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  1. There is also a new shop on Pepe Guizar in Chapala about 1/2 way down after all the body shops, opposite side to Farmacia Guadalajara but in the next block or 2. I haven't used them but will give them a try for the new screen door I need. My experience is that ViLuMa came a day late, measured the window wrong which they took back to the shop to resize but neglected to take the accompanying screen resulting in yet another trip to the shop. End result is the window is so tight I just don't use it.
  2. Chapala is celebrating St. Francis of Assisi for 9 days.
  3. Usually they are open on Sundays but since Independence Day is on the 16th, you might want to phone them before heading over.
  4. Yesterday the price of an airport taxi to Chapala was 400. I haven't taken a taxi from the bus station so I can't help you with that one.
  5. I got mine installed by SSIA Alarms 7 years go. Motion detectors outside the house, contacts on all windows and doors, not monitored but the siren on the outside the house makes a horrific noise that all my neighbours can hear if set off. He is local. 33 1304 1187.
  6. I had hailstones last night in Chapala that sounded like they were going to come right through the skylights.
  7. I went with a friend who is fluent. The day I was there an English speaker was available to help with the written part of the test. I think it may have been translated into English since then but since I haven't seen it myself, it's hearsay. It is certainly possible to do this without an interpreter as I found the people to be pleasant and very helpful but it is definitely easier to have a Spanish speaker with you. After the written, which is actually pictures of various scenarios with multiple choice answers, you proceed to the area where they administer the driving test. I used their car as I did not want to go get mine and then remove it immediately. The driving part is just going around circle with a couple of"Alto" signs or painted on the ground. And then parallel parking on the passenger side only. I made an appointment on-line which I would recommend in order avoid waiting for your turn.
  8. Two years ago I had to take the driving test in Guadalajara even though I had a valid Canadian license. The test was so easy that anyone who can't pass it shouldn't be driving at all.
  9. The only way to request Uber is through the app on a smartphone. If done by phone or e-mail it is not going through Uber.
  10. She is nowhere to be seen this morning but she was in her corner of my car port last night. I did get her to take a treat from my finger yesterday afternoon after several tries so she must be used to people. Xena I am on the other side of Pepe Guizar but that is not far and an animal would have no problem wandering over from there. Will keep an eye out for notices of anyone looking for that kitten. I took two to the LFA cat shelter a couple of months ago. As I am the broke owner of 2 chronically ill cats, I just cannot cope with any more animals no matter how cute or well behaved. Cammillenparadise, thanks much for your kind offer. If she is here for long and socialized, and I think she is, she will go to Lucky Dog. I would able to keep her until such time as space is available no matter how long that takes. People are always looking for small dogs.
  11. This poor dog has taken up residence under my car in my car port in the Las Redes area of Chapala. I think it is female but is so scared I can't really get too close. She has been here for several days with seeming no place to go. I was hoping she would go home but am leaving food and water out for her now. Does anybody recognize?
  12. The 399 plan does allow for long distance calls within the 100 call limit. I have made several calls to Canada within the last year or so and not been charged extra for any of them.
  13. Yes, every airport charges landing fees based on aircraft size, number of passengers, length of time at the gate, day time or night time. As to saving money by having the work all done at once, I have no way to know if that is the case here.
  14. Airport fees also contribute to the glut of early morning flights. Landing fees are based on many factors, time of day being one of them at some airports. Having worked for an airline I can assure you they could care less about making it convenient for the staff. They care a lot about saving money though.
  15. I drove there a year and a half ago to get my new license. Getting there was an adventure due to all the construction but it might be better now. I also made an appointment on-line or be prepared to wait. Use their car. If you don't you immediately have to remove your car from the test area and try to find somewhere to park it again and then return to stand in assorted line-ups to get your license.
  16. When I purchased my Chevrolet, and I have the original dealer invoice, licensing was not included.
  17. It's not hard to believe in "a unified voice" if you have ever volunteered at an animal shelter. It doesn't take very long to see the pattern which is more concentrated at this time of year but carries on throughout the year. The species may vary but the back stories are the same. We even had someone adopt a dog so their kids would have a dog for the month they were visiting. Did they mention this little detail when taking the dog? Of course not. The dog was promptly returned when the kids left. Unfortunately there is just no end to the callous behaviour of some people.
  18. I took a taxi when my red eye flight arrived at 6 am. There were several taxis there.
  19. "I cannot say if Najibe has completed her internship as I can't remember how long she's been there altho' I do believe it's more than a year, and that she also does not deserve your remark. But I do know that whenever she is performing an assigned task back there, at least one other veterinarian is always there with her in case of need." Najibe is indeed a full veterinarian and can be one of the vets on call during holidays or after hours because she came to the clinic for one of my cats during the last holiday weekend.
  20. exyyz

    Cafe Montana

    Because it is sheltered, I imagine the smoke stays fairly confined. There were no smokers around when I was there, fortunately. What menu items don't they have still? When I went with friends, they didn't have the salad or vegetable bowls which didn't leave me with any choice since I can't have gluten.
  21. exyyz

    Cafe Montana

    All the tables at Cafe MontaƱa are outside under a roof.
  22. Casa Flores B & B on Zaragoza in Ajijic. I stayed there a few years ago. The pool is solar heated.
  23. I get an error message when I try to look at the PDF. I do get the paper version, usually a day or two before the due date unlike the Telmex bill that comes a week later.
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