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    I think reviewing a restaurant's food, is a lot like reviewing a movie, everyone has their own take on it, some will love it, some won't. I think the best thing to do is try it for yourself. Having said that, we have been to Elegante 3 times and each time the meals and service has improved. My last meal there was my favorite, grilled shrimp with pesto, plenty of shrimp and cooked just right. I ended up bringing some home because I wanted to save room for dessert. My husband loves the tuna, he gets it for an entree, just has it seared, that night it was served with snow peas which I kept stealing off his plate.They also make a great margarita!
  2. Well, the first line of crap is that it is 25 minutes from the airport. Maybe they mean at 3 o'clock in the morning going 100 kph. Well, there goes the neighborhood. Up next, McDonalds, Burger King, maybe, hopefully a Tim Hortons. Well, we had a good run, but when the Wal-Mart came in, that should have been a warning to the Lakeside area residents. Now a hotel on the highway where Chapala Hacinedas and Las Brisas are? Hey people are probably saying "If you don't like it, then leave". We are. Adios Lakeside, you've grown up.
  3. Last week in Chapala Haciendas and Las Brisas, we were told told to bring our modems to the frac office and exchange for a new one. Tel-Mex was there complete with a display of products to sell. It was kind of funny to see a bunch of electronic equipment set up for sale outside the frac office, but they did it. The exchange was less than two minutes. There are rumors swirling around that we'll be getting fiber optic internet in two weeks. Yeah, manaƱa.
  4. Funny that nobody mentioned the potential causes of a gout flare up. My family are long time gout sufferers and we all treat it differently. Here's the scoop. Some causes of gout attacks are: any type of shellfish, with emphasis on shrimp and lobster. Also, meats that are high in protein, such as beef liver or duck liver (froi gras) spelling? But, the #1 cause is beer. Yes beer. My doctor told me not to drink anymore beer for the rest of my days and I may be able to eat the occasional shrimp(s) or lobster. But, don't combine the two. My brother takes 300mg of Allopurinol a day and drinks and eats whatever he wants, with plenty of beer. But what is that much Allopurinol doing to his system? My father drinks some beer but avoids the shellfish. In case of an actual flare up, the drug to take is Colchicina. Within a couple of hours the symptoms start fading away. By the next day you should be feeling much better. Also, the above posts regarding lowering ph and taking cherries are point on. The key is to try and prevent the gout attack in the first place.
  5. I pay $2,400 pesos for 3 months of Shaw. Obviously it's $800 pesos a month. I receive the Ultimate Package, +Movies, +Sports,+Networks from Detroit and Seattle. Also, all kinds of local channels from Prince Edward Island to Vancouver. I am totally happy with the programming we receive. Did I mention HBO East & West. I understand the price increases are part of the business, Still, for what we receive, $800 pesos a month is a bargain, at least to me anyway.
  6. I will say no more about your uncivilized response.
  7. Hey RVGRINGO, What's with all the underlining and telling me what I should know and not know. Your information is INCORRECT. The clerk, at the DMV, was very cordial and brought my paperwork to the guy in the office. You know, the go to guy. He told me that I DID NOT have to pay the ticket if I went over to the old license office on Flavio Romero and showed them this paperwork. They are the ones that handle delinquent tickets. And because my ticket was not delinquent at the time I registered it, they would be able to take it off the registration and I WOULD NOT have to pay it. So, here is some advice RVGRINGO, why don't you get your facts straight and know what you are talking about before looking like a babbling :() with all that blue type and underlining. C'MON MAN GET WITH IT!!! The clerks are compassionate if you act the same toward them. They have to deal with mad Mexicans, ignorant of the law gringos and others. I went in as nice as pie and I got results. It was quite a positive experience. You think you know everything, but you MISSED this one. You can chalk it up as a learning experience for you. I won't even address the ridiculous response by BONTEKOE.
  8. Al Berca, i beg to differ on the mistake being mine. The ticket was issued in May, why didn't the clerk realize that when he/she transferred the ownership to my name in JULY. Surely they pulled up the plate during the transfer process. In my opinion the clerk is in the wrong for not catching this. But, I will pay it without a fight.
  9. I need to know what can be done about this problem. OK, I bought a car, in July, from a private party. Today I went online to see how much i would owe when i go in next week. That's when i noticed a Folio (ticket) had been issued for this plate number in May. It was for not wearing a seat belt and the cost is $700+ pesos. Do they even care, at the registry, that this was not my car when it was ticketed. I still have all the paperwork AND the registration card is dated July 5, 2016. So, my question is what to prepare for. Will they be understanding, or will I need to talk to a supervisor? I know enough not to be rude or loud or cause a scene. Should I just prove, through the bill of sale and other records, that it was not my car when it was ticketed. Do they have a copy of the ticket in their computer? If so, would there be a license photo and name to prove it was not me? Just looking for some answers to prepare myself. This makes total sense in Kansas, but as we all have learned, we aren't in Kansas anymore.
  10. Just thought I'd stop by the Zaragoza shop and maybe, if they weren't too crowded, get my emissions sticker. 10 minutes, yes 10 minutes later I left there with the sticker in place on the windshield. No more worries about the police profiling for stickers. You see, the color is different, so when the motorcycle cops pass on the right, they can tell in a split second if you have this year's color. That is provided your stickers are on the passenger side window as are many in the area. So, if you are due for a sticker, get it done and save yourself the anxiety.
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