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  1. Panino's Restaurant has the best and least expensive Thanksgiving Dinner, in our opinion. We have paid a lot more and gone to several different restaurants over the years but Panino's is hands down the best. The only problem is there are no reservations allowed. This year I had come down with the shingles so we picked up and ate at home which was really nice too.
  2. So, I am confused. Are we supposed to be angry or not respect him because he got well or better? That when he got better he started another business? Does anyone think that his food is anything like Janelle's? He would be respected maybe if he had died like a lot of people thought was going to happen?
  3. Thank you do much for caring for this sweet baby and finding her owners. Hopefully, they will not let it close to the dangers of the traffic again!
  4. Yes, we have just written Ron's home off our list. It is a loss as we really thought Ron and Sarah were loving, caring people .... but I guess that is just if someone looks the way they approve of or has enough money to pay for their services.
  5. No human being is trash. Even you.
  6. I am so sad to here that he's feeling lonely. I knew he was getting attached because I certainly was and am. If we could keep him I would be there in a red hot minute. He is so loving and sweet. But then again there are so many that are loving and sweet ... that is why we have 3 and many more people have more than three. I have a friend that has 6! but then he is much younger than we are.
  7. LagoDrifter, please contact The Ranch. Ask them about Paws. We rescued him about six weeks ago but we have 3 dogs and just couldn't handle 4. Paws is about 1 to 1-1/2 years old, we had him neutered and all shots. He is house trained, extremely loving, gets along with other dogs and people. He would be perfect! I so hope you agree. Here are a couple of pictures of him being hounded by our two little ones.
  8. Wookie

    Great Burgers

    Barcelona Woman I agree with you on some levels. However, food prices have gone up for everyone and those prices have to be reflected as well when eating out. As to the person that thinks I was responsible for all of our housekeeper's good fortune, I was not. However, paying $100 pesos for a day of work was not a living wage even for here. She now makes $60 pesos an hour. She was offered $1500.00 pesos for 6 hours from a newbie to leave us but thank goodness she's loyal. It's those kind of unreasonable prices that aggravate me. The newbies are ruining the economy, I agree.
  9. Wookie

    Great Burgers

    The Mac and cheese was fantastic. They have several recipes to choose from. The hamburger today had meaty bacon, grilled onions and grilled poblano peppers and Gouda cheese in a pretzel hot buttered toasted bun. The Mac And Cheese had several cheeses ...one of which was brie and tiny sauteed tomatoes. It came with a small salad, half a pear topped with cheese and 2 pieces of garlic bread. We could not clean our plates. BTW,. If you price the cheese at any store you will find that cheese is just cheese is lost on the supplier. There are some really tasty cheese to be had but you pay more than what you would for the run of the mill plastic wrapped stuff. However, I wouldn't complain much either if costs were what they used to be. Of course, when we arrived here 14 years ago our housekeeper (who still works for us) was sleeping in a home with her family with no windows or doors, on the floor on a pallet. Our dog beds were better. I am really happy that at this point she and her family have windows and doors with screens and beds to sleep in. She doesn't come to work hungry any more so I don't have to give her breakfast or see that she had lunch because that may be the only meal she gets that day. She now has a pair of eye glasses so she can see the dirt and dust she is cleaning. Little things like that ... but, sure, who wouldn't want to pocket double the pesos we get from our money we bring down and just let the people who help us every day stay where they were sleeping on the floor with rain or mosquitoes.
  10. Wookie

    Great Burgers

    If anyone would like to try this restaurant before making negative comments, they might find these burgers far superior to most. They are very large and extremely tasty and, no, as far as we are concerned using really good beef is not lost on a hamburger unless you drown it in catsup ....then, yes, why pay the price. The service is excellent, the food is absolutely delicious and you don't go away hungry for sure. Everything is fresh and plentiful. The cheese is real and plentiful. The fries are excellent as well. I understand prices are higher but the meal is more than large enough and good enough to warrant it. Not only have food prices gone up significantly but so has the exchange rate. At this point we are paying no more than we did when we moved here 14 years ago when the exchange rate is taken into consideration. Oh! I forget the hamburger buns! They are real buns that are buttered and toasted and don't get soggy and fall apart. The burger is big enough that I eat it with a knife and fork. We are going to try one of the Mac and cheese dishes that comes as a meal with a salad today ... halving that and one of the burgers. Will let you know about the Mac and cheese.
  11. I would like to purchase some metal shelving that is strong enough to store heavy glass items. Call 332-041-7051
  12. I wonder if the people in La Floresta who recently lost their dog would like for whoever sees her to just leave her out in the street to maybe get attacked or run over. Or, maybe the people that lost their baby at Furry Friends would want some one in that neighborhood to just let their dog try to find it's home
  13. If anyone would like to share a Post Office Box please pm me.
  14. We ordered the 23 at Quality Care last year. It took about a week for them to get the vaccine. I do not remember the cost.
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