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  1. Simply Thai for me out of the 3. However, I prefer the Thai dishes that are available at Dharma much better than any of these.
  2. MichaelB, I don't know if this is a joke or not ... but just in case this is a water treatment company. You can get a really great water filter treatment for you home but no emission tests done there.
  3. Dra. Monica at Dermika has been checking me for the last 10 years. I have had 5 malignant melanomas and get checked every 6 months.
  4. There is a pool in Riberas that you can pay a fee and use. It is next door to Puritan Chicken. You can also pay a fee and use the one in Chapala at the hotel just as you are arriving in town. I forget the name but it is on the Carr. on the lake side
  5. We moved in 2005 with most of our furniture. The only thing we have left now are the beds. The furniture we brought fit well enough in our first house but when we sold it did not fit in the second one. We paid dearly to have our things moved and if we had it to do over again all the furniture would stay in the U.S. We would bring small kitchen appliances, all things kitchen, garden tools, lawn mower, bedding (sheets, etc. as you can find them on sale in the States much cheaper), personal items near and dear. Another thing to consider is that you can have furniture made here. My bedroom furniture and the buffet and hutch in the dining room were made here and we think they are wonderful.
  6. My bad ... switched the names. TelCel .... Not TelMex. I am so very sorry. I had the location but not the right name. Hopefully, someone that was driving over there to dispose of batteries would have made the leap. If not, sorry if you made a trip for nothing.
  7. There is a mall on the Libramiento/Carretera. There is a Cinema and in front of the Cinema on the Libramiento side there is a Telmex.
  8. Telmex just inside the door at the Libramiento
  9. I am not sure that you can just go to the US Consulate in Guadalajara. I believe you have to have an appointment. Also, you are not allowed to enter with a purse so if anyone goes with you that has a purse they have to stay outside the building. They are not allowed to stand by the building ... they have to cross the street. I also read where it costs $50.00 U.S. per page notarized. I don't know if this is correct but that is what was reported.
  10. We have Star satellite which is Canadian. We get ABC, CBS NBC and most all the other channels .... there is no reason whatsoever for you to miss out on what you like to watch.
  11. We ate lunch/breakfast there the other day. I had posted negatively after it opened as Spago's as the food was rather awful. I must say, it has improved greatly. I had breakfast, eggs, bacon, fruit, potatoes and they did have corn tortillas which they did not have before. My spouse had the cheese burger and fries. It was all delicious and we will be back. They even turned down the music for us and the service was the best. So glad to see the improvement!
  12. Well, thanks for this recommendation. We don't remember ever hearing about this restaurant. We will certainly give it a try!!
  13. Amen, happyjillin right with you on this one.
  14. Wookie


    Today we had guacamole with chips, fish and fries and beef tacos and fries. Everything was excellent! So glad to have this little restaurant and wish them every success. Breakfast is served until noon.
  15. Computer Guy, maybe they are trying to change the tempura because the batter on ours was very thin, however, as you can see not regular tempura batter. They were greasy as well but tasty ... as you were able to taste the vegetables inside.
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