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  1. My mistake for thinking this was a recent post. Very seldom do I check the date. That's all, not strange.
  2. Raquel Garden service- 333 901 9766 (Nursery is in Riberas after Telecable and before Mom's Deli) She speaks English. Barrons Landscaping-Ernesto 331 267 9364 He speaks English.
  3. Thanks for the update. Please keep me posted about a possible public event.
  4. Fernando-332 205 4729 I haven't used him yet but I will. Speaks English. Very pleasant and friendly.
  5. Get in touch with Operation Feed. jonpseaborg@yahoo.com (376) 765-3306 331-694-3446
  6. There are younger families here. But I don't know how many. I have met them in theater and also in some of the animal organizations here. Hopefully, some of them will post here.
  7. Sometimes I buy food for the people begging. I don't give money.
  8. Qualitas told us that in order to have coverage while traveling in the US we would have to notify them beforehand.
  9. I think if you were on the other side you might get a lot of interested people.
  10. We used this store and were extremely happy. The address is Av. De las Americas 785. Alejandro Leroy was most helpful. www.decortinaslyon.com
  11. I use www.bing.com/translator. It has the red line with spelling corrections.
  12. Has anyone been there recently? Is it any better?
  13. The USA changes clocks on March 10. Angus is correct for Mexico.
  14. There's a ferris wheel but it's not blocking the malecon.
  15. We dropped IMSS and now have private insurance with MetLife.
  16. I used Dra Claudia for my cataract surgery. I am very happy with her. At the moment we are working on tweaking my vision a bit so I can see better for reading.
  17. I use the at home method from Dr. Haro. I had it done in another dentist office and wasn't happy.
  18. Wednesday at noon in West Ajijic about a half hour wait. At 12:30 pm long line in Ajijic.
  19. There was one picture, that Xena described, during the song "I Won't Grow Up" which was from Peter Pan. I don't know if that was shown at all the shows.
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