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  1. http://www.informador.com.mx/jalisco/2016/640101/6/invertiran-cuatro-mdp-para-retirar-el-lirio-del-lago-de-chapala.htm
  2. I need to go there on Monday and I will be going in an empty van so there's room for a couple of people. It would just be a one way trip though and I can't change the date as I will be picking up someone on Tuesday and returning and the van will be full. - Or if you want to send a few items to PV that can work too, - I am thinking of sharing expenses. I know this is short notice but if anyone is interested please send me a PM. thanks!
  3. I just talked with Nathan and no, he doesn't have any supplies here. He knows where and how to order them, both in Mexico and the States. And he said he has developed a 'pre filter' system that he uses and he gets those filters locally. Nathan will be staying at the hotel till the end of the month, if you want to contact him just give me a call or drop by..
  4. Jguerin, in answer to your question, the fellow that is giving the presentation, Nathan, has been drinking Kangen water for 12 years now and is very familiar about where and how to get filters, etc. He will be able to help you. If you can make it to the demo you can talk to him then, if not give me a call and I can arrange for you to meet him. - 333 142 0012 Sea, a lot of this demo is about balancing the body's PH, but the truth is that a lot of people are high in acid and need to raise their alkalinity. Hospitals in Japan have used this filter for years and if it wasn't healthy I doubt
  5. Last Monday we had a demo on Kangen water here at Hotel Perico, which generated quite a bit of interest, positive comments and reactions. So we will be having another demo this coming Monday at 4 pm. Here's more info: This coming Monday, December 21st, at 4:00 PM on the terraza of Hotel Perico, Mr. Nathan Ronan, "a molecular hydration specialist" will be discussing the advantages of drinking Kangen water. This water is an antioxidant about eight times the level of green tea. It is also micro-clustered, which enhances the absorption into the cell for greater hydration at five times the l
  6. Pharmacy Cristina, which is just past the El Torito supermarket. I believe they cost 60 pesos each and you can try them on. http://www.chapala.com/farmaciacristina.html
  7. Calle Colon #100 http://www.casaluzajijic.com/
  8. The Tepehua Maternal Clinic project is having a Halloween Party fundraiser on Saturday, Oct. 31 at 1 pm at the Hotel Perico. This clinic is of major importance to the women of all the barrios Lakeside...they will have all pre/post natal care. The clinic will have a laboratory, sonogram unit, pharmacy, everything that would save the Mother the arduous trip to Guadalajara... where service is not free. They charge $450 for a sonogram which the Mothers do not have, so they do not get the life saving service they need. Tickets are available at the Tepehua Treasures Thrift shop, or contact Moon
  9. I know that Chapala wasn't issuing Inapam cards for a long time but I went there about 4 weeks ago and they had them and I got mine in about 20 minutes. You have to bring proof of address, photos, copy of ID and you need to fill out a form but the lady did it right there on the spot. And I know people who went there after I did, so unless things have changed in the past 3 weeks I believe they are still issuing cards. It's the DIF building that is on Calle Degollado in Chapala, on the left hand side of the street about three blocks down from the main Avenida.
  10. I think 'Go Solar' would be the best one to answer your question here. But to put it in a nutshell if you have a gravity fed water system then you can get by with a gravity or low pressure solar unit. In other words, if you have a tinaco or water tank on your roof and it is not a pressurized system then you can use a low pressure or gravity fed solar hot water unit. But if you have a pressurized water system then you need a solar unit that can handle the water pressure, and those are more expensive. I don't believe they are 4 times more expensive, more like twice as expensive. But eith
  11. About 1.5 years ago my wife was having problems with one eye, she was seeing dark spots or floaters. We went to a local eye doctor who didn't think it was much but he said to come back in three days. The floaters were still there after three days so he said she needed to see a specialist in Guad as the eye doctors here didn't have the proper equipment to detect problems like this. He suggested Dr Renee Santillan and when we called him and explained the situation he said she needed to come in immediately. He detected a partially torn retina and the next day he operated, using laser surgery. W
  12. I've used this site a couple of times in the past and I have been happy with their covers. http://www.solarcovers.com/ They give you good info on the different covers and possibilities and have quite an assortment and it's free shipping and handling. The problem is getting it down from the border as the covers are quite bulky.
  13. Hi Lora,

    My name is Tom Leonard, I saw your post this morning and I manage a couple of properties here so I know of some possibilities. Are you living in the area now? if so I could meet you and show you a couple of places. My phone number is (045) 333 142 0012.

    Best Regards, Tom Leonard

    PS I'm not a rental agent so there's no comission involved..

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