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  1. I would like to purchase some metal shelving that is strong enough to store heavy glass items. Call 332-041-7051
  2. I wonder if the people in La Floresta who recently lost their dog would like for whoever sees her to just leave her out in the street to maybe get attacked or run over. Or, maybe the people that lost their baby at Furry Friends would want some one in that neighborhood to just let their dog try to find it's home
  3. If anyone would like to share a Post Office Box please pm me.
  4. We ordered the 23 at Quality Care last year. It took about a week for them to get the vaccine. I do not remember the cost.
  5. So, it's 8:12 pm and still no electricity. This is getting old.
  6. MtnMama, I realize this but this dog was so exhausted it could hardly walk. It was hungry and thirsty and scared (not of me but just in general). I know this is someone's pet but it will not leave my yard except to go into the house. It follows me except when I go out of the gate. He is very heavy and I can not make him move when he doesn't want to. He is used to sleeping in someone's bed as that is the first thing he did when he entered the bedroom for the night ... hop on the bed. I immediately had him hop off and onto a very comfy dog bed as my 3 do sleep with me a lot of the time and there just is not room for 4 in a full size bed. I will be knocking doors in Upper Chula Vista (the neighborhood) on Friday as I have other previous obligations for tomorrow. I am praying that someone didn't dump him and then he tried to keep up with the car and became almost lame and exhausted. I have seen this happen several times over the past years.
  7. Please pm me if this is your dog or if you know the owner. He is very gentle, gets along with dogs and people, house trained, eats dog food, very loving but also a bit scared ....his back legs are stiff like maybe he was injured before but doesn't seem to be in any pain now.
  8. We had lunch there today. It was absolutely fantastic and this is coming from a meat and potatoes person! We will be back very soon. The decor is as attractive as the food and the food is as delicious as it is attractive. The service was just right. Prices very reasonable.
  9. We ate there for lunch today. The special was chili relleno (you could choose either cheese or hamburger) served on a bed of rice. It was very tasty but not sufficient for a full meal. The next time we will order a side of beans or something. As it was, we were fine as I ordered chicken fajitas which were very good ... and I gave one to my husband which rounded out his meal. This was not TexMex ... but very good and tasty. When we go back I will take a container of grated cheddar cheese with me and I will be a happy customer!! The limonada was excellent and the service could not have been better. We will be back to try other things. The prices were very reasonable.
  10. We just made a round trip to Seattle on Volaris. Just a couple of things ... take your own water and snacks. You have to purchase everything. Also, when we were in Seattle we stopped and bought ourselves a cushion for the flight back as there was very little cushion in the seat. Ours was a 5 hour flight and the one to Houston is only a little over 2 hours so it might not be that big of a deal. We drive to Houston from time to time. We don't drive at night ... and we don't drive over 8 hours so we wind up spending the night 2 nights .. one in Matehuala and one in Laredo. The toll roads are also pretty expensive and then there is gas and food. Think a Volaris flight would be a better deal if you don't need a car.
  11. We looked at El Parque when we first came down 14 years ago. We just don't prefer living that close and having so little privacy when on our terrace, etc. I know that many people love it ... it is just a personal preference. We wound up purchasing in Chapala Haciendas II, as I said and enjoyed the quiet and the space very much .... until we didn't.
  12. They may have been referring to the repair taking place where an approximate 3 meter deep sinkhole occurred the other night. Our friend saw a large dark spot and thinking it strange skirted it ... The car behind him fell in the hole.
  13. Ian Greenwood: "Anyone who goes to a restaurant which has been open less than a week and posts an extremely negative review probably received the food and service they deserved .... lemmings perhaps ?" ..... this is what I get when I post. Smarts just a little for someone to be so caustic. If food or service is bad ... it is bad and should be reported as such for those of us that don't have so much money that it doesn't matter if you throw some of it away. There are those that have enjoyed this chicken, so now when we decide to go, we will at least know to watch what is coming out of the kitchen, pay attention to the smell of the place ... if all is good that day, then we will probably enjoy the chicken also. But if it isn't we will know that if we are getting "take-out" not to trust and to look at it before we pay and walk out the door.
  14. Wonder where Ian Greenwood is? If I had posted something so negative about a new restaurant he would not have remained silent!! But maybe he doesn't consider this a restaurant. At any rate, thanks for the picture along with the warning ... we were headed there yesterday and got waylaid ... glad we did now.
  15. Well, there you go!! Thanks for that information, Bisbee Gal, because this is exactly what the food is ... comida Mexicana. Similar to other Mexican restaurants here and if that is what people are going there to experience they will have a great time. We had not seen the FB page and was going by the recommendation on this Board that called it Tex-Mex and our taste buds were soooooooooo ready for some. I have been told that Mexicans do serve their food lukewarm to cold but I have not had that experience in a very long time. So, this is probably the real deal.
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