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  1. I know you said locally but since they don't last very long and I don't like to bother with freezing them I've been buying them frozen at Costco. They are very good.
  2. Joyinmexico- You can reach Alvaro here. https://www.facebook.com/alvarorene.garciamartinez?ref=br_rs&hc_location=ufi
  3. We were there last week. Only one person per card.
  4. They don't charge when you buy a new car. They get paid by the dealership. I don't know their used car policy. But you get what you pay for. Just saying.
  5. S&S sells used cars. Very reliable. They're in Riberas not Guadalajara. Highly recommend.
  6. Does it make you feel superior to point out his misspelling. If you read the whole thread you would see that he gets it.
  7. Does it make you feel superior to point out his misspelling? And if you read this entire thread you would see that he gets it now.
  8. If and when I travel I will wear a mask and a shield.
  9. Why give him a hard time. You know he means prostate not prostrate. SMH
  10. Pancho's had them for $150. pesos. They were by the register.
  11. I have a contract and I pay monthly. Every time I came back from the states I was always told that I went over data or internet or some such thing. I thought I had unlimited but obviously not. I have the neighbor plan or whatever it's called so I can stay connected when I travel. It includes Mexico, US and Canada. What do you mean by your question?
  12. I stopped going to Centro Laguna because I was traveling to the States a lot and my bills were always outrageous. I would ask for an English speaker (I know who they are) but they always denied my request. So I started going to a reseller but always felt like I was getting the runaround. I had to return four times in a week for the same issue and when I called to explain that my service was still suspended after paying my bill on time I was told to send an email. If I pay my bill on time I should be credited in a reasonable amount of time. I stay in as much as possible so I was not happy to be going into the office so much.
  13. Rather not name names.
  14. I am not satisfied with the service at the office that I go to. Can anyone recommend an office with good customer service? English speaking would be a plus. I would rather not go into Chapala. TIA
  15. Traveling east on the carretera the Animal Shelter and Dr. Ladron's veterinary clinic is on the right side in Riberas. It's a little past S&S Auto which is on the left.
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