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  1. Sunwing is a Canadian tour operator and charter airline. Their flights operate in usually 7 and 14 day rotations with departures from Canada which can be sold in conjunction with a package holiday to the south. You would have to contact them to see if they would sell a return flight originating in Mexico. They might if it's a light load.
  2. Yes, I met Mark several times before I bought my new car a couple of years ago. He does not have a partner but has people he uses to drop off and pick up cars. His English accent is unmistakeable. His cars are insured. He will give you a price list for all the various types and sizes of cars he has and you can choose.
  3. Mark also has an e-mail markturford at yahoo.com
  4. I also paid a year in advance in Chapala. They come around and read the meter every month and leave a statement of usage in the mailbox so I know where I am at.
  5. There are two automated machines at the new building. Just take an old bill and the machine will read that or punch in your account number. Just be aware you need close to the exact amount as only 49 pesos in change will be given.
  6. Proximity to international airport, weather, cost of living. Didn't realize till later that this area also came with great neighbours and lots of activities.
  7. I have two non stretchy ones you can have. One light blue, one medium blue and both have bells. The cat they were intended for learned how to undo them. The last time it was only on for less than 5 minutes so I gave up.
  8. I just went through this a few months ago. Went into Ajijic, told them I did not authorize the charge so it was removed and has not shown up again. I had to drive into Ajijic to have them remove what I did not authorize and certainly did not want. They must be making money on this scheme or they wouldn't do it.
  9. I have had this happen well before any election when the INM agent threw out the part I needed to get back in. I was able to get another one at the airport.
  10. I have also had the INM agent throw away the part I needed to get back in but I just got new form when I returned to Guadalajara and filled in the top part.
  11. Another yes for Costco sheets.
  12. I had the same thing happen at the Scotiabank machine. By the time I got home 15 minutes later, the amount had been credited back into my account.
  13. I used to live in downtown Toronto so I would add to the above list Kensington Market which is a lively microcosm of every ethnic group, type of food, clothing and art. Chinatown is worth a look too if you have time.
  14. That is not necessarily true. Even though I had a valid license, I was required to do the driving and parking test in Guadalajara. Like most things in Mexico YMMV.
  15. The total time it took me to get my new licence in Guadalajara, including the drive there and back, was 3 hours and I did not have a facilitator helping me.
  16. I have a NOB licence and had to do the driving test. It was ridiculously simple. Drive in a circle, parallel park in a very large space.
  17. Someone posted on TOB yesterday that testing would be held today only. I have no idea how to find out beforehand when the next one will be. I went to Guadalajara for mine.
  18. I took the drivers licence test in March. I got none of the questions that were on the old written test. It's all pictures now so wasn't that difficult even if some of the scenarios I have never seen. They provided a translator for me and were extremely accommodating. The most difficult part was just getting there through the construction.
  19. I just got this one on Monday which is when I found out it wasn't the old modem, I just didn't have internet. On the other 4 occasions it's been the substandard modems.
  20. This new one is Huawei. I don't remember the brand of the last one.
  21. They already did but the problem persists. I need to call them again.
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