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  1. They haven't bothered my Penta shrubs or Lavender.
  2. It must be nice knowing everything. I was only trying to be helpful. BTW we love driving into Guadalajara.
  3. Tonala has many glass blowing places.
  4. I would use S&S Auto. Spencer or Karen They are in Riberas. They are very helpful. 376 765 4800
  5. Thanks for the information for those that are interested in the Sinovac vaccine.
  6. We have ordered from Amazon Mexico many times with no problems.
  7. We stopped resetting the appliances clocks a long time ago! Last night it happened more than ever in San Antonio.
  8. I read somewhere, I think it was Chopo.com.mx that if your antigen test comes back negative you must have a PCR test. Is this true?
  9. There are restrictions in our condo pool. I believe the restrictions come from the condo board. You need to sign up in advance, only 4 or 6 people for each time slot (I think it's for an hour), you need to have your temperature taken by the security guards first, you must social distance and no congregating. The pool hours have also been shortened. It closes at 4 pm. I like going later in the day so I'm out of luck for now.
  10. There is a pool in Riberas. Traveling east from Ajijic it is on the left side right after S&S Auto and Puritan Poultry. Sorry but I couldn't find any information for it.
  11. We successfully stream Amazon Prime Video but not with a VPN.
  12. We received $1200. each last year. Are you saying you received $600. in addition to the $1200?
  13. Selecia was the remote notary that I used. She was excellent. She convinced Merrill Lynch to accept the documents. I highly recommend her.
  14. My remote notary and I had to jump through hoops to get Merrill Lynch in New York to accept my document. They finally accepted it. I did make an appointment at the consulate in Guadalajara just in case which I ended up canceling. I made it and canceled online.
  15. We use Patrick also. Very happy with him.
  16. From what I have read about airline requirements it seems like some or all of them require a PCR test or an Antigen test. There is a thread on this board, COVID 19 TESTING, LAKESIDE/GDL that lists labs Lakeside that do the tests with prices and time for results. It's on the first page. You will need to scroll down.
  17. We went to Guadalajara on Friday. More traffic than usual everywhere. Lanes are still closed on the Guadalajara-Chapala highway.
  18. We have been going to this restaurant in Guadalajara for months. Today we tried the new one in Ajijic. Excellent food and service in both locations. The food is spiced to order. They will ask you what number on a scale of 1-10. My husband loves his food very hot and he said 10 is not hot for him. As for me I can handle a 3 or 4. One time I asked for 8 and it was too hot. The owner said the chef is reluctant to make the dishes too hot for the ex-pats. LOL
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