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  1. Wookie


    When our plane was extremely late we paid $800 but it's usually $450 to $600 depending on who we use. Just be sure to ask how much it will be when making a reservation.
  2. Wookie

    Insurance Agent / Broker

    Another recommendation for ISAAC which is located just West of Panino Restaurant. Our agent is Alicia Rivera. The customer service is unequalled in our opinion.
  3. Just know that you need to find a hotel near the airport and there are not that many. You don't want to drive into Guadalajara because you will have a lot of the same problems you would have going to Ajijic. The airport is about half way between Ajijic and Guadalajara.
  4. If you are driving yourself definitely get a shuttle to a nearby hotel. If you're not then get a taxi and come on into Ajijic and wherever you are staying. We have some excellent drivers that will meet you at any hour and drive you to your destination. We had a late doctor's appointment last evening and hired a driver to take us. Thanks to the flooding rains in Guadalajara we didn't get back until after midnight. There's no problem when you have a driver that knows the roads.
  5. According to a report on facebook there were 5 arrested and 2 killed. Three of the arrested were women and one of the arrested was the head of a kidnapping group that operated out of Chapala/Ajijic/Jocotepec that had been targeting businessmen. They had been involved in at least 8 other kidnappings. Their targets were businessmen. 2 people freed today, one male and one female captive who were held at a property in Jocotepec. Their ransom was being negotiated and the bad guys were held up at the Hotel Perico which authorities say had nothing to do with the crimes. Kidnappers were all Mexicans living in Jalisco.
  6. Oh My Word!!! She is precious!!! We have 3 rescues and 2 of them are little also. I so wish we could take her but I have to sit on myself with 3 to provide for. One of ours was rescued by another Ex-pat when run over by a car and another was found dying in a trash can. They are the love of my life now s is their big sister that was abused and tossed from pillar to post ... by no less than Ex-pats! This Little Bit is going to make someone so very, very happy.
  7. Wookie

    Traffic Rule Question

    About 3 years ago a motorcycle ran the light at Colon, speeding, tried to go around my stopped car on the right side, hit the back right bumper of my car at great speed, flew through the air, broke his leg in 5 places. Even though all witnesses reported the above facts to the authorities I was put on jail and my car impounded. I had to pay a bribe to get out that night and not spend the weekend in jail. Believe me you NEVER want to be in the Chapala jail.
  8. Wookie

    Amazon Mexico Questions

    franky, our monitor was delivered early this afternoon. If you can't be home on the day that you have scheduled delivery (we used second day delivery so we would know what day it would come) .... have it sent to a mail service place in your area and pick it up from them. We are in San Antonio Tlay. which is between Chapala and Ajijic.
  9. Wookie

    Amazon Mexico Questions

    I ordered a new monitor from Amazon.com.mx yesterday. I logged in using my email address and password that I use for Amazon US. I did it using my smartphone which translates automatically from Spanish to English. I am having it shipped to our home. I used my US credit card. A few minutes ago I received an email saying that it has shipped and I will receive tomorrow. I chose second day delivery and it seems that will happen. Will let you know if received tomorrow. This is my first time using the Mexico site.
  10. Whoever is the moderator of this forum, could you please shut this down. Thank you.
  11. Wookie

    Mom's Deli - Cinn. Buns

    I always call before I go when I am wanting cinn. buns, cookies, scones or frozen foods. They tell me when it is ready or whether it already is and I ask them to hold me some. Lots easier than going there to see.
  12. Maybe for you, Tiny. At other's expense. This whole thing has been rather disgusting. Taaffe, this woman is not my friend, I don't even know her And neither do you! This woman could not even figure out how to post on this webboard and unless her friends are continuing to show her this thread she isn't reading your pronouncements of her penalties as, of course, you are her judge and jury. Mainecoons it seems that these people don't want to consider that the woman might have a problem. They are having way to much fun playing with their lesser selves.
  13. Good to know, Gringal, thanks.
  14. Am I wrong? I thought if you had a Permante status you could only be out of country for a more limited amount of time. As to the insurance, why not visit with some of the excellent agencies that specialize in insurance coverage here at Lakeside when you arrive.