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  1. Went there again today. Same great food and service. The first time we went we almost left because we wanted more than just a "sandwich". Well, every type of "sandwich" we have had there has been the most tasty meal. Today I had a chicken, fresh spinach, feta cheese, avocado on nut bread that was to die for. The chicken was fresh and perfectly cooked. I would never have thought to combine feta cheese and chicken myself but it was delicious to say the least ... the different choices comes with salad or fries included. The Gyros and wraps are also a tasty meal and they have now added two different hamburger choices and hot dogs if your interest in those.
  2. We had the same problem of a large increase. No need to hire a lawyer. It took about 45 minutes of waiting for our turn but in the meantime one of the men did the research needed and had the documents ready for the man that was verifying and changing the information on the computer. Both of these men that helped us spoke English. We wound up paying less than last year instead of more.
  3. Dr. Peralta is my husband's pulmonologist and we are very pleased with him. Never knew that he wasn't "warm and fuzzy" as he has always treated us with warmth and kindness. Now, the fuzzy ... maybe not so much
  4. Great food and great service!
  5. NLU, I am aware that I can get the answer from Lupe but I disagree that he is the best option for me. You see, if I called him and asked the question and the answer turned out to be that he comes only to the house .....it would seem awkward to me to tell him I would rather not have some one come to the house. Now, I am sure you have an opinion about that also and I will gladly let you opine without a response from me so you can enjoy the last word.
  6. Does Lupe come to the house or does she have a location?
  7. We ate there today and the food is great! There is a large variety which makes it a good place for us since my husband doesn't like eggs all that much. There was a fantastic chicken dish (we both had seconds on it), rice, a spicy pasta, green beans, scrambled eggs as well as a fresh made omelette if you wanted, different breads and biscuits, gravy, bacon, rosemary potatoes, fruit, and we both had a waffle for dessert which was freshly made, nice and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and cooked all the way through. You have a choice of maple syrup, honey, homemade raspberry or blackberry jam. Then, of course, your choice of coffee or orange juice. We will be back for sure. The place is extremely clean, comfortable and attractive. The service is as good as the food. We enjoy their gourmet hamburgers and specialty mac and cheese during the week so when we heard they were having Sunday brunch we knew it would be special. If you are driving west you will pass The Anchor Restaurant and just a little bit further you will see on the mountain side a long fence covered in advertising which partially hides the development going up behind it. Immediately after the sign covered fence there is a small strip center and this restaurant is in that little center. There is usually a sign out front and, of course, one on the building itself.
  8. Again, we were just in Laredo. The mall has a Macy's, Dillards and J.C. Penney's. This is in the Mall del Norte located on I-35 just 3 to 5 miles after you cross the border.
  9. We live in Upper Chula Vista and see a fox frequently. Also, depending on how big the cat is there are owls that might also prey on them.
  10. We just last week stayed at the Ava Hotel. Clean, great beds, good breakfast, excellent service, free WiFi. Used to be a Ramada. $38.00 plus tax on Expedia. We stayed there last year as well.
  11. Panino's Restaurant has the best and least expensive Thanksgiving Dinner, in our opinion. We have paid a lot more and gone to several different restaurants over the years but Panino's is hands down the best. The only problem is there are no reservations allowed. This year I had come down with the shingles so we picked up and ate at home which was really nice too.
  12. So, I am confused. Are we supposed to be angry or not respect him because he got well or better? That when he got better he started another business? Does anyone think that his food is anything like Janelle's? He would be respected maybe if he had died like a lot of people thought was going to happen?
  13. Thank you do much for caring for this sweet baby and finding her owners. Hopefully, they will not let it close to the dangers of the traffic again!
  14. Yes, we have just written Ron's home off our list. It is a loss as we really thought Ron and Sarah were loving, caring people .... but I guess that is just if someone looks the way they approve of or has enough money to pay for their services.
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