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  1. I would also suggest that you loose your doctor. He/She doesn't have a clue. If you were to have a "jammer"/heart attack, the paramedics will inject you with magnesium, usually straight into the heart muscle, why, cause magnesium carries O2. Better health = more magnesium = more 02 uptake. Duh. My pharmacist concocts magnesium oil for me. i drip about 8 drops/day onto the inside of my forearms and rub it in. it's pricey, but my $ 90 investment should last a year. Do the math. Cheap, in my books.
  2. Bicarbonate of soda - you know - Arm & Hammer. I buy it by the flat @ Costco here in Canada - cheap. Pour a box into a nice hotitsh bath three times a week. It will help your feet, help detoxify your body, and leave you feeling silky smooth. This really works. Trust me. Just do it. Besides, you'll be squeaky clean.
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