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  1. lakeside7- What a nasty post. Didn't your mother ever tell you "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all".
  2. Thank you Xena. As one of the performers I was offended by lakeside7s post. Everyone puts in a tremendous amount of time and energy for LipSync. Michael is a wonderful person and does his absolute best. There's a reason for no programs. They cost money that can be put to better use and since the auditorio is mostly dark people can't read them anyway. That post was definitely uncalled for. IMO it served no purpose except to be mean and hurtful.
  3. Yes, I had them done Lakeside. They look great and not trashy at all.
  4. If you have them done by a makeup artist they will look natural. They will mix colors so you will get the look you want. I had mine done and eyeliner as well. Never regretted it. Sometimes the tattoo artists go too heavy.
  5. Armando's Hideaway. West Ajijic.
  6. Operation Feed. cherylinmexico13@gmail.com She will arrange for a pick up if needed.
  7. How about sewing scissors?
  8. Really?? Couldn't you go the extra inch and just post the info.
  9. Connie Kimmitt in San Antonio. A little pricey but well worth it. I sent you a pm.
  10. We have always used Farmacia Guadalajara. They will accept them.
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