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  1. 6 hours ago, gringal said:

    Those who brought ski season underwear with them when they moved to paradise are now very glad that they did. Brrr.

    We bought thermals a couple of years back in Costco. My husband uses them here when we watch movies at night. I bring them to the States when we visit the east coast in the winter.

  2. On 12/26/2020 at 2:07 PM, gringolokito said:

    I have even seen cheaper than 699. But not name brand like Nike Etc? If you know of some place please tell me. I attached a WhatsApp photo from the day. I was checking the size and sent a photo to someone to ask. It happens to show the price. The ones in the photo are Puma for 1899. And like before. I have seen them for double that at gallerias. I saw some Adidas for over 3500. I've even googled and have not name brands that cheap. I know of some air Jordans are jeez several hundred dollars a pair. I wasn't going to go that far. 

    Some of these kids are in the early teens and I am sure they have some peer pressures in school and what not.

    They are all being feed well and taken care of but they don't have any decent clothes. I bought each one a shirt or blouse, a pair of pants, socks, and shoes.

    What I was hearing from them when asked what they wanted for Xmas in the months leading up was, Bicycle, R C Car, and of course the teens wanted cell phones. I felt bad getting them clothes

    I should also note that they also do not know it was me.

    I'm just trying to make good memories. Ever had something happen and years later you remember that. Not sure if I did it or not, but That is my goal. I just try to create a good memory.


    I didn't realize that you were buying name brands. I know that they can be very expensive. Brand names mean a lot to teens. Nice of you to go the extra mile.

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  3. On 12/21/2020 at 8:32 AM, happyjillin said:

    In case you haven't noticed  Magnolias in chapala is owned by an Indian chef and I can tell you from experience his offerings are superb and they deliver. I order extra hot. I checked out Al Marej on FB and their offerings appear to be the same so it ain't gonna be anything new here.

    I think Al Meraj in Guadalajara has a larger menu than Magnolias. Both have good food.

  4. On 12/21/2020 at 8:21 AM, nolajoe said:

    Thanks for the heads up. I've been to Al Meraj in Guadalajara and enjoyed the food.

    We also like Al Meraj in Guadalajara. We usually go once a month.

  5. On 12/15/2020 at 8:33 PM, Upfront said:

    i like nestle vanilla far better than hollandia. even has a richer color

    My husband likes La Lechera vanilla. It might be made by Nestle. I like the new Magnum flavor Chocolate Raspberry. Raspberry ice cream with a dark chocolate shell.


  6. There is a small fabric store in Chapala. Drive to Chapala and make a left turn onto the main street. Make a right turn at the bus station. The store is on the next corner on the right side. There is also a fabric store on the highway to Guadalajara on the right side. Sorry I can't give better directions. I have never been there but I have seen it.

  7. 2 hours ago, AngusMactavish said:

    Looking at Costco's website I see their scooter prices include shipping. You would probably get it in a crate with a representative coming later by appointment to uncrate, oil, and adjust it to the owner's preference.

    Being a newbie you might not know that a motorcycle operators license, liability insurance, and an orange vest are required in addition to a helmet.

    We order from Costco online quite a bit and their delivery is great.


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  8. We're into comfort so we furnished our house with items from Liverpool, Tutto Pelle, IB Furniture and a furniture factory store in Ocotlan. There are many out there. We also had our dining room set made by Muebles Rusticos. They used to be in Riberas but have since moved. I think they are on the road east of Chapala.


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