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  1. Wookie


    Kyle, Dr. Arroyo's information is just above in Alpha1's post. Dra Justina Jimenez Lopez; Clinica de Rehabilacion Integral; Carr. Poniente #234 B Int., Ajijic; Tell. (376)766-5563. She is in a strip of buildings just west of Yve's restaurant and right next to Crisco's hair salon. We have used both Dra. Justina and Dr. Francisco for the last 10 years or more and can't say enough good things about either of them.
  2. Wookie


    Alpha 1, I have discussed this topic so much that I don't remember if I have said anything on this forum but I see I never updated this post as I said I would. Dra. Justina sent us to another doctor in Guadalajara for the stem cells because my husband was extremely ill and needed medical specialists at the same time as we were experimenting with the stem cells. It took about 3 months for my husband to see results in the blood work. The lymphopenia became less and less until he was back to normal. It took longer for the T-cells and B-cells to recover ... and even longer for his immune system to recover. It is now at the 10 month mark and it appears that he is fully recovered. It was a very rough go. There were 2 times during the last 10 months that we thought he wasn't going to make it and had it not been for the stem cells he probably would not have. His medical specialist witnessed the transformation of his blood cells and they say it is either a miracle or the stem cells so one can choose what one believes. He wound up taking 250,000 stem cells within a period of a couple of months. My husband's results are very evident in the blood work. Before the stem cells he had severe lymphopenia for nearly a year and his immune system was non-existent. Now his blood work is normal. I also took 100,000 stem cells. My fibromyalgia and severe stomach problems appear to be behind me for which I am very grateful. Again, this didn't happen over night. I took stem cells in May of last year and it took a few months for me to really see the difference. Then one day it dawned on me that I was not experiencing the daily bone pain and soreness nor was I having constant diarrhea. As to Dr. Justina, I would trust her to tell me who to see and what can possibly be done. Knowing that everyone is different. As to Dr. Francisco Arroyo, he is absolutely the most excellent doctor. His team operated on my neck when it was absolutely necessary and did a fantastic job. When I was having problems again with my neck and one of the doctors here told me that I needed surgery right away or I would be in a wheelchair ... we headed straight for Dr. Arroyo and his team. They said absolutely NO to the surgery and wrote up instructions and worked with Dra. Justina here lakeside using therapy only to take care of the problem. I was not aware that Dr. Arroyo was using stem cells, but I am not at all surprised. Again, another doctor that I would trust with my life.
  3. Wookie


    They have been doing this for years ... not a new practice. Used them once ... was ripped off royally. When I commented on this several years ago I was ripped a new one by posters taking up for them and saying how great they were. Guess the word is finally out.
  4. We have one that was used for about an hour. If we could get half price would be happy. We need to check and see how much they are new as we can't remember. We bought this one last year for a little foster dog but I decided to just hold her instead 😊. We won't be back Lakeside until Friday evening. Let me know if you are interested.
  5. Wookie

    Beach place

    VC1180 go up to the upper right hand corner and you will see where you can search subjects on this forum. Just type in the word beach and run through some of the threads and you will find many places that are recommended.
  6. Wookie

    il Giardino Restaurant in Chapala.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Computer Guy. We had lunch there today and the food was excellent. Spouse had breaded shrimp with sides of vegetables and pasta. I had salmon on a bed of veggies and side of pasta. We will certainly be going back to try other dishes. Service was excellent.
  7. Wookie

    Giovanni has passed away

    I wasn't fond of his food but he was always very accommodating to us. We too have followed him around as he opened new restaurants. I am so sorry for his family and for the loss we are all feeling.
  8. You know it is really easy to unfollow him. That is what I did, however, it doesn't do any good I see when others have not done the same. 😒
  9. Also, read my post. I had an adjuster and a lawyer. Silly me thought the insurance company would send a decent lawyer.
  10. Chillin, not my experience. The police did care and would not move the cars until the insurance representative arrived. Had insurance, the insurance rep., and a lawyer and still went to jail. It was not my fault but there was a bad injury. Until the injured was attended to in a Guadalajara hospital and the lawyer obtained a "Letter of Forgiveness" the thought of letting me out was not even entertained. It was a Friday so we were told we had to pay $5000.00 pesos to open the MP office in order to process the paperwork in order for me not to spend the weekend in jail. Very nasty place. Just don't have an injury accident (even though it isn't your fault and someone runs a red light and plows into the back of your car).
  11. Wookie

    Driving to Mazatlan

    Thanks everyone for your helpful and encouraging comments.
  12. We will be driving to Mazatlan in the near future and are wondering if anyone has made this trip lately. Do you have any advise or pointers that you would like to share? Did you find the drive safe? We will be driving in the daylight hours. Thanks.
  13. Wookie

    Potato & Tomato Cages

    Chillin, to answer your direct question with my opinion. I think you might be on to something. I will not purchase the seeds and find the pots, soil, then water etc. etc. BUT, if you fixed them all up already in an attractive wire cage and gave me directions on their care and told me in a while I could have home grown tomatoes all through the year I would definitely purchase a couple!! I applaud you for thinking outside the box on this one and if you decide to do this please post it because I don't always get to the Tuesday or Monday or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday market!!! I do know that we, our housekeeper's family and our neighbors are enjoying the heck out of our Hass avocados that come right off the tree in our garden .... plus, the fat, juicy limes that our beautiful little tree produces. We are having fun watching our other fruit trees blossom and grow .... so, yes, tomatoes growing in a cage would be great!
  14. Does anyone know who does cyclone fences?
  15. Wookie


    jonnyintrouble, we installed one of these ceilings in a house we remodeled in 2005. It is still there and have had no problems with bugs, etc. Also, there are tiles on the top ... it doesn't have loose leaves outside like a palapa.