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  1. I have a chase card with the chip. I can use Santander ATM's and HSBC with no issues, Scotia Bank never works, but I am not sure of the others. It is almost impossible to use at Walmart in the checklanes, it has a few times with a lot of attempts.
  2. I have a nephew with an addiction so I understand what they are going through. He has stumbled a couple of times since getting out of rehab not even a year ago. I feel the problem is not in where Rehab is, it is with the life they are going back to. Getting rid of the bad friends and the other emotional baggage that caused drugs or alcohol to be their crutch is key, not the location of rehab. I think one of the most important parts in rehab was the counseling he received to address his deep rooted emotional issues. If their child speaks fluent Spanish then no problem, if they do not then they have to be sure emotional support will be there in english. The patient also would have difficulty in group sessions if no one in the group could understand them and vice versa. I wish your friends all the best and send positive thoughts their way hoping that they get the help they need.
  3. I had my temporal and first received it when it was a FM3 and I was 36. My daughter was an add to mine and she was 7 at the time. I know many younger expats with both types of visas.
  4. I had that problem with Costco regular dog food about a year ago. The dogs just stopped eating it, so we switched to another. I never went over and smelled the bag, now I wished I had. This explains a lot. I still use the Costco puppy for our 2 puppies, you can bet I will be smelling every bag from now on.
  5. Great news!!!! The owners of Gloria's have returned from the US. They had closed for the last year while getting medical treatment. We had dinner there last Saturday night and the pizza and BBQ ribs were wonderful as always. I have never had a bad meal at Gloria's place. They have a new delivery driver that will deliver pizza or other entrees on the westside ( Raquet Club & Joco). They are still at the same location in El Chante, turn at the sign to go to the spa and it is at the end of the street.
  6. I would ask a private driver to take you. Myron is close by and may be able to take you then. I will PM you his cell
  7. He was very careful when removing them and picking the pieces out and he had me rinse frequently in order to get any of the small pieces. He knows it is important not to swallow any of it.
  8. I am assuming you want to replace them with non-silver fillings? I recently had 2 of my old silver fillings removed and replaced at Dental Express. It was very economical and they did a good job, will be doing another one on the other side of my mouth at my next appointment.
  9. Pablo's is a little before you get to the OXXO in West Ajijic , it is on the Carraterra, mountain side of the street.
  10. I have also had great work done the first time I went to Escalera. Then it was a series of nightmares. I know many, many others with horrible experiences with these shops. All the same story, great reasonable work the first time or two after that it turned bad. One story, which was confirmed by another mechanic, absolutely blew my mind. After 4 years in Mexico, I would say the only long term reliable and honest repair work for me has been Pablo's shop in W. Ajijic. I also have heard wonderful things about Salvador in Joco, but I can't seem to find his shop to try him out.
  11. I had a friend do this in November and she was told that this was the last time, that she would be unable to do this again. She just turned in her visa and turned right around and asked for a new one. I told her I thought she had to go and re-enter the US then come back through. I thought that was the problem, but based on this it looks like they knew it was in the works.
  12. I was just on the site, can you use a US credit card to pay for your membership and dues? Thanks
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