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  1. BeanRoy-"Right now it's tricky at Allen W. Lloyd for those trying to get out or across, because for some reason drivers are not paying attention there".

    We live on Allen W Lloyd and without the light it is very difficult sometimes mainly trying to turn left. If only people would just be courteous and let you out. 

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  2. 45 minutes ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    Still need the test.  

    We've used Go Labs a few times; used Ajijic Clinic a few weeks ago.  The clinic advertises a drive-thru, but when we went everyone lined up.  The Clinic only does the test 1 hour Mon-Sat.  Both charge 900p.  

    We will need one next week and may try Soriana which charges around 500p.

    Also when he leaves GDL, he will need to fill out an extraordinarily stupid MX form in order to get thru security.  The form requires you to state whether you have a fever, other Covid symptoms when you are LEAVING the country.  I am sure these forms are never reviewed....and even if they were, for what possible purpose---you've already left!  And who is going to state they have symptoms even if they do!!!   

    They just changed the method for that form--used to be able to print it, now it looks like you have to register online then capture the QR code to your phone, but I didn't try to go thru the process today so maybe printing is still an option??  Here is link: https://www.vuelaseguro.com/home

    There is also another extraordinarily stupid form the airline wants at check-in.  This form requires you to state that you got your Covid test, while you are simultaneously showing the airline agent your actual test results.  Not sure which government is responsible for this form.  

    Bisbee Gal, was it the antigen test that you had done?

  3. 2 hours ago, johanson said:

    She's the best. She also has the old Farmacia Maskaras in Maskares. Her son runs that farmacia. At least he did the last time I was there. He is quite knowledgeable as well. But no one compares with his mom, Lulu   

    As far as I know Ivan who runs the store next to the old Maskaras clinic is not her son. But he is excellent. Always tries to help me find what I need. He will even deliver.

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  4. On 4/5/2021 at 7:54 AM, Ferret said:

    I don't have a gardener and the garden, as small as it is, is a constant work in progress. Also have two atriums in the house.  I used to have two large twenty year old bugambilias. Those things BITE. I regretfully had them removed by Chapala Tree Services. Things that grow a metre a week make it hard to keep up. Now I have Blue Plumbago growing up the walls. Very pretty, easy to prune and easy to bag for the garbage. The scars on my arms are fading.


    I understand about the scars. A few years ago when I was in the States I ordered leather gardening gloves that reach up to my elbows. I had to order them online but they have saved my arms.

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  5. 38 minutes ago, johanson said:

    Just understand that there may be a long waiting period between the time you sign up and when you can get your vaccine shots. I don't know how it is in California, but in WA State, I had to wait more than two months from the time I signed up and the time I could get my first shot. Now I am hold for another three weeks before I get my second vaccine shot.

    My suggestion would be for you to sign up to get your vaccine shots on line and that you drive north based on when you can get those shots.

    Thanks for your suggestion but our options are New York or Philadelphia. We find that to be a difficult drive. Plus too many hotels where we can be exposed.

  6. 10 hours ago, NoVaDamer said:

    This may not help yu this time, but perhaps in the future. I rarely find good customer service at AeroMexico. I recently cancelled a flight and they gave me an eCredit only good  until the end of the year. Anyway, I try to schedule most of my AeroMexico flights via Delta (their partner) and Delta is good at refunding the tourist tax.

    I have had my e credit extended twice already. Maybe you can ask. How do you go about having the tourist tax refunded?

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  7. 10 hours ago, NoVaDamer said:

    We just flew back to the States to visit the grandkids and get vaccinated. Here's our experience and some tips:

    We checked out various options for rapid antigen testing, and chose to use the clinic in the perking lot in front of Soriana for about 489 MXP each. You go into Soriana and go to the checkout, tell them what kind of test you want (for the States, you need the PCR or the antigen, not the antibody test). The antigen test is the cheapest and quickest. The checkout lady gives you a receipt, and you walk over to the clinic.The woman there has you fill out a simple form,and for the antigen test, she sticks the swab pretty far up one nostril (one time). That's it. She said the results would be emailed in 2 hours, but we had not received them at four hours, so we drove back and she printed a copy for us and sent them to us (not sure what the hold up was, probably just Mexico). We did this the afternoon before our flight.

    For our flight, we had to process thru immigration as usual, then check in and show our ID papers, immigration form, negative Covid test, and an attestation form which is something you can download from your airline. Its just a form saying you had a negative test and you sign and date it. Also, while checking in, you have to access the Mexican government website on your phone and fill out the Covid survey (which has been the case for several months). You have to show this to the security people before going to your gate.

    Once we got to the plane, no one on the US side asked for any paperwork wrt Covid; that responsibility is all on the airlines.

    When looking for vaccinations stateside, I strongly recommend you access facebook and search for "vaccine hunters (state/city)" where you are going. Join the largest, most active community you find. I did so, and within 12 hours of arriving I had a confirmed appointment for a single-shot J&J vaccination, based on tips posted by my new vaccine-hunting Facebook friends!


    Good luck!

    I have read many things about which test the airlines will accept. I know they have different requirements. I also read that if your antigen test comes back negative you have to take the PCR test. Do you know if this is true? Or is that only if you have symptoms?

  8. 1 hour ago, Sorn said:

    I can't comment on his services but he's apparently doing well enough to not return calls and texts from new potential clients.

    Try not to jump to conclusions.

    Are you calling the correct number? The one listed above is not correct. This is his correct number. 376-766-3557

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