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  1. Pablo's is a little before you get to the OXXO in West Ajijic , it is on the Carraterra, mountain side of the street.
  2. I have also had great work done the first time I went to Escalera. Then it was a series of nightmares. I know many, many others with horrible experiences with these shops. All the same story, great reasonable work the first time or two after that it turned bad. One story, which was confirmed by another mechanic, absolutely blew my mind. After 4 years in Mexico, I would say the only long term reliable and honest repair work for me has been Pablo's shop in W. Ajijic. I also have heard wonderful things about Salvador in Joco, but I can't seem to find his shop to try him out.
  3. I had a friend do this in November and she was told that this was the last time, that she would be unable to do this again. She just turned in her visa and turned right around and asked for a new one. I told her I thought she had to go and re-enter the US then come back through. I thought that was the problem, but based on this it looks like they knew it was in the works.
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