection and things like zinc and other vitamins about a third of the price. I had a ball shopping.  Passing through customs in Chicago was so fast and simple. Same here in Mexico. 

    Two of my favorite things when I go to the States are shopping especially at Walmart and eating. LOL

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  2. We just had an awful experience trying to get a package here shipped by my son. It had a small box of exercise equipment, some spices and 2 small bottles of Vitamin B-12. Unfortunately DHL in the States didn't put the correct paperwork in and on the box so it was held up in customs. The problem was the vitamins. We asked if they would take out the vitamins but they said no, all or nothing. So we ended up paying taxes on it and shipping back. Plus almost $200.00 USD  that my son paid to ship it down. A ridiculous amount of money in total. From now on we will only have something shipped from amazon US, amazon Mx or direct from a company.

  3. 5 hours ago, EldonNova said:

    I suggest you consult a dictionary and check the difference in meaning of "prostrate" and "prostate".  Also, I am on Asoflon Duo and paid 761 pesos on the 1st of June at Farmacia GDL in Chapala.    It has been on average 750 pesos for the past year.  Where did you pay 1200 pesos?

    Does it make you feel superior to point out his misspelling. If you read the whole thread you would see that he gets it.

  4. 11 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

    You say your "bills" were too much. Are on an Amigo pre pay, or do you have an actual plan where you receive a bill every month.

    Other question is why is going to the states costing too much? 

    If you are Amigo plan for $50 you can have unlimited USA Canada added for 30 days. If you are on a regular plan change your plan to North America and your monthly bill will increase $50 a month.

    I have a contract and I pay monthly. Every time I came back from the states I was always told that I went over data or internet or some such thing. I thought I had unlimited but obviously not. I have the neighbor plan or whatever it's called so I can stay connected when I travel. It includes Mexico, US and Canada.

    11 hours ago, cedros said:

    Telcel at Laguna is bizarre that way. There is one guy who who speaks perfect English there (a bit grumpy though) and is quite knowledgeable. When I have asked if I could see him sometimes they would let me other times not. They would say wait your turn.

    How much do you think resellers get?

    What do you mean by your question?

  5. On 6/9/2020 at 2:18 PM, Mostlylost said:

    It is ok to say here you are unhappy with an individual store. It can be helpful information for us all. 

    Then it isn't the official office in Centro Laguna.

    It is a re-seller that you have a problem with?

    I stopped going to Centro Laguna because I was traveling to the States a lot and my bills were always outrageous. I would ask for an English speaker (I know who they are) but they always denied my request. So I started going to a reseller but always felt like I was getting the runaround. I had to return four times in a week for the same issue and when I called to explain that my service was still suspended after paying my bill on time I was told to send an email. If I pay my bill on time I should be credited in a reasonable amount of time. I stay in as much as possible so I was not happy to be going into the office so much. 

  6. 3 hours ago, Shag said:

    Yes, he is our very dear friend.  That is his correct number.  I just called him and he said he has not received any miscalls so he is so sorry.  He doesnt know why the call didnt go through.  But here is his wife, April's number also.331 518 6851  I think she is with him at this moment.

    Shag-Thank you. I just got in touch with him.

  7. 1 hour ago, Eric Blair said:

    I would hope the government, through Hector,  would give us some hint as to this Chapala "Patient Zero," so we can judge if we have been in contact with him/her. At least let us know if he/she is a Gringo or Mexican and some information  on where he/she may have been locally

    Also remembering that a carrier can be spreading the virus before symptoms are showing.


    Giving that information out willy nilly might be dangerous for the patient. It needs to be done properly. People are crazy these days. Just my two cents.

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